Here’s A Way To Add An Extra 1-5K To Your Monthly Income

I believe that by creating an informational report or training course in your industry, you can add an extra $1000 to your income (conservatively) in the next 90 days.

Of course, it is not all beer and Skittles – it takes hard work to create an info product. But these numbers are realistic for anyone who has an established business or skill-set.

If you’re a teacher, author, coach, consultant, you sell a physical product, own an e-commerce store, or simply have access to an expert, creating an information product is a great method for adding extra income to your bottom-line. And in many cases, an information product based business can fully replace your current income.

If you’re a budding entrepreneur who values freedom, come join this webinar I’m co-hosting with Sean Ogle of Location Rebel.

We’ll talk about whether or not info products are the best semi-passive income source and whether or not you should pursue creating one.

The webinar is tonight at 6PM PST. Seats are limited and we’re not recording it:

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  1. Annoyed I missed this. It’s hard when my timezone is so completely different.. Looks from twitter like it went well. Hope you do some more soon.

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