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Read before reading: Income Goals.

Before I begin this post, know that I’m not delusional.

I feel like many people out there have an unrealistic view of what it takes to start an ‘online business’… as if there’s a magical difference between online and offline. It’s true you can get up and running quicker with an online biz, but that don’t mean shit if you don’t know shit about shit.

Building a business takes time, resources, hustle, knowledge, implementation, etc.

My main businesses thus far have really been creating tiny businesses (publishing).

The income that I’ll be creating for this project, to reach $123.70, will be a business too. But it will be an affiliate-based business, with a service component.

You can probably guess which direction I’m headed…

I’ll be selling the Hollywood Physique and other ‘fitness-model-look’ bodybuilding products as an affiliate and offering my services as online motivational & tactical coach. (The service aspect turns me on simply because I’d like to deconstruct the model of online coaching more.) My challenge is going to be keeping my hours fairly low – affiliate marketing can definitely make that a *possibility*. The service aspect complicates that a bit, but I’m interested in it.

I guess you could say I’m already in business and just deciding to invest a bit more effort into this endeavor. The market is right. There’s lots of money being spent. The competition is heavy but horrible. And I’ve got the chops.

Now, I’m already making a fairly consistent income with Hollywood Physique sales and coaching. But I’m not at $123.70 per day.

With the imminent price increase on THP, all this goal will really take is 2 ‘organic’ sales per day. Pretty sweet. But I’ll be spending money on advertising so we’ll see what the real numbers look like as things progress. Only time will tell.

I’ll possibly roll out a more complete plan here soon as I’m still formulating exactly what this business is going to look like or if I want to work off some of the seeds I’ve already planted – ie. ManChallenges.com or this blog. Shockingly, these things take some time & thought.

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