Announcing The Hollywood Physique Contest: Win $1,000

Hey, do you want to get into the best shape of your life AND win $1,000?

That should be a rhetorical question.

Here’s the scoop: I’m going to host a Hollywood Physique contest: the most **dramatic** 13 week transformation is going to take home $1,000. There are a few catches here, so read below to make sure you understand the rules and how this will work.

First, read about the Hollywood Physique here if you haven’t already: Hollywood Physique Review
Second, read more about my THP group mentoring here: THP Group Mentoring.

The Contest:

(Read carefully so we’re all on the same page)

1. This contest will be limited to those who signup for the Hollywood Physique mentoring group I’m putting together. So yes, you must pay to enter the contest (there’s a reason I’m doing it like this… see below).
2. I’m going to make this contest kind of like a Groupon deal. I need to fill my 10 group mentoring spots. If we hit 10, the contest is on. We already have 4 people signed up, so we need 6 more. I’ll update this page as signups come in.
3. If we don’t hit 10, then I’ll work out something with group members where they compete directly against me for cash prizes (so there’s nothing to lose by joining). And heck, if we don’t hit 10, I’ll refund your purchase if you want.
4. You must submit a photo to me this Monday February 20th.
5. You must submit a photo every Monday for 13 weeks. But, we will only judge the first photo against the last.
6. As a group we’ll judge the most **dramatic** transformation. It can be the most dramatic fat loss, or muscle shape change, or a combo of both. This way, everyone has an equal shot of winning.

If you win:

You’ll get $500 plus a refund for your group mentoring fee – for a possible $1,000 total value. Plus, you’ll be in crazy good shape! Win or lose you’re getting the value of the mentoring sessions coupled with the extreme effectiveness of THP.

Hollywood Physique Contest Purpose:

A. I’d like to fill all my group mentoring spots.
B. It’s simple human psychology: the more you pay for something the more likely you are to value and believe in it. This creates more commitment, and in our case, more dramatic results.

I think holding this contest is going to take the group mentoring benefits to the next level and create INSANE transformations. I believe as a group we’ll be hitting on a lot of important psychological triggers:

Paying, plus an accountability group, plus competition = powerful results.

To Join:

Simply signup below, submit your photos to me on Monday, and you’re in.

This is for serious applicants only. Please read the group mentoring post to see the requirements.

Included in the price, is access to the Hollywood Physique ($120). So that’s $38 per week ($500)


If you’ve already purchased the Hollywood Physique and want to join, use this button (must have proof of purchase). $29 per week ($380).


There are 10 0 more spots left until the contest is on.

The cut-off to sign up is on Sunday night, February 19th.

Why not join me for the contest, the mentoring group, and to get in phenomenal shape!?

Let’s do this.

Hacking Your Personal Appearance For Max Influence

influence hacksWe all want to attract MORE in our lives and to exert more influence. We want more money, more experiences, more good people (more magnets on our cars like the picture to the left).

To get MORE, you’ll hear this a lot: create value and people will give you more value back.

I LOVE this… I’d like the whole world to judge based on merit, on our work, on our VALUE to society.

But the sad reality is, most of the time we don’t place value on value.

  • People pirate stuff because they think they’re somehow entitled to it.
  • In our marketing-centric society, the best product don’t always win.
  • People are famous because they’re hot, not because they’ve done something valuable for society.
  • People idolize drunks, drug-addicts, and zero-value humans.

I’ve learned a lot about general influence principles in my time studying and implementing sales & marketing strategies and here’s what I’m discovering: people’s judgement (and assignment of value) is based more heavily on appearance & emotions than rational thought.

Look at any book on effective copywriting – they’ll tell you to sell to people’s emotions, not their rationality.

This creates a major problem for the PRODUCER.

If you create valuable shit, you should receive the most value back. But it doesn’t always happen. Marketing wins in most cases.

(If the world as a whole would THINK more rationally and rely less on emotions to dictate action, this wouldn’t be true.)

What To Do?

So what do you do if you want to get value back for your efforts? What if you’re not a super attractive dude? What if you chose to not be a mindless zombie who makes decisions based on emotions?

I’ve been struggling with this for awhile now.

I want to be judged on my work not on my superficial aspects.

I want to live in a world where people’s minds and rationality are KING, not their stupidity or emotionality.

I don’t want to live in a world of non-thinking drunks and sheep.

So I can either recede from the human race, retire my mind to the mountains, or I can fight back for the world of producers… but how without sacrificing my values and principles?

