Find Your Focus: Stress-Free Productivity For #Winners

I have something powerful that you should add to your daily productivity systems.

Picture yourself…

…grabbing coffee, sitting down to work, and immediately getting down to business. No time wasting. No going down rabbit holes. Just solid, productive work that leaves you satisfied and gives you a sense of accomplishment.

Imagine getting more done in an hour and a half than most people get done in a whole day… Then, being able to fully relax and enjoy your down time.

Friends, this is no fairy-tale.

This serene state of existence is real.

I’ve been personally experiencing it thanks to Zach Browman’s Find Your Focus system.

(I had a longer video up…almost 20 minutes describing Zach’s system and how I’m using it but my friends (*cough* Sean Ogle) told me it was SUPER boring so I took it down. They told me to just send you to Zach’s video because it does a really good job of selling you on it, so that’s what I’ll do.)

(I tried to find the best screenshot of Zach that I could… I think I accomplished that. Haha)

You can check his video out here: Find Your Focus Video

I’ll say this.

I’m like any other entrepreneur or small businessman I know: I’m always looking for that extra edge. I’d love to spend less time at the computer and more time outside of the online world living my life. But procrastination forces me back into the online world and keeps me chained to my desk… not by someone else like a boss, but by my own mind and guilt for not getting stuff done.

Many times when I’m away from my computer I can’t fully relax… that is until I found Find Your Focus.

You’ll see once you have FYF that Zach probably has very similar productivity reading lists to yours… but he’s taken things to a new level with it… he’s gone deep in to psychology… and what he’s created is elegant.

Admittedly when I first heard about FYF I was skeptical as shit. Zach’s in a marketing mastermind that I belong to and when he told us about his product I was thinking, “yeah right man”. Or, more correctly… “This will be for everyone else. It’s not for me. I know all the productivity B.S. and it’s just that… B.S.”

But then I watched his video…

And dammit, I watched the whole thing… which doesn’t really happen to me anymore. He hooked me in. I literally procrastinated on doing other things so I could watch the video (which turned out to be a good decision in this case).

So I got the product from Zach expecting to learn some new tricks. And I did. I learned a bunch of new stuff I’d never heard before. And he meshed it all with the old tactics I knew. I was thinking it was going to be same old same old for me. I’d implement his techniques for a few days and then that would be it. I’d go back to my old ways and bad habits.

It always seems to happen. You get the next shiny object, you get pumped on it for awhile… and then bam… back to reality.

Well I’ve fallen off the wagon a few times, but I continually come back to Find Your Focus.

It’s too rewarding NOT to come back to it.

And that’s a big point of the program… being rewarded for being productive. (Most other people are trying to punish themselves to be more productive… which is a bad idea.)

Just go watch the video if you feel like you procrastinate at times.

It’s an awesome program and Zach is a great guy. I wish I would have a) had this product years ago and b) created it.

Trust me, when you join FYF you’ll feel you belong to a “secret” club of uber-hustlers. You’ll look around at all the other procrastinators and scoff! “If they only knew…”

>> Watch Zach’s video and learn about 4 productivity killing mistakes:

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Hacking The High Life Video Review With Sean Ogle

Sean Ogle is releasing his new membership site, Hacking the High Life today. Hacking the High Life shows you how to get ridiculous deals and live a luxurious lifestyle on a backpacker’s budget.

I got a chance to sit down with Sean in Playa del Carmen, Mexico to film a quick Hacking the High Life review and overview.

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10 Books Every Man Should Read

Atlas Shrugged
I’ve put together a list of the 10 books I think every man should read.

This list is small because I want it to be manageable. Of course I believe you should read more than just these 10 books listed. But if you haven’t checked all these titles off your reading list, then it’s time to get your butt in gear.

(You’ll notice that some of these books seem to have contradictory messages (Ayn Rand vs. London & Power of Now. 4 hr work week vs. Millionaire Fastlane. Read deeper and form your own opinions and theories from each book. You’ll notice that the different philosophies can work together and the contradictions aren’t so great.)

Please leave a comment with your must read books. (FYI, there are no affiliate links in this post).

Here goes:

  1. Atlas Shrugged (Ayn Rand) – An epic at over 1,000 pages. It’s entertaining and it’ll also make you want to DO WORK. Take-aways: Work for the sake of THE work. Do good work. Don’t sell out. Entrepreneurism is awesome. Man’s greatest assets are his mind and his ability to reason. (Amazon Link)
  2. Work the System (Sam Carpenter) – Having systems in your life will mean more money, less work on meaningless, ‘fire-killing’ tasks, and more happiness. The ‘systems mindset’ will change your life & your business mindset. (Amazon Link)
  3. Millionaire Fastlane (MJ DeMarco) – If you want to be a millionaire, you have to impact millions of lives. Start businesses that solve people’s problems not around your ‘passions’. 401k’s are for pussies. The idea of retiring at 65 is flawed and INSANE. (Amazon Link)
  4. 4 Hour Work Week (Timothy Ferriss) – Don’t read it for business purposes. Read it for motivation and inspiration to do what you want to do with your life. If you read enough Ayn Rand, you’ll want to work more than 4 hours a week… but on important stuff that’s meaningful to you. (Amazon Link)
  5. 48 Laws of Power (Robert Greene) – Interesting stories and history lessons on how certain people have come into power. Also a lot of great read-between-the-lines business & relationship/attraction book. (Amazon Link)
  6. Seawolf (Jack London) – London is a terrific writer. You’ll love/hate/respect the Sealwolf. (Amazon Link)
  7. Power of Now (Eckhart Tolle) – “You are not your mind.” Live for now. There is no past or future, only now. Lots of good food for thought on the meaning of existence here. (Amazon Link)
  8. Flow (Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi) – Optimal experience in life comes from engaging in activities that are challenging but not too overwhelming. Read with the Power of Now and you’ll have new strategies to remain efficient and happy with your work. (Amazon Link)
  9. Influence (Robert Cialdini)– best book on marketing I’ve read. So applicable to everything we do in life. (Amazon Link)
  10. How to Win Friends & Influence People (Dale Carnegie) – Sorry, had to include it. Gotta read it. Mandatory. (Amazon Link)
Please leave a comment with your must read books (if they’re different than the ones above). I’d love to hear them.

