Optimized Man Podcast #03 – Optimal Information Publishing

Hola from Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

In the Optimized Man podcast episode #3 I talk to Greg Rollett of ProductProSystems.com about information publishing. Greg Rollett and his partners at the The ProductPros, have marketed and sold over $1 Billion in products and services. NICE!

If you have some expertise that you think you could turn into an information product, then you wont want to miss this episode.

We talk about:

  • Greg’s 4-step webinar system (that’s seriously easy to use) that can help you get a product up and onto the market relatively fast.
  • The mechanics of why info products are great for producing ‘passive income’. (And even if it’s not passive (because nothing truly is), it’s still a great way to free yourself from a location dependent job).
  • The ideal info products to go after and how to narrow a niche so you can dominate.

Listen to the episode below:


>> Right click here to download episode #03

>> Connect with Greg here: The Product Pros

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8 thoughts on “Optimized Man Podcast #03 – Optimal Information Publishing”

  1. Derek – thanks for having me on the show man. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to reach out, I’d love to help.

    Enjoy the episode as much as we enjoyed putting it together!

  2. Hey Derek,

    This was a really cool interview, best of these podcasts so far and one of the best ones I’ve heard during last year (never really listened to podcasts before that).

    The Amazon research-thingy was awesome :)

  3. Joona, glad you enjoyed it. I’m just getting my feet wet with podcasts so any suggestions you have will definitely be ‘heard’.

    – D

  4. Derek,
    Awesome podcast/interview. Just started exploring information products and this got me excited thinking about the possibilities.


  5. “…sold over 1 billion products…”

    To bring some credibility to this statement, might be good to give some examples of what products ( Brand names) they sold to reach that amount.

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