You Are A ‘TYPE’ Despite What You Think

We all tend to think we’re sooo much different than the next guy.

But are we really?

For the longest time I felt alone in my business & lifestyle pursuits. I had one other friend, Clay, who had the same vision as me.

Even though I belonged to the lifestyle design community, I didn’t feel very attached to it. It seemed to me like no one really cared about business. They didn’t care about learning the fundamentals. They didn’t care about becoming good at marketing. It didn’t seem like anyone was doing anything besides starting blogs.

And these thoughts bounced around in my head for a long time… Clay and I were special, right? Our mindset, our struggles, our goals, our pursuits were different right?

Not so fast…

When I went to Thailand a few years ago, I met people who were actually successful ‘lifestyle designers.’ I met and interacted with people who I thought were in ‘my camp’.

But I still felt like this was a REALLY small group. And like I was still an outsider even amongst that group.

Not so fast…

Recently, I joined a community put together by Dan Andrews, the Dynamite Circle…

And within 15 minutes of logging in for the first time I was exposed to around 250 people who seem to be in my camp.

They have the same goals, same questions, same struggles, fears, etc.

Truth is, I still don’t feel like I 100% belong to this group – I have differing ideas on what actions I’ll take to #win in business (I’ll save these thoughts for a later date).

This just furthers my point: We tend to always think we’re different, that we don’t fit the norms of a type.

But the quicker you see that this isn’t always true, the more quickly you’ll be able to identify your ‘type’. And when you have clarity on what ‘type’ you are, you can play to your strengths, or limit the weaknesses of your type, or even work to change your type.

At the moment, I don’t really have a great exercise to give you to discover your type.

There are even lots of different ‘types’ for different aspects of your life.

What type of person are you related to business? Are you a biz opportunist? Are you an employee… what type of employee are you?

What type of dater or partner are you? Distracted? Thoughtful? Macho?

What type of consumer are you? Driven by impulse and emotion? Analytical?

The best way to figure out your type is to analyze past habits. Be brutally honest with yourself.

What did you do? What did you buy? Who do you enjoy hanging out with? What’s your job? Why did you chose it? etc…

  1. You are a type.
  2. Figure out what that type is.
  3. Now do something about it – change it, or 80/20 it for max results.

Types Applied To Business

Now, in our businesses we have to understand that our customers are ‘types.’ As a group they share interests, fears, desires, etc.

If you understand what your customer type is, you can a) find them with your marketing efforts and b) effectively sell your products/services to them by speaking to their desires and type makeup.

If you’re at all interested in business, I think you’d benefit greatly from the small group I’m putting together here:

Understanding your potential customers is one the greatest challenges of writing effective sales copy. And poor copywriting is usually what determines who wins and loses in small business.

I’ll be closing down registration April 22nd, so check that site now.

– Derek

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3 thoughts on “You Are A ‘TYPE’ Despite What You Think”

  1. When I did sales training in my corporate gig, I used to lead day long seminars in determining your ‘personality type’ and then learning how to interact with the 3 other personality types and sell to them. What their cues were, what parts of your personality might put them off, etc.

    I always had at least someone in the seminar who would fight the whole time with me about how *they* couldn’t be categorized and how people are too different and and and. Shockingly those sales agents never worked out anyways. :)

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