‘SourceControl’ & ‘Work The System’: These Books Will Change Your Life

Awhile back I wrote a blog post about why information products are so cool and in it, I mentioned David Walsh’s Source Control. I’d like to mention it again here, and I’d also like to talk about Sam Carpenter’s Work The System.

I’ve been getting sick of spending time on things that I know don’t really add much to my life (ie. pointless internet browsing among others), and these books have forced me (because of their incredible logic) to start analyzing the ‘systems‘ in my business and in my life as well.

After devouring these resources countless times, I’m understanding how systematization can dramatically improve the quality of my life and business.

Here are just 2 examples of how my life has significantly improved because of these books.

Business Example

One of my biggest problems a couple months ago was customer support. I’d get several emails a day from people saying they had trouble downloading a product, or something related.

Not only was I using my time to answer the requests, but I was also worrying about it a lot. If I was away from the computer for several hours I got nervous that someone would send an email asking for help and there would be no one to answer their questions. Then they’d get mad and ask for a refund. I try to keep a high level of rapport with my customers.

I was thinking of hiring someone, but before I started that process, I decided to analyze the systems inherent in the email exchanges I had with customers. I quickly noticed 2 recurring themes:

  1. Many people were having trouble opening the zip files. So I’d type something like: “Once your zip file has downloaded, just double click to open it. If for some reason your computer does not have a program to open a zip file, you can go to and use any of the applications that come up when you search “free zip applications”.
  2. A lot of people could download and open the zips but couldn’t read the PDF’s. So I’d always say, “If you don’t have a PDF reader on your computer, go to to download one for free.

99% of the time these 2 solutions solved the problem.

I decided to put these instructions on the download page. Within the hour, support emails just flat out stopped. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I got an email from someone saying they couldn’t open their files. Of course, I get support emails from time to time, but at this stage in my business, it’d be silly to hire someone to handle customer support when I spend less than 20 combined minutes on it each month.

As my business grows, I will undoubtedly find the need for a customer service person. That’s why every time I get an email, I document the problem in a folder and write the step-by-step procedures to solve it.

When someone is needed, I’ll be able to fill the position quickly and easily and I’m designing it so that even my mom could do the job – she’s retired and bored so she just might get hired.

Thank you for hours of my life back Source Control!


I think Sam’s Work The System is so good that I’ll personally refund you your money if you don’t say ‘holy crap that’s genius’ at least 20 times while reading it. You’ll probably hit that mark within the first 100 pages or so.

In Sam’s book he recommends you write General Operating Principles for your business and personal life. “The General Operating Principles as the guidelines for decision making for your business or your job (pg. 134).”

I took Sam’s advice and wrote up a complete list of life principles (I have 19 total right now) – many of which I follow already and some of which I’d like to consciously work on.

Just a couple examples :

  • #1: I ‘live uncomfortably.’
  • #5: When I talk with others I am present, in the moment and not multi-tasking.
  • #6: I religiously document measurable systems in my life. I keep workout journals, and when I desire to lose fat, I keep food logs. I write down successes and failures in relationship management.
  • #11: I eat high protein and healthy fat foods, many vegetables, some fruits, and I restrict the amount of carbohydrates to enter my body.

The other day I was admiring my body in the mirror. Yes I admit it.

I thought to myself, “Wow, I can really shape up fast when I want to. I must have a good system in place for that.” And it’s true, when I want to get in shape, I can do it relatively quickly. But a problem of mine is once I start traveling or don’t have a gym pass, I can revert pretty quickly as well.

I figure that the system was good but flawed. So I went to work analyzing why it’s flawed. I realized that while shaping up I don’t allow myself to ‘relax’ and, thus, when I’m done with it, I go a little wild and eat stuff I shouldn’t and don’t exercise as much as I should.

So now, I’ve built into the system a ‘release’. I follow the 90% rule, meaning, 90% of my meals and workouts are completed, but 10% of the time I can do whatever or cheat. I added the ‘operating principle’: “I follow the 90% rule and I take time each week to ‘relax’ and not worry about the systems I have in place.”

This addition has made my long term health systems much more operable and realistic to my lifestyle.

Thank you Work The System!

Buy Them Now

Go watch David interview Sam on and pick up a free copy of the digital version Work The System. Or if you want a hard copy go here on

Get Source Control here.

Don’t think about it – just go get these books. They’re awesome.