Optimized Man Podcast #05 – How To ‘Preserve Your Sexy’ While Working Long Hours At A Computer

A few weeks ago I got an email from Optimized Man podcast listener Devin. This is what he wrote:

A lot of people suffer from poor posture i.e., “forward head posture”… especially those of us who spend hours in front of the computer for work etc. I think a great subject for the Optimized Man would be correcting poor posture-especially forward head posture, which afflicts so many otherwise healthy men. An outline plan (something measurable) to correct bad posture-especially with the neck- would help your readers look more confident and prevent future health problems.

Well podcast listeners, ask and you shall receive…

I instantly thought of Rob Brinded of Code of the Natural. I’d purchased Rob’s body language ebook in the past, and he’s trained with the best in the world in conditioning, holistic health, and movement science. And it’s the study of ‘movement’ that brings Rob here today because in this podcast episode we’re going to talk about fixing bad posture.

(Rob is the dude furthest to left at the bottom)
I feel like this was one of the better Optimized Man podcast episodes thus far. Some highlights include:
  • The best stretching exercises to correct poor posture associated with working at a computer all day.
  • Why sitting all day is making your ‘Fear muscle’ tight.
  • Why you need to relax your eyes (and why looking into wide-open spaces is good). Also, why the boss with the with a good view is healthier than you are.
  • How a tennis ball will forever change your life.
  • The infamous ‘yoga pants problem’.
  • How and why you need to use the Pomodoro technique to stay healthy and productive.
  • Why ‘faking it till you make it’ with your body language is making you look creepy.
>> I highly recommend Rob’s ebook – Click here for the Code of the Natural.