Hacking The High Life Video Review With Sean Ogle

Sean Ogle is releasing his new membership site, Hacking the High Life today. Hacking the High Life shows you how to get ridiculous deals and live a luxurious lifestyle on a backpacker’s budget.

I got a chance to sit down with Sean in Playa del Carmen, Mexico to film a quick Hacking the High Life review and overview.

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(FYI: If you’re interested, move that ass fast, because Sean has a special bonus for the first 100 members.)

Aimless Travel Is NOT Liberating

You’ll hear travel writers and bloggers touting the joy, beauty, and necessity of ‘aimless’ travel. Of wandering without purpose.

My take: travel is of no value without a defined purpose.

When I’ve had no goal in mind during my travels, I’ve felt lost, bored, and usually resorted to thought-avoidance activities like drinking.

When I traveled to Cuba a few months ago, the simple addition of a ‘bucket-list’ made everything meaningful. It gave us something to work on. It gave us a creative pursuit that required THOUGHT, even though it consisted of drinking, smoking cigars, and listening to live music.

We focused on creating a great video that could inspire and guide others (it should be released soon). And, importantly, the work we did will bring us money or leverage in future pursuits.

It was productive work.

Here’s a quote I love from Ayn Rand. She writes that:

“The producer moves through his days NOT in random circles, but in a straight line, motion from goal to farther goal, each leading to the next and to a single growing sum…”

Objectivism: The Philosophy of Ayn Rand

This applies to soooo much more than travel. It applies to everything in life.

If you’re gunna wander, that wandering better match your ultimate purpose and goals.

Otherwise you’ll find nothing but unhappiness… or worse, evasion from reality and thought.

Do You Want To Create An Information Product?

Hype! Create an information product and never work a day in your life again! Scams! Retire to a beach with easy infoproduct money!



Today is a pretty cool day – Sean Ogle has just released the 12th entrepreneur blueprint inside his Location Rebel course. You might have read my Location Rebel review before. It’s a damn solid product with a big growing community of entrepreneurs trying to hustle to create location independent businesses for themselves.

Anyway, Sean and I worked together to create the latest blueprint: How to create information products.

We actually put the finishing touches on it while we were in Mexico… a few days after getting back from Cuba (see picture below)!

Look creating (semi)passive income through information products ain’t easy… but it’s possible. The 2 guys to my right in that picture are producing full-time incomes (and then some) with their information products.

Can you create one yourself?


If you’ve consider creating an information product listen up:

The process behind launching an info product can be extremely overwhelming and Sean and I want to help if you’re interested.

We’re going to take on some clients via application process, and walk them through every single step of the information product creation process. From selecting the perfect niche, to creating sales copy, to all of the technical aspects of setting it up. For a select few, we will help them with EVERYTHING.

If you’ve been thinking about creating a some (semi)passive income or just online income at all… do yourself a solid, check out Sean’s latest post, and fill out the application form.

>> Read Sean’s blog post and apply here.

How To Get From The Cancun Airport to Playa Del Carmen

As of January 2012: Here’s how to get from the Cancun (CUN) airport to Playa Del Carmen on a bus.

After you’ve gone through customs and pushed a button giving you the green light (good) or red light (bad) exit through the sliding doors. You’ll still be inside the terminal with people trying to ask you where you’re going and offer you services. Just ignore them or say ‘No gracias’. If you want to get pesos out of an ATM, you can do it here. Otherwise you’ll most likely be able to use USA dollars for the bus.

I will warn you though, most guys try to screw you with the exchange rate. Right now it’s around 12 pesos to a dollar. They’ll charge you 10 pesos to a dollar. But if the ATM line is long and you just want to get here, use USA dollars. It’ll be a difference of max $1.

Exit the terminal into the beautifully warm, perfect air.

Now there will be a ton of solicitors. Continue to ignore their questions.

Head to your right. Go past the margarita bar. You should see big, fairly nice buses to your right.

As you approach them there will be a red stand that says ‘Playa Del Carmen.’ The company that operates the direct bus is called ‘Riviera’ although I don’t think that their name is visible anywhere. Look for that red stand.

Tell the guy you’re going to Playa and he’ll get you a ticket for 114 pesos.

