Finding My Qi And A Gym Membership For $30

Yesterday I decided that it was about time to find my qi. Qi (pronounced by Americans as “chi”) seems like a valuable tool to have in my arsenal. But where to find it?

I recalled hearing some hippies talking about their qi once. They said that they found it through stretching; a mysterious and little-known art called yoga.

Of course I’m not being serious. Everyone knows about yoga. You can’t escape it, especially in LA (where I just moved from). There seems to be a studio on every corner filled with hot LA moms. But even with its widespread mainstream appeal, I know very little about yoga. Time to get uncomfortable I thought. Time to stretch my way into enlightenment.

The Journey

I began to look around for yoga classes in my area and found most studios to be quite expensive. The online advertisements read something like this: “Turn on your inner light” and “Practice yoga and be united with the brightest part of yourself.” Sounds good I thought. That’s something I’d be interested in. But, after calling a couple studios, it was more like: “Become a more spiritual and bright person, for $60 a month.”

I wasn’t about to pay $60 for my qi. I needed the discount qi. I needed the “street” qi.

The Discovery

I found my solution quite accidentally. At the same time I was looking for a yoga studio, I was also looking for a gym membership. I went down to a local gym near my house and proceeded to sign up for a single month, no start-up fees, for $30! These type of deals don’t exist at chain gyms like 24 Hour Fitness.

Not only was it just $30 for a month, the owner let me split the month up. I can train there any four weeks this summer I want to. And, as I was handing him $30 cash and telling him my name (no paper work necessary) I saw that they offered yoga classes. Mon-Fri. Could it get any better?

First Impressions

Stretching is not exactly easy. I’ve neglected it pretty much my whole life up until recently. I have really begun to enjoy it, but it is still not the most comfortable thing in the world. And, from what I had heard, yoga isn’t a walk in the park – making it perfect for an experiment in living uncomfortably.

Walking into the gym the next morning I carried my mom’s rarely used yoga mat and several assumptions. I was betting that:

  1. everyone would be over 30
  2. the class would be 95% female
  3. the instructor would be an eccentric, spandex-wearing-hell-cat
  4. it was going to hurt!

All of my assumptions were wrong as usual.

Everyone was over 30, yes, but by a little more than I anticipated. The median age of the class had to be in the 70’s. But these grandmas and grandpas could bend in ways their 30 year old counterparts can only imagine.

The female to male ratio was heavily in favor of the uterus carriers. There were 3 guys: one predominant sandal wearer, what looked like a businessman, and me. And there were approximately 15 women so it was more like 83.33% female.

I understand the fact that most men think yoga is ‘gay’ or just for girls, but they’re ones who need it most. Women are much more flexible than males. You don’t hear women grunting every time they sit down and the older females seem to get around much easier than the males. For men there’s a social stigma against stretching. Men should lift weights, women should be flexible so that men can move them into interesting sexual positions. But imagine the possibilities if both parties involved are flexible…

The instructor turned out to be a spandex-wearing-hell-cat. But I did not expect her to be an overweight spandex-wearing-hell-cat. I’m not trying to hate on fat people (in this post at least), but it was shocking to see a pudgy beast bending and contorting like that. It takes skillz to touch your toes with a big belly blocking the way.

The Session

The class itself wasn’t bad. We maneuvered ourselves into curious positions named mostly after animals. The cats pose, the dolphin, and the alligator were a few of my favorites. For the most part I got the reference.

The cat’s pose:

It kind of looks like a cat.

The dolphin’s pose:

It could be a dolphin jumping out of the sea, maybe.

The child’s pose:

I don’t get it.

It’s amazing to me how inflexible we are compared to children. Those little shits can squat for hours and lick their toes. I think I could fold my nephew in half and take him around in a briefcase with me if I wanted. I venture to say that most adults can’t touch their toes without a struggle – myself included not too long ago.

The Enlightenment

Yes, yoga is hard at first, but it’s not nearly as uncomfortable as working out or running. And almost immediately after you’re done with a good stretch, you feel great. In a society that craves instant gratification, yoga is a Godsend. I say give it a try. I’m going back for seconds and thirds.

I Am Officially Unemployed

As of 6 PM tonight, I no longer have a ‘real’ job. I am off of a payroll and out on my own. I have no income and this is good thing. This is exactly what I want.

