My Favorite Blogs (At The Moment)

These are the blogs that have been catching my attention lately.


Blog: Wandering Earl

About: Wandering Earl is 32 years old and spends about 9-11 months per year traveling outside of the USA. He’s been doing this for the last 10 years.

Why I like it: I really just like Earl’s style of writing and his take on life. He’s also living in Mexico right now, which is where I might be headed.

Current Favorite Post: The Currency Of Pad Thai

Blog: MuseLife

About: David Walsh’s Muselife focuses on providing resources for creating streams of passive income to support a more liberated lifestyle.

Why I like it: If David were from Boston I’d say he was wicked smart. But he’s from Philly, so I call him ‘brother’ a lot. Anyway…it’s a very helpful and interesting site. Love it.

Current Favorite Post: Live What You Sell: Muse Goes Heavy Metal (Profile: Metal Shredder TV)

Blog: Rules Optional

About: In Andrew’s words: I live on a sailboat. I explore, kayak, run an ad agency, and am known to wear a kilt. If you’d like to ask what I wear underneath… at least buy me a drink first. Maybe two..

Why I like it:I like it because Andrew continually comes up with stuff like this: “’Fake it ’til you make it’ is an adorable saying, but I’d tweak it a bit. Fake it, then make yourself into what you described… but fast.” And he’s a badass entrepreneur who lives on a sailboat. ‘Nuff said.

Current Favorite Post: Failure and Leverage (Part 4 of 4)

Blog: The Life Design Project

About: Robert & Brandon have created a blog to investigate their methods to becoming “experts”, “CEO’s”, world travelers, productivity masters and dream fulfillers. Their end goal? Freedom to live out their dreams and have notes on exactly how they did it.

Why I like it: I love how detailed their posts are. They describe exactly what they’ve done. It’s great. Check the post below and you’ll see what I mean.

Current Favorite Post: Results | Outsourcing and Automation in Freelance

Blog: Location 180 by Sean Ogle

About: Sean is a 24 year old living in Portland, Oregon. Sean writes about travel and entrepreneurship, as those are his two passions.

Why I like it: Sean is a stand up guy who writes with a lot of honesty. He recently lost his job and now is going to be forced into making something happen. I look forward to hearing about his adventures.

Current Favorite Post: Video Of South Sister Hike

Blog: Free Pursuits

About: Corbett recently took a six-month sabbatical to Mexico and built a power-house blog in the process. He’s trying to build a community of smart, motivated people who want to challenge themselves to live a more fulfilling life.

Why I like it: I got to meet Corbett face to face recently and learned a lot from him in a short amount of time. He’s also been churning out consistently solid and insightful posts that grab my attention.

Current Favorite Post: Is Fake It Till You Make It Mentality Keeping You Down?

Blog: Thrilling Heroics

About: Cody McKibben started Thrilling Heroics in 2006 to encourage young professionals and entrepreneurs to pursue an unorthodox, exciting lifestyle and career, strive for excellence, and make a positive difference in the world.

Why I like it: Um, Cody just interviewed Ramit Sethi and Gary Vaynerchuk. Plus Cody is a genuinely good guy as well. He lives in Thailand at the moment and is crushing it.

Current Favorite Post: Why You Need To Listen To The Legendary Gary Vaynerchuk

Honorary Mention Blog:

About: Tynan is a 28 year old guy with no permanent home traveling around the world by boat, train, and plane, and around the United States and Canada in his tiny RV.

Why I like it: I originally found Tynan through his writing for Life Nomadic. That blog has since been merged into but he recently released a pretty good book about living the nomadic lifestyle by the title Life Nomadic (that was a crazy sentence). I’m sure all the lifestyle designers would have loved it, but he didn’t promote it to any of us…get on it Tynan! You should read it (for free or by a donation) here –

Current Favorite Post: Video Tour Of My RV

Biking The Pacific Coast Route Video Journal

The first video is select footage of our trip down the Pacific Coast Route. The second video is of probably the coolest magic trick I’ve seen live.

