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One thing I’ve struggled to wrap my mind around for a long time is visual appearances… Should I care? Is it shallow to care? How important are appearances? Should I go back to my hippie days?

My dilemma was this: I simultaneously thought anyone interested in fashion and style was stupid… but also realized the power of dressing sharp, the power of having a great body, the power of confident body language.

I realized how quickly people judge based on appearances. But I also didn’t want to be judged solely on my looks and didn’t really care to judge others like that either.

This view was based partly on the fact that I’m not the most attractive individual in the world. And judging based on attractiveness is like judging based on inherited wealth.

Alone visual appearances wont provide much, if any, benefit to world.

Collectively, the hipsters aren’t doing much to pull the world forward because a large part of their movement is based solely on appearances… which I wont get in to.

Now, there are two options here:

You can play the game or not.

You can focus on improving your visual attractiveness. Or, like one my best friends, you can just not give a shit. (And depending on your goals, it might be preferable for you to not care.)

But what I realized that is as long as you don’t tie your identity to clothing and visible appearances, making use of subtle ‘body language’ cues (subconscious signals like dressing well) is SUPER valuable.

Here’s why:

I’m beginning to see (and fully understand) that my happiest times in life are filled with PRODUCTION. When I’m building meaningful stuff. When I’m reaching new levels of thought. When I’m producing.

And, here’s the thing: you can use visual appearances to FURTHER your productive work.

Note: I think it’s important to find your self-esteem from your capability to think and produce…not from your outward appearance. So you can use your appearance as a tool, not as a means to judge your self-worth.

Here’s how this works…

PART of want I want to do professionally is to publish and learn from bad asses – to work with, and enable producers. To help them get their knowledge out into the world.

[David Patrick Green of is one such example… his advice is INSANELY valuable but it’s been a long road exposing him to actors because of the entrenched industry. It’s filled with scams and people preying on beginning actors, so when David speaks out against the lies, it’s hard for us to find powerful allies.]

What I’m personally BUILDING is the business.

For many reasons, part of actually getting to the point where I want to be with this type of business, will be ‘looking the part’.

A sampling of things I’m working towards visually:

  • Developing & maintaining the Dressing Sharp look which is the ‘Most Influential Look’ possible. ALWAYS wearing clean clothes with an emphasis on FIT.
  • Focusing on having fewer items in my life… but QUALITY items.
  • Developing my physical body more with the Hollywood Physique: Lower body fat and muscle. Lower body fat immediately changes your face shape and makes you look more masculine.

There are many other visual cues that I’m experimenting with, but that’s the gist.

This subtle ‘body language’ stuff coupled with GOING for it… infiltrating elite circles. Coordinating and enabling entrepreneurs… it adds up quickly.

It amplifies my ability to focus on production.

I think it’s valuable to devote some energies towards visual appearances – what do you think?

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  1. It’s funny, this is a topic I’ve been thinking about more lately. My wardrobe is very small and casual by choice. Maybe it’s time for a makeover?

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