I realize that for the majority of the people, not having an income is an inherently bad thing. Yes, it’s very uncomfortable and unsettling to think that I will not have a paycheck coming in the mail this month. But, I believe that necessity breeds action. I find comfort in knowing that I must now develop my own stream of income. I have always wanted to be my own boss, call my own shots and be in charge. Time to step up to the plate and deliver.

I recently began reading a very influential book titled Influence. This famously brilliant book details how and why marketing tactics work. The majority of the findings are backed by strong scientific evidence.

Influence rocks!

One chapter in particular, on commitment and consistency, has caught my attention.

It appears that the commitments most effective in changing a person’s self-image and future behavior are those that are active, public, and effortful.

This statement applies to me in several ways. I have a made a commitment to develop my own source of income. I am actively writing this fact in this blog post. I am making this commitment public on the internet and therefore holding myself very accountable. I have gone to great efforts to ensure that I do not lose sight of my goal (i.e. quitting my stable job).


I’d guess that half of you have given up on this post by now, so I’ll stop too. I need to go celebrate my independence anyway. But next time you see me, ask me how my business is coming? Be snooty. Be skeptical. It will only fuel my fire.


Thoughts on Los Angeles

Los Angeles

Almost a year ago to this day I was driving my old Toyota Camry in Santa Monica. Summer was just around the corner and I was finishing up my junior year at UCLA. It was Friday and I was leaving work. I couldn’t have been in a better mood.

I sat at a stop light waiting to make a right turn. As I looked to my left I saw a break in traffic so I pulled out. Immediately I heard a long and piercing honk. In my rear view mirror I found an older, more run-down Toyota Camry riding my ass. In the driver’s seat sat a Chris Farley knock-off. He was fat, wearing a brightly colored track jacket, and had thick aviator glasses on.

I’m not sure exactly how I didn’t see him coming or how bad I cut him off, but for the next few minutes he let me know about it. My window, which had been rolled down so I could enjoy the cool ocean breeze, was now letting in a thick waft of rage. “Go to hell you fucking asshole! Learn how to drive!” This guy wasn’t even very original.

I stared straight ahead only periodically checking my mirrors to see him bouncing and shaking violently in his car. He continued to cuss in my direction for three more blocks. Thankfully, the right hand lane cleared up and he sped past me.  He let his middle finger have the final say as he passed.

This was the first time I can vividly remember saying, “God, I hate LA.”

In about a week I will be leaving Los Angeles – forever. I say forever tentatively because things always change. I told myself I would never ever move back home to San Diego. But shit happens and you must adapt.

I’ve been reminiscing on my time spent in LA and I’ve compiled a list of things I’ll miss and things I wont.

Things I’ll Miss

  1. Friends
    This goes without saying.  I’ve met a lot of great people in a city filled with douche bags.  I attribute this mainly to the fact that I lived in Westwood and was surrounded by college students for most of my time here.  I didn’t create too many lasting relationships with people I met in Hollywood.
  2. Women
    LA has gorgeous yet retarded women.  I will miss looking at them but not interacting with them so much.  Every girl here either loves The Hills or is a starring character in it.
  3. Trader Joes  
    TJ’s is hands down my favorite store ever.  I try to maintain a healthy life style and I eat a lot.  For the most part, TJ’s has good, healthy foods and is extremely cheap (eggs!). Charles Shaw at $2 is better than most $10 wines.  Inconsistent produce and tight aisles are the only negatives I can think of.
  4. Concerts
    On any night of the week there is a solid band playing in LA.  There are a lot of good venues scattered throughout city.  Bands typically put on a good show because they know that someone in the music industry might be watching.
  5. Weather
    LA really does have amazing weather.  Sunshine is not overrated.
  6. Easy Accessibility of everything
    I think most big cities are the same in this respect. In LA everything you need is usually within a mile radius of your house. 
  7. UCLA
    Take one late evening stroll through UCLA’s campus and you’ll see why I’m going to miss it.  Some of the most peaceful moments I’ve had in LA have been while I was walking on campus during a summer night.  Oh, and Undie Run rules too.