Video Journal Breakdown

1:06 – Mindset/Preparation

1:21 – Bikes/Bike Accessories

2:19 – Beginnings

3:00 – Derek gets called gay

4:22 – Rest/Sleeping Arrangements

4:35 – Special Gear – don’t judge

5:58 – Physical Demands – Derek is numb down there, Clay turns Asian, Derek looks likes the Elephant Man, a cut on Clay’s massive delt

8:10 – Drama – Derek & Clay fight

10:20 – Ignition (Remix) begins, need I say more?

11:23 – Digital Gangsters – L.I.P.’s

12:14 – Endings

13:12 – Possibly the most inspiring moment of the trip

Music & Hot Tracks

Intro: LCD Soundsystem – Yeah (Pretentious Version)

Body: Girls Are Robots – Tearin’ Apart & A Million Miles Away

To download GAR songs for free go to

End: R. Kelly – Ignition (Remix)

Here’s an incredible magic trick performed by Laurie, a wizard who liked bike touring.

Packing List for the Pacific Coast Route

Tomorrow officially kicks off the beginning of my bike tour of the west coast – the Pacific Coast Route. Here’s a basic break-down of what I’m starting the journey with. All these things are subject to change as I go.

I’ll explain my reasoning and the packing process when I get a chance. To be honest I’m living really uncomfortably right now. Disassembling and fitting my bike into a bike box for the airplane has been extremely difficult. It’s going to be a scramble to get everything in order before I leave for the airport at 2:30 PM tomorrow!

My Next Journey – Biking The Pacific Coast Route

I now have 2 ebooks (LU Guide To Muscle & the 007 Lifestyle which I created through on the market, so it’s time for me to take off on another adventure. This time it’s going to be biking nearly 1,900 miles down the Pacific Coast of the USA from Canada to Mexico.

What I’ll Be Doing

The journey will begin in Vancouver, British Colombia and end in San Diego, California on the border of Mexico. I’ve already booked a flight to Seattle and have a ride to the Canadian border from there.

I’ll be making the trip with Clay ( We’ll be using panniers to carry some ultra-light gear and camping exclusively.

(The ride be similar to the above picture)

Why I’m Doing This

The reasons for this trip are many. When I was in Colombia I met a 20-something German guy who had been jetting back and forth through the country on a crappy little mountain bike. He would travel from one city to the next on bike, staying in cheap hotels along the way.

He said, “I’m young, why wouldn’t I use my legs?” I was inspired and thought there’s not a better time to do this in my life.

Also, according to the Location Independent & Digital Nomad Survey, location independent people spend a median of 30-39 hours earning a living per week. I didn’t get into all of this to work full-time. I got into it so I could take trips like this.

I want to prove it to myself and to other aspiring location independents that this trip is possible even while running a business. I’m already working with some VA’s to ensure all goes smoothly.

Blogging & Preparations

At this point I don’t plan on bringing a computer but hopefully I’ll be able to blog from internet cafes along the way. I’ll be keeping a full journal and making videos so at very least I’ll post them here when I return.

I can pretty much assure you that Clay will be blogging a lot as we go too.

And for those interested, I’ll be posting a complete gear list and price breakdown before I leave.

When Do We Leave?

The excitement starts July 27th and ends when I finish the Pacific Coast Route…


Photos by Tait Campbell. Check his Flickr

Gorgeous Girls, Fast Boat, French Riviera

French Riviera

This is a guest post from the very funny Sean Ogle. Sean is a writer in his mid-twenties who is determined to take control of his life and become Location Independent. You can read more of his travel and lifestyle writing on his blog

Before I left for the French Riviera, I had heard about their famous topless beaches from countless people. Interestingly, almost all of these people had nothing good to say about them! Whether the people there were too old, or fat, or whatever, they made it clear that a nude beach was nothing like the dreams of my youth.  Well I have one thing to say:

They are all liars.

