Do Not Even THINK About Building An Information Product Until You Watch This Webinar

This Thursday I’m going to be hosting a free webinar with Sean Ogle. We’re going to help you decide (once and for all) whether or not you should publish an information product.

Here’s who this webinar will be perfect for:

  • Coaches, consultants, authors, or anyone with a unique skill set.
  • Someone who would like to start a ‘lifestyle business’ and has considered information publishing.
  • Anybody who’s asked¬†themselves, “What product could I create?”
  • Anybody who IS NOT A BIZ OPPORTUNIST. This is for serious, smart, and driven people. This is for people who understand that going into business isn’t easy.
  • Anybody who knows that ‘following your passion’ is stupid advice if there’s no money to be made in that space.
  • Someone who has tried to test or create a sales page for a product and failed.
  • People who WANT TO WORK and don’t expect passive income to come immediately.

Sean and I want to have an honest discussion and help you identify whether information products are a good option for you. For MOST info publishing is NOT a good idea. But the right person can make a killing. See why on the webinar…

(Seats are limited. The webinar will NOT be recorded.)

Click the image below to watch a quick video of me talking about  the webinar and to register:

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