End Of Powerful Speaking Voice Challenge

Today marks the end of my Powerful Speaking Voice Challenge using Bob Corff’s Speaker’s Voice Method program (30 minutes every day).

Listen to the audio below to hear my thoughts on the challenge and I’ll tell you how I failed to complete many of the challenge’s specifications.

I’m a bit disappointed in my follow-through on this challenge, especially considering how much easier it should have been to complete than the Hollywood Physique challenge. I have plenty of excuses for failing on this challenge – my Mexico & Cuba vacation for one – but the reality is, I HAVE to be better.

I do believe that my speaking voice has improved during these past 2 months… but I also know that the results could have been much more dramatic.

Listen to the audio to hear more:


In the audio I mention this post on improving your speaking voice for sales.

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One thought on “End Of Powerful Speaking Voice Challenge”

  1. Ummmm, Hey Dude, don’t sell yourself so short. I know a bit about this subject as I actually earn some passive income doing voice over work. I hear major improvements but I like how honest you are with yourself because the great always see themselves through their own eyes and have their own standards, and not the standards of others. Anyway, onward and upward. Instead of sayin’ Ummm you know? How about… Can u dig it? Huh Hah!

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