Buses run once an hour until 10:45pm.

The bus will drop you main terminal on 5th Avenue and Juarez in Playa. 5th Avenue is the big, touristy, main walking street.

Just outside the terminal are taxis. Depending on where you’re going, it’ll probably run you about 50 pesos to take one. The streets are fairly logical and easy to navigate.

How To Work From Anywhere On Earth

Sean Ogle Location Rebel

Hey everyone, real quick note today.

I’m doing a free webinar with Sean Ogle (of Location Rebel) and you’re invited.

The tentative title of it is: “How to Work from Anywhere on Earth: 5 Essential Components to Building a Laptop Business.

It’s on Tuesday night, September 20 at 6:00 PM PST.

I’m going to rack Sean’s brain about how you can build a business from anywhere on Earth. It’s completely free and we’ll jam it full of as much useful information on this topic as possible.

Sean is currently living in a bungalow in Bali…so it’s going to be an interesting webinar regardless.

If you’re interested in either business or travel don’t miss out on this. I’ve got some surprises lined up for you.

**There are limited seats (because of software restrictions) so signup early if you want in.**

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You’ll have the opportunity to ask us any questions you might have. ANYTHING. Fire away.

See you there.

Life In Koh Tao, Thailand

Sairee beach, Koh Tao

Hello all from the sunny, tropical island of Koh Tao.

A little bit about Koh Tao

Koh Tao is small-ish island off the eastern coast of Thailand. There are two primary activities on Koh Tao. Diving and drinking (most of the time in that order). But don’t let people tell you shouldn’t come here unless you dive. We’ve found plenty to do.

Lookout point Koh Tao

Koh Tao beach bar

Our Koh Tao Lifestyle

Clay and I are renting a fairly large bungalow near Sairee Beach. We are just up the hill, off the beach and main road. We’ve got big bedrooms and a kitchen (which is a rarity in these parts). We’ve also got the fastest internet on the island. We pay 16,000 baht (~$500 US) plus 1,200 baht for internet.

Our Koh Tao bungalow

Our kitchen is pictured below. “It looks like a healthy frat had a party and left their water bottles and egg cartons strewn about,” David Walsh.

Koh Tao bungalow

A typical day goes a little something like this:

  • Wake and breakfast. 3-4 eggs and some pork belly (really thick bacon) pictured below.

Pork belly

  • Work for 1-2 hrs on our veranda. Clay’s developing a product and I’m working on several as well as setting up a publishing company. More to come on both of our projects later.

Koh Tao bungalow veranda

  • 30 minutes in the gym using Clay’s awesome workout program. The gym is a dream for the ‘pump’. No shirts or shoes are required and you can grunt as much as you want.

Monsoon gym, Koh tao

  • Next is a delicious post-workout meal courtesy of Tik restaurant. We opt for the cashew nut and pork or sweet and sour pork. And it’s always accompanied by a big vegetable salad.

Tik restaurant Koh Tao

Tik restaurant Koh Tao

Tik restaurant Koh Tao

  • More work, often in New Heaven Cafe (which has the best coffee I’ve found on the island)

New Heaven Cafe Koh Tao

New Heaven Cafe Koh Tao

  • I go for a nap on the beach at some point in here.

Lotus Bar palm tree Koh Tao

  • More work and a quick look at the sunset

Koh Tao sunset

  • Dinner is normally a couple beef skewers from the lady right next to the 7-11 on the main road in Sairee beach.
  • Join friends for drinks/food or more work until bed.

Koh Tao bar


  • It gets sweaty. Real sweaty. I sweat at least a little bit most of the day. Bring Icebreaker shirts.
  • Mosquitos love it here. They feed on drunk tourists all day long.
  • Mostly whiteys. If you’re looking for Thai culture this is not where you want to be.
  • I’ve never seen more people walking around with bandages for their injuries. People get injured on scouters, step on glass, and god knows what else.


  • Most people who stay longer term get scouters. They’re dirt cheap to rent but I’ve heard you have to be careful about scratching them or pay heavy fines.
  • Smile!

Derek and Ray Ban


Top photo courtesy of Sean Ogle and DailyHDR.com