Things I won’t Miss

  1. People/Attitudes
    LA is ripe with idiots and assholes.  This town attracts a certain set of miserable human beings (see above).  Part of the reason why I love San Francisco so much is because of the differences in people’s attitude compared to LA.
  2. BMW’s and Mercedes
    There are two types of people in LA: those who drive a BMW or Mercedes and those who don’t.  Can you guess which group I hate? 
  3. Rent
    In LA you certainly don’t get what you pay for.  There are so many people trying to move here that the rent prices are ridiculously out of control.  I lived in a cheap and dirty apartment and payed $650 to share a room!
  4. Pinkberry
    It’s not that good.  Stop fooling yourself. 
  5. Smog
    My trip to Washington really opened my eyes.  There are stars in the sky.  Lots of them. 
  6. Film Industry
    It’s amazing to me how I can love films so much and absolutely hate most of the people that are involved in making them.
  7. Big Sunglasses
    Every girl has a pair and they confuse the hell out of me. At first I think I’m checking out a super attractive woman, then she takes off her sunglasses and I see Lorenzo Mata.
  8. Prada, Gucci, Diesel, Dolce Gabbana 
    Also, any kind of screen printed, patterned t-shirts and hats. 

What does all this have to do with Living Uncomfortably? Not a whole lot.

Live Like Your Heroes


After reading my friend Mike’s blog entry on heroes, I was inspired.  I have recently been pondering the importance of ‘living differently’ in order to encourage change.  While I think it’s extremely important to ‘live differently’, I also think it’s good to try to live like your heroes.

Although this seems like a contradiction, it is not. The people who we admire are different. In most cases, these people have achieved their goals by being different.  They have exceeded average standards and attained at least some degree of excellence (I’m assuming your heroes are not average in comparison to you). 

I’ll use three quick examples from my life to demonstrate why we should emulate our heroes.

  • There was a long stretch in my life where I wanted to be a musician. I didn’t necessarily care about making millions and having sex with super models, I just wanted to make a living playing music.  Sex with regular models and a half million dollars would have been plenty.
    But during that time, I didn’t live like a musician. I lived like a college student. I went to class, hung out with friends, and partied. I didn’t study music, play shows, or do what other musicians were doing (besides the partying).
    I in no way regret having fun and chillin’ with my friends during college. It was an important time in my personal development. But I should have been honest with myself. I wanted to be a college student. At that time, telling myself I wanted to be musician was a lie. Thus, I was slightly unhappy because I was living one life and desiring to be live another. If I wanted to be a musician, I should have lived like the musicians I love.  While I was in class and studying, my musical heroes were in practice rooms and on stage.
  • For most of my life I’ve wanted to be a man’s man. I’ve wanted to be a powerful presence and a person who people look up to. But, for the majority of my life I’ve been everything but. I used to rationalize and say that this is how I am and try to accept myself for who I was. But I’m not happy with this reality and I don’t want to accept it. I want to get better and live like the alpha males I know in my life.
    One of my biggest influences is my friend’s step dad. He probably doesn’t know how much I admire him, but I believe he is the epitome of a man. He is a self-sufficient business man who provides for his family and friends. He does what he wants when he wants. I want to be like him, so I am now actively trying to live like him.
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger has become a hero of mine in many respects.  I don’t particuallary care for his acting but I think Arnold as a person is pretty awesome.  His work ethic is out of this world.  He became the greatest bodybuilder of all time through determination (pumping iron and eating correctly) and through intellect (Arnold used to study psychology and how the mind can overcome pain). He made sacrifices because he knew the rewards would outweigh all else.
    I have several goals in my life.  If I can replicate even a fraction of Arnie’s dicipline in my pursuit of them, there is no way I can fail.

If we want to live differently from the rest, it can’t hurt to look to those who are living the lives we desire for guidance

The Shape Of Things To Come

Sasquatch Music Festival

The posts might get a little erratic and irregular during the next 2 weeks.  I’m going to Washington for 5 days for Sasquatch, my roomies and I are moving out of our apartment,  and I’m leaving my job.

Just a heads up. My access to the internet will be limited and I’m 100% OK with that. I’m going to get my hippie on.

Once the dust has settled, I will be making some major changes to the blog. Not only will I be posting much more frequently, I will also be changing the layout, and actively trying to bring in more readers.  People need to read this blog.  It’s for their own good.


Being Different: Just Do The Opposite

No one wants to be typical. We all want to be special and different. But we all do the same things.  The majority of us live like one another and then wonder why we continually don’t achieve any real results or success in our lives.  We follow each others lead and rarely break the mold.

