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My Hollywood Physique Review & Transformation

by Derek Johanson

in Goals, Training

This featured post will share a pretty unusual story about my friend Clay’s new product, The Hollywood Physique.

When I arrived in Bangkok in May I noticed 2 things:

  1. The city was on fire with civil war.
  2. My good friend Clay was insanely jacked and looked like a movie star sent to Thailand to stop the violence.
Clay Rogers Hollywood Physique

I’d never seen him look so good.

Now don’t get me wrong, Clay has always been in shape. He’s had some muscle and bulk. When we met in college, he turned me on to protein powder, eggs, oatmeal, and supplements like creatine. He showed me how to workout. How to squat and deadlift correctly.

And in the those days we both saw some results. I got bigger, I put on muscle.

But something weird and devastating started happening to me… people who were close to me began thinking of me as the guy who ate weird things and worked out a lot. But, people who didn’t know me, didn’t even know that I worked out.

In fact, at my job, I started talking with my boss about the gym, and he said, “Oh, do you work out?”

That was a big blow.

I was devoting all that time to working out hard and eating ‘right’, but visually, I was reaping very little of the rewards.

And Clay was in a similar boat in a lot of ways. People knew he worked out and had some muscle, but they didn’t know the type of dedication he was really putting into it. I’m sure he spent a lot of time thinking about bodybuilding and his diet. And he never reached that ‘next level’.

He had muscle but it wasn’t the type of muscle people really responded to. Meaning… and I’ll be honest… I never really wanted to look like Clay in those days. He was big and bulky, but his muscle didn’t grab my attention and appeal to me. “I don’t want to work super hard to look like that,” I’d think.

Thailand & The Hollywood Physique

So, when I arrived in Thailand and saw that Clay was completely ripped, I was pretty shocked.

Before I got to Thailand, Clay had been telling me for a few months that he was seeing insane progress. But I kinda thought he was just exaggerating. I figured I’d see him and it’d be same old same old.

But that wasn’t the case this time in Bangkok. I almost had to look away in shame and embarrassment. The dude was not only shredded, but his muscles had that distinct movie star shape…Clay looked like Ryan Reynolds.

Hollywood Physique Blueprint

I Didn’t Want To Start A Workout Plan In A New Country

Before I left to Thailand I had kinda given up on the idea that I could achieve a great body or even a six pack. I liked beer and partying too much. I also didn’t have the genetics I thought.

Coupled with that, and the fact that I’d be in Thailand for the first time, I wasn’t too sold on the idea of starting a new workout plan with Clay.

Clay and I had done 3 month workout plans in the past (at UCLA and in Panama), and while I did see results, I usually just ended up getting fat… and like I said, no one really could tell that I cared about working out in the end.

I figured: why expend the extra energy when I was getting minimal results. There was no point. I could just relax and look like the rest of my peers.

I had, essentially, given up on a dream of mine. That’s me below after a lot of years and time spent in the gym… pretty pathetic really.

Hollywood Physique before shot

But Then The Civil War

But then I got a lucky break of sorts… Bangkok’s escalating civil war and violence ¬†forced the government to issue a curfew. You had to be inside by 8 PM every night. This was a big deal. Bangkok is a city that has many vices and never truly sleeps… but now it was transformed into a ghost town. There would be no crazy night life for at least 2 weeks.

The curfew pushed me to say to Clay, “Yo, tell me what you’re doing. I want in.”

Derek Dissents

Now of course, full disclosure, I knew that Clay had been developing a 13 week workout and diet program. I had no interest in taking part in the program until I actually saw him in person. And, I still knew very little about what the program actually entailed.

Clay immediately started me off with a week of acclimation… And I was pissed. I thought we should be in the gym lifting heavy weights and eating a lot. But we weren’t. We were lifting super light weights with more controlled movements. And we were spending only 20 minutes working out and only another 10 WALKING (not running or sprinting).

I lay awake at night secretly hating Clay thinking he was going to screw me over again. He had to repeatedly tell me to trust him.

Clay Is Crazy

After the week of acclimation, we started the program but were still lifting lighter weights than ever before and spending less time in the gym too.

Clay had me doing all sorts of movements I’d never seen before.

I constantly dissented, convinced it would never work for me and that he was just lucky and that his hard work in the past was accounting for his insane progress.

