Nothing Is Perfect… Everything Is Perfect

I’ve been watching some baseball with my pops over the last week.

The announcers were talking between pitches about certain types of players. They were saying that everybody’s fighting through some aches and pains during a 162 game season. And that some guys simply aren’t cut out to be ‘every day players’.

Some guys simply can’t produce when they’re not feeling 100%. But the truly great players, the hall of famers, the legends, they can produce even if they’re not at 100%.


And then last night I watched the NBA finals.

Despite what you think of Lebron James (and the shitty refereeing), the dude is a legend. He went down towards the end of the game with cramps or knee problems or whatever. He was obviously hobbled and in some pain.

Then, on half a leg, he drained a big three pointer.


You have to learn to be productive in un-ideal situations.

Nothing is ever going to be perfect. As you age you’re going to have less energy. You’re going to have some aches and pains – physically and mentally.

Accept it now.

Nothing is perfect… Everything is perfect.

The only thing you can do is get it done… or don’t. Your choice.


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