I know I’m doing something right when my friends and peers make fun of me. I’m going outside what is normal and taking steps toward success.  People are intimidated by those not living within societal norms.   They try to pull them back to their reality.  The main message I take away from these experiences is:

If you want to be different and have success in your life, you have to do different things.  Do the opposite of what everyone else does.

Let’s use an example to illustrate this point.  Let’s take the average American male.  I think it’s fair to say that the average guy would like to be rich, have more women in his life, and be more muscular with less fat. 

  • More Money
    Most Americans are in the middle class but want to be filthy rich.  They make a fair amount of money but spend most of it on worthless toys.  They think it’s too hard to achieve wealth and only the lucky ones become rich.  So they play it safe, work hard for their money and usually acquire debt along the way.
    The rich do the complete opposite.  They let money work for them.  They save money to buy investments that will bring them more money.  They take risks and start businesses.  They spend money on toys only when they can afford to do so.
  • More Women
    Most men want to attract beautiful women, but are uneasy and afraid to talk to them.  You never see a model with an unattractive, shy guy.  However, from time to time, you see an unattractive, confident guy with a model. 
    If you want more women do the opposite of other guys.  Be confident and don’t be afraid to talk to women like you would anybody else.  Most guys don’t know how to dress.  Look at some style magazines and copy those guys (don’t break the bank, shop at thrift stores).  Stop trying to impress women.  Make them impress you.
  • More Muscle
    Most guys want more muscles, especially the upper-body muscles they can check out in the mirror.  To work their biceps, they do 3 sets of 10 curls everyday.  For their chest, they do the standard bench press which works their triceps more than their pecs.  They do 1000’s of crunches with out realizing that they are actually aerobically training their abs.  And they never work their lower body.
    Do the opposite.  Work your lower body.  Squats release testosterone and growth hormone in the body which will in-turn make your whole body grow.  Many bodybuilders will add extra, heavy leg work to break plateaus and increase their arm size.
  • Less Fat
    The typical American diet is absolute crap.  People eat sugar and starches all day long.  They think that low-fat products are the healthier choice and neglect to read the labels.  Typical Americans don’t eat vegetables.  Typical Americans don’t eat a big breakfast and eat most of their calories in the evening. 
    Do the opposite.  Don’t eat sugar or starches, unless it’s after a workout.  Read the labels of everything you eat.  If sugar is one of the listed ingredients, run away.  In order to lose fat you must eat fat!  Read this article: The F-Word.  Eat vegetables with every meal.  Eat a big breakfast and several small meals during the rest of the day (I eat 5-6 times a day).  If everyone around you is fat, don’t eat what they’re eating.

This is just a small example of how doing the opposite can achieve results.  There are thousands of applications for this concept.  Each one of the above bullet points above could be broken down a hundred different ways.  Get creative with it.

Analyze what’s not working in your life and do the opposite.  In the beginning people will make fun, criticize, and try to bring you down.  In the end, people will respect, praise, and envy you. 


Don’t Be A Sissy: Keep A Journal

Keeping a journal is revolutionizing the way I do LIFE.

It’s a struggle to write every single night, but it’s paying off handsomely. In a way this blog is a journal, yes, but I’m talking about an actual, hand-written diary documenting every single day of my existence. I like writing a journal because I think I’m interesting. Your results may vary.

Journals are definitely not just for little girls. Journals rock for many, many reasons:

