How To Predict The Future

In this post I’d like to talk about how to predict the future (in a legit way, not through ‘magic’).

This is a pretty terrific lecture by Sebastian Marshall: Anticipating The Future

Among some other well illustrated points, Sebastian talks about anticipating and predicting the future by analyzing the past.

I’d like to discuss other portions of his lecture in more depth in the future, but for now I’ll say this: I’m in 100% agreement with Sebastian.

I believe that with close analysis, the near future is anywhere from 90-99% predictable.

Sam Carpenter of Work the System presents the idea that 99% of the time the world works exactly as expected. The world is NOT NEARLY AS CHAOTIC as we think. When you flip a light switch, 99% of the time you get light.

Armed with the idea that the world works how it’s supposed to most of the time, you can assume that if a ‘system’ you followed in the past worked (produced a result), it will produce the same result again, 99% of the time.

If you can identify the system at play, you can implement it again, and you’ll come out the other side (in the future) with close to 99% certainty of the end result.

Predicting the future becomes fairly straight forward and easy.

Of course the hard part… the tricky part… is identifying the systems at work in the first place. Sometimes it takes years. Sometimes you get it right on the first try. And you might need to struggle and grind the years out to get enough data to analyze.

But, the cool part is, is that if you’re unhappy with some portion of your life, you can pretty assuredly say, “My system for that is not producing the result I want. Let’s look at it. And let’s change it.”

Tying this all to my situation:

I’ve used the Hollywood Physique twice now – both times seeing incredible fat loss and muscle gains.

With 99% accuracy, I can predict (if I follow the program exactly as before), what I’ll look like in 3 months. I can predict the future.

Pretty wild, right?

Of course, I’ll have to plan and account for any adaptations my body has made or differing environmental factors. So, maybe my accuracy drops to 90%.

But how valuable would being able to predict the future with 90% accuracy be for your life?

Once this concept is grasped a major shift takes place. A shift I’m experiencing and moving towards myself. The shift calls for close analysis of life events and recognition of the systems at work in my life. It calls for careful measurement. It calls for religious documentation. It calls for 80/20 analysis of EVERYTHING. It calls for massive action and implementation once effective systems are identified.

Think about this: how many of the most successful people in the world wrote a journal and measured their successes and failures? A lot.

If you know what’s working, you can focus on repeating those things (those systems), and you can begin to predict what your life will be like 3-6-12 months later with insane accuracy, possible 90-99%.

You can also look at what’s not working in your life, go back in history to find the cause, and work to fix what’s broken.

>> Check out Sebastian’s lecture on his website.

>> Check out Sebastian’s book on Amazon.

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