How To Have ‘Faster-Than-Normal’ Success

Here’s a recent note I sent to Copy Hour members as part of an email assignment.

Now, as regular human folk, we’re fascinated
with FAST success – with xtreme results. We
love to hear about accelerated, quicker-than-
normal success… because we want it for

At the same time, our logical brain knows that
success doesn’t come easy. There’s hard work
involved in getting anything we want.

But, I’m beginning to see (and I’ve
experienced this myself before) that small
improvements in different aspects of your
life, can combine and dramatically multiply
overall success.

Stay with me for a second.

Since starting Copy Hour, I’ve had a number
of ‘breakthroughs’. My marketing strategy
& knowledge has increased dramatically.

But let’s say I’ve had a knowledge increase
of 5%.

5% isn’t a huge increase overall.

But, now, let’s say at the same time, I take
some diet & fitness recommendations, and start
a regime while doing Copy Hour.

My fitness improves by 5% as well (whatever
that would mean: more muscle, less fat, more
endurance, etc.).

And let’s say I take Derek’s recommendation
and buy “How To Win Friends & Influence

Now my relationships with people improve by

Doing these things in combination (even if
the individual parts only see slight
improvement), is what leads to MULTIPLIED
and MASSIVE results.

It’s not just a 5% improvement in these
respective areas of your life.

It’s multiplied.

It’s 5 x 5 x 5. It’s 125% (or 25%) better

Your improved fitness helps you be more
productive. Your relationships are less
stressfu so your mind is free to think more
clearly. You build a new relationship that
explodes your business.

The combinations are endless.

Making small improvements to different areas
of your life — all at once — is the
accelerator we’re looking for.

What do you think? Pretty powerful, yes?

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