When some friends and I arrived in Nice, we set out on a mission to experience a topless beach first hand. Within five minutes of laying down our towels, two of the most gorgeous girls I had ever seen, sat down right next to us and proceeded to remove their tops. What happened to the over-weight 60 year olds everyone had told me about?  I wasn’t prepared for this.

A few minutes went by and the Mediterranean sun was already beginning to take its toll, so my friend Jacob and I decided to go for a swim. Upon entering the water we turned around to notice the two beauties walking towards us in all of their bare-chested glory. Apparently they had asked our other friends to watch their stuff, as evidenced by the hand-gestures my friends were making towards me from the beach. The girls walked up to the water and playfully ran in and out. All I could do was make a stupid joke to them about the water being cold.

Stupid or not, it apparently was the best opening line ever, as the conversation continued for the next 15 minutes. I can only imagine I looked like a bobble head doll – my eyes were fixed on them as their boobs bobbed up and down with the waves.

Later we returned to our spot on the beach, and to my friend’s dismay, they started packing up. Then the unthinkable happened. One girl, Daniella, walked up to me and asked what we were up to that afternoon. It turns out her and some more friends were renting a speedboat to cruise up and down the Mediterranean for the afternoon and asked if we wanted to go. Let me reiterate:

Gorgeous girls, fast boat, French Riviera.

All I could think about it was how this was too good to be true. After about five minutes of giddy-ness, and trying to figure out the fastest way possible to get the 50 Euros (each) required to rent the boat, someone chimed in at an attempt to be the voice of reason.


Jacob became absolutely convinced that he was going to be the victim of a modern age pirate. He thought he would be robbed and then left out in the middle of the sea for good. His thoughts were so strong in fact, he decided to stay on the beach while we went to meet them at a pub nearby to see if this was actually legit.

But at this point, I was sold no matter what. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.  If they wanted to rob me and dump me in the ocean, at least I would die a happy man. As it turns out they wanted to do neither.

We spent the day chasing yachts in Monaco, cliff jumping in Italy, and drinking more wine than I thought possible. To make the day even better, it was France’s annual nationwide festival of music. We carried on our party well into the morning listening to a different band or DJ on every street corner before crashing on the beach with our foreign beauties.
Nice, France I learned a lesson that day. Sure you have to be safe while traveling, but you can’t miss out on incredible opportunities just because of something that COULD maybe, but probably won’t, happen. So don’t be like Jacob. If a topless girl wants to take you out on a fast boat in the French Riviera, you should probably go. Just a thought.


Sean’s ‘List‘ of things to do before he dies is very cool. And you should follow him on Twitter if you’re into it.

What Was I Thinking? A Short Story From Cordoba, Argentina

As I sit in the flat bed of gray and rust colored pickup, I think to myself, “My mom isn’t going to like this story.”

Sitting next to, and across from me, against the four corners of the flat bed, are three newly acquired friends from the hostel. We all share in the sentiment that this is not a good idea.

One of my friends hands our future driver his camera to take a photograph. I smile.

Moments earlier I was standing, firmly on the ground, outside of a club. Moments earlier I had a firm grasp on the direction of my life. Now, I’ve handed that control over to someone I just met. And now the cool night air is blowing through my hair as we drive away from the club and that security.

Winding our way through the dilapidated streets on the outskirts of Cordoba, Argentina I can’t help but feel that this would be a horrible place to die. But, then again, is it better to die in one place versus another? Probably.

I console myself saying I’ve lived a damn good life.

We are on our way to an after-hours club – “Not too far” our driver screams.
“You’re not drunk are you?” we ask.
“Not too much.”
“Drive slow,” we all scream.

There’s always a push-pull that goes on in my brain. Part of me lives for crazy moments like these and part of me knows how dumb this is. If I were back home I wouldn’t have dreamed of getting in this strange guy’s truck. My first question would have been, “Are you drunk?” But it wasn’t.

