Your Mind Is Desperately Trying To Make You Rich

Make sure you pay close attention to this short story as I’ll SUBTLY reveal some life lessons (beyond the main point) that will make you an “Optimized-Man-Baller”… and possibly very rich.

Yesterday I mowed the shit out of some lawn.

The riding mower was on the fritz so I pulled out the push-type one.

The lawn is big so 3 hours later, after walking a ton, I was done.

It’s fantastic to do yard work. A) it feels like ‘real’ work. Getting away from the computer is absolutely necessary for nerds like myself and B) it gives me the opportunity to listen to interviews, I Love Marketing episodes, or audiobooks.

So I spent about 3 straight hours behind the mower.

Last night I got in bed and closed my eyes to fall asleep. As I lay there my mind drifted to the mower. I was back in the yard, mowing. I could hear the engine. I could feel my hands on the metal grip.

You’ve likely experienced this before: after hours of doing something — like riding in a boat — you feel as though you’re still in that experience as you go to bed.

Or, if you work intensely for a hours a day, or study really hard, your thoughts at night drift towards your work.

Your mind is in ‘that world’ without really any conscious effort.

NOW… think about how you spend the majority of your time.

The activities you do during the day undoubtedly carry with you to your sleep.

If you harbor negative thoughts regularly, they’re subconsciously (and possibly consciously) reappearing as you sleep.

If you hate your line of work… going there every day is just going to make you better at it, keep your mind focused on it, and make it that much more difficult to transition out of it.

Beyond the dangers, you might see how you could positively leverage this knowledge.

If there’s something you want, you’ve got to spend HOURS (not minutes) a day not just thinking about it, but also practicing it.

And if you’re consistent, you’ll also be focused on it during your rest time.

Not enough hours in the day you say? Bull shit. You’re practicing in your sleep.

One minute spent practicing negative thought patterns might translate into hours.

One hour spent practicing self-improvement behaviors might translate into several hours.

Your mind wants to make you rich, bitch, now pay attention.

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One thought on “Your Mind Is Desperately Trying To Make You Rich”

  1. Haha.. man, dead right.

    Along with CH, I’ve been consuming books and course on copywriting, conversions, and marketing. And when I stop working, I keep thinking about it. I lay in bed, automatically thinking about ways to improve it all, new things to test, new headline ideas, and so on. It’s ridiculous. Sometimes, it’s annoying when you can’t stop thinking about something, but I also think that the fact that it’s happening is a good sign.

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