My Favorite Blogs (At The Moment)

These are the blogs that have been catching my attention lately.


Blog: Wandering Earl

About: Wandering Earl is 32 years old and spends about 9-11 months per year traveling outside of the USA. He’s been doing this for the last 10 years.

Why I like it: I really just like Earl’s style of writing and his take on life. He’s also living in Mexico right now, which is where I might be headed.

Current Favorite Post: The Currency Of Pad Thai

Blog: MuseLife

About: David Walsh’s Muselife focuses on providing resources for creating streams of passive income to support a more liberated lifestyle.

Why I like it: If David were from Boston I’d say he was wicked smart. But he’s from Philly, so I call him ‘brother’ a lot. Anyway…it’s a very helpful and interesting site. Love it.

Current Favorite Post: Live What You Sell: Muse Goes Heavy Metal (Profile: Metal Shredder TV)

Blog: Rules Optional

About: In Andrew’s words: I live on a sailboat. I explore, kayak, run an ad agency, and am known to wear a kilt. If you’d like to ask what I wear underneath… at least buy me a drink first. Maybe two..

Why I like it:I like it because Andrew continually comes up with stuff like this: “’Fake it ’til you make it’ is an adorable saying, but I’d tweak it a bit. Fake it, then make yourself into what you described… but fast.” And he’s a badass entrepreneur who lives on a sailboat. ‘Nuff said.

Current Favorite Post: Failure and Leverage (Part 4 of 4)

Blog: The Life Design Project

About: Robert & Brandon have created a blog to investigate their methods to becoming “experts”, “CEO’s”, world travelers, productivity masters and dream fulfillers. Their end goal? Freedom to live out their dreams and have notes on exactly how they did it.

Why I like it: I love how detailed their posts are. They describe exactly what they’ve done. It’s great. Check the post below and you’ll see what I mean.

Current Favorite Post: Results | Outsourcing and Automation in Freelance

Blog: Location 180 by Sean Ogle

About: Sean is a 24 year old living in Portland, Oregon. Sean writes about travel and entrepreneurship, as those are his two passions.

Why I like it: Sean is a stand up guy who writes with a lot of honesty. He recently lost his job and now is going to be forced into making something happen. I look forward to hearing about his adventures.

Current Favorite Post: Video Of South Sister Hike

Blog: Free Pursuits

About: Corbett recently took a six-month sabbatical to Mexico and built a power-house blog in the process. He’s trying to build a community of smart, motivated people who want to challenge themselves to live a more fulfilling life.

Why I like it: I got to meet Corbett face to face recently and learned a lot from him in a short amount of time. He’s also been churning out consistently solid and insightful posts that grab my attention.

Current Favorite Post: Is Fake It Till You Make It Mentality Keeping You Down?

Blog: Thrilling Heroics

About: Cody McKibben started Thrilling Heroics in 2006 to encourage young professionals and entrepreneurs to pursue an unorthodox, exciting lifestyle and career, strive for excellence, and make a positive difference in the world.

Why I like it: Um, Cody just interviewed Ramit Sethi and Gary Vaynerchuk. Plus Cody is a genuinely good guy as well. He lives in Thailand at the moment and is crushing it.

Current Favorite Post: Why You Need To Listen To The Legendary Gary Vaynerchuk

Honorary Mention Blog:

About: Tynan is a 28 year old guy with no permanent home traveling around the world by boat, train, and plane, and around the United States and Canada in his tiny RV.

Why I like it: I originally found Tynan through his writing for Life Nomadic. That blog has since been merged into but he recently released a pretty good book about living the nomadic lifestyle by the title Life Nomadic (that was a crazy sentence). I’m sure all the lifestyle designers would have loved it, but he didn’t promote it to any of us…get on it Tynan! You should read it (for free or by a donation) here –

Current Favorite Post: Video Tour Of My RV

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  1. Wow! Some of my faves are on this list as well. I’m flattered to be in such good company. Now I have to check out a couple of these I haven’t seen.

    Thanks a lot Derek. The favorite-ness is definitely mutual.

  2. What a great way to wake up…much appreciated! I’m definitely about to check out those I’m not familiar with as well.

    Hope to see you surfing down here in Mexico soon!
    (and yes, we tend to wake up at around noon in these parts)

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