And now there’s a growing tension developing in the back of the flat bed. We want to get there now. The faster we’re out of the truck bed the better. Hurry up we think. But then, no, we don’t want him speeding.

I look to the front seat and see my driver bending down – reaching for something…or stashing something. His head and attention bobs from the road to his work below. “What are you doing?” I think.

Now my friend is taking a video.

A stop sign appears in the not-so-far distance. He’s still fiddling below his seat. His friend in the passenger seat is now helping him. Do they see it? God I hope he sees it. It looks like there are some cars up there. Stop doing that. I’m about to say something…

He stops.

The engine whirrs back to life and we round the corner. I get visions of news stories in my head. “He was such a bright young man with his whole life ahead of him. Why would he get in that truck bed?” I say this out-loud and everyone laughs.

Then suddenly it happens. The truck halts…

…We’re at the club. It really wasn’t that far.

We pay the 20 peso cover charge. We enter the club. We realize it’s a gay club. We leave 1/2 hour later in a taxi cab home.

As we drive, the taxi narrowly misses hitting another car. We laugh.

Live Uncomfortably isn’t about living stupid although at times I seem to confuse the two.


My James Bond lifestyle ebook will be done and ready in the next couple of weeks. I’ll describe more practical ways to live an exciting life than riding in the back of speeding pickup truck.

9 Tips & Tricks For Flying With A One-Way Ticket

I’ve now flown 4 times on a one-way ticket across borders with zero hassles. Here’s what I’ve learned.

  1. If you have a one-way plane ticket, don’t fret. You’ll most likely go through the check-in and immigration process without ever being asked.
  2. It is the duty of the airline to ask you if you have a return ticket because if you don’t, they are forced to fly you back to your country of origin.
  3. The immigration officials most likely wont ask you if you have a one-way ticket. You’ll only need to provide a date in which you will be leaving the country.
  4. Do not mention that you are flying on a one-way ticket to the airline staff. If they ask if you have a return or onward ticket, just say yes.
  5. If they ask you to provide proof of a return or onward ticket tell them that you have a bus or train ticket out of the country. Research companies that leave the country before arriving at the airport.
  6. If they ask you to provide proof of purchase, tell them they sent you a confirmation online and you didn’t print it out. Don’t apologize. You are in control.
  7. At this point the airline attendant will most likely let you pass. However, if she doesn’t, you may be forced to buy an onward ticket.
  8. Before you get to the airport, research air carriers that will allow you a refund or a change of itinerary with little or additional costs. If the airline attendant doesn’t let you go, then be prepared to buy a plane ticket.
  9. Obviously, it is important to get to the airport early to ensure that if you aren’t allowed to fly without a return or onward ticket, that you can buy one before the flight leaves.Bonus 10. You can quite easily get a travel agent to print you out an itinerary (without paying) that you can use as ‘proof’.


photo by aka Kath

Video Of Me Shirtless With A Colombian Model

I want to preface this video.

I woke up in Bogota thinking I would film a segment for titled, “A Day In the Life Of Digital Nomad.” But my day ended up just a tad unusual:

Clay and I were used as shirtless models in a photo shoot with a Colombian model.

As I cooked a plantain for breakfast, I noticed some photographers in the courtyard of my hostel. When I walked outside to investigate, I spotted a beautiful model doing her makeup. “OK, I thought. This might be interesting.”

I had no idea that Hostel Alegria in Bogota is often used for photo shoots and filming of telenovelas. The unique architecture of the house make it a perfect location for producers on a budget.

Clay and I watched the shoot for awhile and befriended the camera man. He really liked Clay. Like a lot. We excused ourselves to go get some lunch.

When we returned, the camera guy had now moved the action inside to a dimly lit stairwell and the model had lost some clothing. The camera man was excited to see us back. “I need you,” he said.

It didn’t take him long to convince us to get shirtless and pose with the model. “Why not?”

Enjoy the video.