How To Shamelessly Sell Products To Entrepreneurs, Internet Marketers, & Businesses

(I don’t always sell products to entrepreneurs… but when I do… I do it sock-less)

“Derek, what right do you have to sell products that help businesses? You don’t run a Fortune 500?”

The instant that you start selling your expertise in any way, people will question you. Overtly & covertly.

And that’s great!

I do the same thing when I’m looking for guidance or a solution.

Jay’s Story

There’s a story Jay Abraham tells of a car wash dealer who’s looking to increase revenues.

Jay looked at his business and realized that this guy had the best system he’d ever seen for upselling clients into the different services & the more expensive packages that the car wash offered.

“Package that shit up!” Jay said (in more eloquent words).

So the car wash dealer started teaching his methods to other car wash owners and bam: money in the bank.

Was this guy running the biggest ring of car wash dealerships in the world when he sold his upsell system?


Were the other car wash dealers worried about that?


They were more worried about the system he was teaching and whether or not it got them their desired result.

Now, if the original car wash dealer was running the biggest company and had all kinds of credibility indicators, etc… he’d probably have an easier time getting in front of the other dealers… but… the point is he had something valuable to sell, so he sold it.

Back to me

(because it’s all about me)

I proudly sell products to entrepreneurs. <–Click to Tweet.

There are certain things that I’d never sell, like an ultimate business mastery program on how to grow your profits from nothing into the billions!

Why? Because I haven’t done that nor have I worked with or consulted with someone who’s done that.

But there are a few core things that I’m freaking phenomenal at and a lot of other people can’t touch what I’ve done. So why not package that up and sell it?

This is important: what you sell has to be extremely helpful, especially if it’s not just a “tool” but a system based around knowledge of any kind. You should be certain that what you sell is unique, valuable, and will actually makes businesses money. That’s what it’s all about.


1. My process for attracting interns was the BEST.

2. My framework for creating killer products… and organizing the structure of an online course is the BEST I’ve found.

(Click to see the larger testimonial image)

And it was the reason I started working with a now defunct publishing company.

Sean Ogle had me help him create a mini-course on information products inside his product Location Rebel mainly because of that framework.

4. CopyHour is literally the BEST way to learn how to write sales copy, period. Look at the testimonials on my sales page.


The other benefit of selling products to entrepreneurs is that I get to hang out with them. I’d rather be getting to know a market full of entrepreneurs than pretty much any other market.

I love getting approached at a business meetup by people who have purchased one of my products. I love being able to talk about how it has helped them.

That’s awesome.

So, all you haters out there know this: I proudly sell products to entrepreneurs.

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