  • Journals Give Value To Everyday
    The only time previous that I kept a journal was on the New Zealand trip. I call it ‘the New Zealand trip’ instead of ‘my trip to New Zealand’ because it sounds more important the first way. That trip meant a lot to me and I have a written document to prove it. Most of us keep an account of our vacations (i.e. pictures and scrapbooks) but neglect to do so for the other times in our life. Are our lives only interesting and important for 2-4 weeks out of a year?
  • Journals Force You To Do Something Cool Everyday
    “Well all the fun stuff happens on my vacations. Should I write about sitting in a cubicle today?” Journals are amazing because you don’t want to let them down. You can’t write boring dribble in your journal. You have to make each day count. Go out and do something worthy of writing about tonight.
  • Journals Turn You Into A Storyteller
    If you stick with it and consistently keep a journal, you will eventually become a better teller of stories (storyteller). You’ll figure out ways to turn even the dullest of stories into magical tales that have lessons and morals. Your car will suddenly become a giant fucking steed and the morning commute is an epic journey through a dense, impenetrable forest.
  • Journals Make You Think Critically
    Over time, you begin to analyze your day and certain situations in a more critical light. Since every day is now important and worthy of being put into words, so too is every event that happens in your life. You begin to question and pick certain occurrences apart in your mind to find the meaning in it. Why do I towel off the exact same way every morning?
  • Journals Reinforce Your Beliefs
    Putting your thoughts into writing is a powerful way to help reinforce your beliefs. If you think something, then write it, that thought becomes more ingrained in your psyche than just thinking it alone. Mind your thoughts and what you write because it will become your reality. Don’t reinforce negative beliefs about yourself (unless you’re into that).
  • Journals Keep Your Memory Fresh
    Jotting down notes from your day helps you remember what happened. When you start to reflect, you’ll likely remember things you would have otherwise forgotten. The best way to make a memory last for a life time is to write it down. When you’re really old and still capable of remembering that you wrote a journal, you can look back and relive the good ol’ times.

Most of all journals track your progress. You can look back through the records and see how far you’ve come, or haven’t. They hold you accountable.

Journals can help you recognize trends in your life and help you correct or change course. Are there certain days that you don’t accomplish any of your goals? Are there certain hours during the day that you seem to be the most productive? Are hangovers killing half of your day? Was that 10th beer necessary?…sometimes it is.

Most of the “great” people in our society have written journals. If Da Vinci did it, it might be worth trying. Ben Franklin – wore tights, kept a journal – not a sissy.

I Want “The Harvard” Please: Experiment in Race Relations

I just got a 50’s style, ivy league haircut at an all black barbershop.

I’m white. It’s no secret. People can tell from the second they look at me. Being that I’m white, I grew up in a white family. I lived in a white neighborhood with mostly white friends. I never had much exposure to different races. It was comfortable to remain friends with people like me.

The other night I was walking with two of my white friends when we passed a barbershop that looked straight out of the movies. In fact, parts of Barbershop were actually based on this very shop. There were zero white people inside.

My friends and I noted that it would be funny to get a haircut there. Would the music come to a halt? Would everyone stare at us? I’m 23 years old. I know better. I live in one of the most liberal cities in the most liberal state. But why do I still feel like getting a haircut here is a big deal?

The next day I set out towards the shop hoping to put myself in an uncomfortable situation. I took a deep breath as I walked through and door and…I was welcomed. I was seated right away and my barber was friendly. I told him what kind of haircut I wanted – short and 50’s style. I wondered what he thought of that. It’s probably not a cut he’s used to giving.

While we talked, my barber revealed himself to be the most typical LA guy EVER. He was a Chicago transplant who moved to Los Angeles to persue an acting career. On the side he does stand-up comedy and is going to be releasing a rap album shortly. “I realized once you move out here that you have to have more than one thing going,” he said. If he would have told me he dabbled in modeling too, I might have lost it. Everyone in LA is the same.

There was only one moment during my hour spent in the shop that me being the only white person in there was highlighted. And it happened to be brought to light by the shortest guy in the place, who also happened to have a faux-hawk with a one inch razored line circling his head like a halo. About 3/4 of the way into my haircut he turned to me and said, “Is that the Harvard?” The people around us laughed. “Wait! Is that Conan O’Brien?” Now the whole shop could hear. “Nice to meet you Conan!” Everyone in the shop busted up. Just as I was about to fire back with something clever related to his “halo-hawk,” LeBron James drove the lane for a dunk and everyone went back to their business.

I ended up with a great cut and an even better time. The shop is absolutely amazing. Everyone who works there has a personality and looks like they honestly enjoy their jobs. This is the place to get a haircut.

I don’t think most people are racist. I just think that we limit our own experiences everyday to that which is comfortable.  Interacting with another race is something I don’t do everyday. This narrows my range of possible experiences. More than anything, I want new experiences to keep my life fresh.

Become More Social Overnight

My week long experiment as laid out in Talk To Strangers: They Might Have Candy has come to an end. I tried my best to say “hello” to everyone I passed on the street or elsewhere. The results were outstanding. In one short week I feel like I changed a life long aversion to talking to people I don’t know. And it didn’t even take the whole week. It took one day! Overnight I transformed myself into a more social person.

