Why Information Products F***ing Rule

I checked email on my iPod Touch at a cozy coffee shop in Port Townsend, Washington. A customer wasn’t able to download the information product I had created and launched to the world a few weeks earlier.

I forwarded the email to my dad who had agreed to be my VA for a month. He was in front of his computer everyday so he didn’t mind. If I had read David Walsh’s Source Control at the time, I would have had someone in the Philippines available for $3.33 per hour to do it.

My VA (aka dad) took the pre-formatted email I had mocked up for this situation, and sent the customer his product. If the customer needed help opening the files, I had an email for that. If the customer had asked for a refund, I was prepared.

And I spent the rest of the time on a bicycle tour of the Pacific Coast of the USA.

Information Products F***ing Rule

If you are not trying to create information products, then you are seriously missing out, SERIOUSLY. I don’t care who you are. We’re in an info-product gold rush right now.

What’s An Information Product?

An information product is any piece of knowledge that has been recorded and passed on to others. It can be in print, audio, or video format.

The main idea is that you’re taking something intangible – ie. the knowledge in your head – and turning it into something that’s beneficial for others.

Some of the most common information products are:

  1. Print e-books
  2. Special reports
  3. Manuals and workbooks
  4. Audio cassettes, CDs, or downloadable audio files
  5. Videotapes and DVDs
  6. Tele-seminars
  7. Subscription-based web sites

The above story is just one reason why they’re great. Customer service is normally nominal. Most info products now-a-days are digital, so there’s no inventory to worry about. There’s a very low overhead in most cases – so you can be a one man show selling your info product.

Don’t I Need To Be An Expert Or Authority?

Absolutely not. I’ve talked about this before – here. So has The Launch Coach, Dave Navarro. You only have to be slightly ahead of people in your niche to provide them something of value.

The Best Part About Information Products

You make an information product and it makes you money for the REST OF YOUR LIFE.

You have some specialized knowledge. You know more than others in some area of your life or career. Make an information product for those who don’t know as much as you.

You don’t have to quit your job but you might need to donate an extra one or two hours every night for a couple of months to get it done (this is what a friend of mine is doing right now – I convinced him to write a fashion related ebook and he’s nearing completion as I write this).


Is It Easy To Make An Information Product?

No, no it’s not. But just GET STARTED. Please.

Will My Information Product Make Me Rich?

No, it probably wont.

But if you make enough of them it will.

And, if you make enough of them, you can support your digital nomad lifestyle, if that’s what you want. Or it will help you pay some bills. Or start a business. Or whatever else money can do for you.

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8 thoughts on “Why Information Products F***ing Rule”

  1. I have found information products to be a very practical way to turn the information that I’m working with anyway into a source of income. There are some incredible resource out there as well — I’ve gotten a lot of use out of “How To Launch The **** Out Of Your Ebook.”

  2. Just make sure you ebook is more brightly coloured than the next guys or it wont stand out, no matter how good your advice is.

  3. The eBook is good but every man and his dog can publish one, it kid of dilutes the definition of ‘published’. They are however someone’s personal experience so I’ve found a few of them are quite good. The best ones are about a ‘real’ topic, there’s too many eBooks about writing eBooks, creating a giant pyramid scheme.

  4. I’ve stayed away from the idea of information products just because it feels like everyone promotes them and half of them are crap. I know eventually in my niche I will end up writing one or two, but I’ve got to get over my aversion to them first.

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