I spent a good two weeks angry at Clay.

I liked the fact that the workouts were short and intense, but I didn’t feel like what we were doing was going to be worth it. I felt like I was wasting valuable time that could be spent partying and bonding with new friends in the city.

This is a Diet?

Spending years studying bodybuilding, I thought I had a good idea about what a proper diet should look like. For example, protein shakes. I always used to think you’d be stupid to not drink a protein shake right after a workout.

But on Clay’s diet, we didn’t touch a single supplement. Not one. No protein powders, nothing. All natural foods.

Every day we’d go out and get ‘street food’ (all food in Thailand is pretty much street food). We were eating fatty pork and eggs mostly. Whenever we could find veggies we’d inhale them.

With all the fatty meats it didn’t even feel like a diet. I wasn’t constantly thinking about food, or stuffing myself with excess protein like I normally did on muscle building programs.

(Note: the craziest part looking back, we weren’t even eating the optimal food that you could find in the States)

Then Came The Results

Things started to get interesting about 3-4 weeks in. My energy levels were through the roof. And this will sound weird, but I was digesting food like a champion.

For a large portion of my life I’ve been plagued by stomach cramps. Sometimes the cramps last 15 minutes… sometimes they last 5-6 hours.

These cramps simply disappeared.

In the gym I started to really enjoy the workouts. They were tough but short and I really loved the 10-15 minutes post-workout walks. And afterwards I felt invigorated and had lots of energy.

I noticed fat dropping off my body.

And it seemed weird because I was eating a lot of eggs and pork… especially fatty pork belly.

No Drinking On An Island!?

Then things got even more interesting. Clay and I decided to get out of Bangkok for awhile and live on the island of Koh Tao. We needed the sun and the clean air.

Derek Johanson Hollywood Physique

On the island, we kept up the momentum and I started to really get into his program. I was feeling beyond incredible. Better than ever before. I’ve spent a lot of time working out, but I’ve never, ever felt like that.

In the gym I was a monster (at least in my own mind). I put more effort and determination into one single workout than a month’s worth of sessions before. And I loved every second of it.

I soon reached a point where I didn’t want to drink or party anymore. All I wanted to do was keep feeling that way.

I Achieved A “Respectable” Hollywood Physique

Hollywood Physique Before After

And the results…I was shedding fat quickly. My muscles started taking on a different shape. I started taking pictures of myself more often. I started looking at myself in the reflection of shop windows as I walked passed. I was shocked and felt new confidence. My shirt was off way more than usual for me.

I now had one of the elite beach bods on the island! haha. It was a little whacky for me.

Let Me Reiterate Something Here

These results were from 12 weeks. Less than 90 days. Less than 3 months. In the past I would have KILLED to have the body I got in the “after” shot…

Hollywood Physique Clay Rogers side

Thai Girls Beee Swooning

Any white guy that’s been to Thailand knows that a lot of Thai women like white faces. I mean, 75% of any skin care product in the grocery store has ‘whitening’ in it.

But, when I was nearing the end of my transformation I started getting even more attention than normal. I would go out and literally have girls lift up my shirt and rub my stomach. Girls would grab my pecs and say, “You big man.” (It sounds ridiculous writing this, but it’s true).

By the time my 13 weeks were over, I was mad. I knew I’d have a friend coming in town who was there to drink and party. And I knew I had a lot of traveling left before I’d be able to find a steady place to workout again.

I was hooked.

The Hollywood Physique WORKS. Simple As That

I’m actually a testimonial for Clay, and for good reason. It works like nothing I’ve ever tried… and it’s completely different than anything I’ve seen. It’s designed ONLY for accelerated transformations and NOT the year-round slow and steady approach, which I dig.

I’m sitting here typing this proud to call myself one of Clay’s best friends. He absolutely killed it on this product. Clay really went out of his way to make sure it’s fucking awesome and that it works.

Long story short: The ‘Physique’ is both DIFFERENT and BETTER. It’s heavily researched and it’s backed by real-world results – my results.

I can’t recommend Clay and the Hollywood Physique enough.

If you’re looking for a workout and diet program to transform yourself quickly, I’m sure it’s what you’re looking for. You can read more about what the program actually entails here:

Click Here For The Hollywood Physique

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