Last week one reader, Michael, posted a comment that I think is worthy of its own post. It sums up my experiences and feelings rather elegantly.

I’ve been trying your exercise in saying “hello” whenever possible and i just thought I would share some interesting observations and revelations I had. First off, its crazy how fast you start to feel the effects of “just going for it”. I became increasingly more confident (or maybe it was indifference to a possible negative response) with every person I spoke to. After a few days of trial and error you learn how to approach people without seeming awkward or “weird”. All of this culminates into a life skill of being able to connect with someone without needing an introduction or a connecting circumstance. EVERYONE is now a potential friend, business partner, lover etc. It opens up an infinite amount of doors, and in my opinion, is the most effective way to break down your previous limiting mindset.

That being said, I want to point out some disturbing observations. Most people I talked to were reluctant to have a conversation…at first. I would say “hello” or comment on the magazine they were reading, and they would be very short with their answers. Through repetition, you can feel out which people will eventually be receptive and which ones are just so uncomfortable by your presence, that they actually fake a cell phone call or something.

It’s too bad that society has deemed that talking to strangers as dangerous and taboo. Having experienced this social enlightenment, I can truly say the world would be a better place if people weren’t so closed off.

The act of saying a greeting to everyone is empowering. Even if you don’t necessarily think of yourself as an outgoing person, when you do things that a confident person does (like say hello to strangers), you automatically become an outgoing person. People instantly perceive you as a confident person with high self-esteem and self-worth. And that in turn boosts your confidence. It has an exponential effect on your social life.

So go try it! Say “hey” to everyone you pass and see if you don’t instantly feel like a more sociable person. If anything, it’s hilarious to see people’s reaction. Half the time people mutter inaudible responses because they are caught off guard.

Post some responses and feedback you get below.

How To Quit Your Job

This is the second part of a two part article.  In part one I described how to know when it’s time to call it quits.  This part will focus on how to leave gracefully once you’ve decided to quit.

I hope I stressed in part one that it’s important to access your goals before quitting a job.  Once you’ve made the decision to quit, there are several steps to take to ensure a smooth transition.  Most career experts clearly define the right ways and wrong ways to leave.  As with anything in life, the situation dictates the appropriate course of action.

Here are the Live Uncomfortably guidelines to quitting your job:

    It’s important to be honest with your employer as to why you are leaving.  Tell them what your plans are but don’t give everything away.  You should not bash your boss or company.  In the end, this accomplishes nothing.  Your boss will still be the boss and your company will still be standing.    
    If you are planning on interacting or doing business with people from your company in the future, it’s good to give them notice. The standard is two weeks. You are not obligated to stay longer than this. However, if you are really striving to keep your bridges intact, a little longer might be better.

    In my case, I put in about a months notice.  I love the people I work with and will need to call on them in the future.  The extra time allows them to cope with my departure more effectively and creates good will.  Staying longer definitely matches my goals. 

    But, say you win $10 million dollars, or there’s an exploding business offer that can’t wait – leave now!  Don’t sacrafice something amazing just because you want to give proper notice.  If it’s a great opportunity people will understand.  If Diddy dropped down in a helicopter right now and said, “Come on Derek, let’s go to Miami and party with bitches,” I’d reconsider my notice in a second.  

    A lot of times your employer will offer you more compensation or promise a promotion if you decide to stay. While these offers might sound tempting, I actually found a lot resources online that argue against taking them. Accepting counter offers damages your credibility, questions your ability to be a team player, and looks bad to any future employer. says that Statistically, over 85% of executives who accept counteroffers are gone from that employer within 18 months of accepting the counteroffer. 

    If you want a raise, ask for one.  Don’t say you’re quitting with the hopes that it will force your employer to reconsider your contract.  Once again access your goals.  If you just need to make more money quickly and you’re not worried about the long term, by all means accept the offer.  


    You should not accept counter offers and you should not quit with the intention of coming back.  The brain is the most powerful organ in your body.  If you know deep down inside that you have an out and a way back you’re less likely to give it your all.  If you leave only to come right back, you look like a dog with a tail between its legs. 
    This concept is especially important for those who are quitting to start their own business ventures.  If you leave too many fall backs, you run the risk of reverting back to old habits.  Do not accept defeat.

  • A true man burns all unnecessary bridges, leaving only those intact which will further his purpose.