Video Of Me Shirtless With A Colombian Model

I want to preface this video.

I woke up in Bogota thinking I would film a segment for titled, “A Day In the Life Of Digital Nomad.” But my day ended up just a tad unusual:

Clay and I were used as shirtless models in a photo shoot with a Colombian model.

As I cooked a plantain for breakfast, I noticed some photographers in the courtyard of my hostel. When I walked outside to investigate, I spotted a beautiful model doing her makeup. “OK, I thought. This might be interesting.”

I had no idea that Hostel Alegria in Bogota is often used for photo shoots and filming of telenovelas. The unique architecture of the house make it a perfect location for producers on a budget.

Clay and I watched the shoot for awhile and befriended the camera man. He really liked Clay. Like a lot. We excused ourselves to go get some lunch.

When we returned, the camera guy had now moved the action inside to a dimly lit stairwell and the model had lost some clothing. The camera man was excited to see us back. “I need you,” he said.

It didn’t take him long to convince us to get shirtless and pose with the model. “Why not?”

Enjoy the video.

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16 thoughts on “Video Of Me Shirtless With A Colombian Model”

  1. Your first day “on the job” and you wind up pissing it away like some millionaire playboy, half naked with a Colombian model. WTF?

    Ha! Nice, Derek!

  2. This is the kind of stuff that really convinces people that the “living uncomfortably” lifestyle is the way to go. Quite possibly the coolest story ever, AND you have video evidence.

    I want to know how much good footage you have on the camera…

  3. It was for a competition for a Mexican based magazine. I don’t have a lot of details.

    The photographer is going to send us the final pictures when they’re complete. I’ll post ’em up.

  4. Hey buddy, cheers for the comment.

    Initially I’ll fly to Istanbul then bicycle East for a year or so, I think the route will take me through Turkey, Syria, Jordan and Iran to start with. After that, who knows! Its to far in advance to worry about a definite plan.

    Hopefully the tour will start towards the end of the year. In the meantime, while I’m still saving the money, I’ll be reading here for some more random happenings from the road!


  5. Dude, you fucking badass. I GOTTA get over there! This year I’m just trying to blow it out at work and then find my way to have the time to spend traveling and finding the most beautiful women in the world. Damn bro, SHIT I’m jealous.

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