My Thoughts On Appearance Based Influence

I haven’t quite reached my definitive conclusion yet but here’s some thoughts I’m having:

  1. As long as you don’t tie your identity, self-esteem (value) to your appearance, then working on your looks is valuable. Tie your self-worth to your productive work. Take pride in the things you’ve created. Draw confidence from your mind and ability to THINK, not from your calf implants.
  2. Work on your appearance and influence in the world to move it forward. To further your productive work. To further your value to society. Paris Hilton isn’t pulling the world forward with her appearances. She’s setting us all back. Don’t do the same.

The #1 Personal Influence Hack

So if you want to move your productive work forward and influence others, yes I think you should work on your appearance.

And the number one place to start is with your body.

I’ve found that my physical appearance is the fastest superficial influence hack I have available. Certain clothing items come in at a close second, but having LOWER BODY FAT, and a bit of muscle, is where I start.

The thing about having lower body fat is that it directly effects your face shape. It seems like the first place people lose fat is in their face.

For a man, having a masculine face is crucial. You’re not always going to have your shirt off (unless you’re awesome and live in Thailand full-time).

Your face is what people will be looking at most of the time. And it’s no secret that a masculine man (and face), will exert more influence, and people will assign more respect to that man. There are countless studies on the benefits of being seen as attractive. Good looking people make more money and are seen as more trustworthy.

So, I think a more masculine face will land you more money and I even have some anecdotal evidence to back it up: Each time I’ve finished a round of the Hollywood Physique, I’ve pulled more money into my businesses.

Look at the difference in my face:


– Go out there, lose some fat, and build some muscle. Your face shape will change for the better.
– Exert more influence and attract MORE into your life.
– Use your increased influence & resources for GOOD and to pull the world forward… otherwise you’re just another MINDLESS SHEEP.

Want MAX Influence Via Your Body?

If you want to take your influence to the next level, I’m still accepting *value valuing* clients for the Hollywood Physique group coaching program. Click here for details.

photo credit: Chris Devers via photopin cc

How To Improve Your Speaking Voice For Sales

Having a strong, powerful voice is something I’ve always wanted but never worked towards achieving.

My articulation is sometimes sloppy. I often stutter over certain words, especially those with ‘R’s’ in them. I sometimes whistle my ‘sh’s’.

At the moment, I’m 2 weeks into my Powerful Speaking Voice Challenge using Bob Corff Speaker’s Voice Method as my guide. I’m coming away with a lot of interesting lessons, especially related to the voice and selling.

If you’re selling via spoken words in some capactiy, it would benefit you to work on your voice. A sure and steady voice is more believable and people buy from believable people. People buy from confident people. If your voice is shaky, you can still sell… just not as well.

I wanted to share a few take-aways from what I’m learning that you can begin using immediately to speak better and hopefully selling more.

Here Are The 3 Rules Of Good Vocal Production:

1. Bring your vocal chords together: You’ll know you’re doing this when your voice doesn’t sound breathy or raspy.
2. Placement: Most of the time your voice should be right in the ‘middle’. Not too high or nasly, and not too much from the chest. Add in chest speaking for emotional impact. If there’s a portion of your sales message that is emotional, speak lower, slower, and from the chest. This will give your voice a soft, warm, and ‘sensual’ tone.
3. Breath consistently through your diaphragm: You probably already know this one but it’s worth repeating – breath through your diaphragm. When breathing in, keep your upperchest high and still. Keep your shoulders down. And breath quietly and easily from the rib cage down. Your stomach should pooch out when you breath in.

* 5-10 minutes of deep breathing through the diapraghm before you record or speak with a prospect, will have a significant calming effect.

Authoritative Melody (or the Standard American Melody)

The proper way to speak with authority is to have your voice raise up for the first part of a sentence. The middle goes down, and the end is the furtherest down. So if you speak 5 words, your voice would go UP, DOWN, DOWN, DOWN, FURTHEST DOWN.

Going down in tone at the end of a sentence gives it a strong conclusion. Even questions can end going down. Listen to Barack speak for a good example of this.

Elongate The Vowel Sounds

People like elongated vowel speaking. Aim to hit quickly and clearly on the conisents, and lean on the vowels.

“Beauty of voice is in the vowel sound,” according to Corff.

photo credit: Matt Biddulph via photopin cc

Optimized Man Podcast Episode #01 – How To Get A Six Pack. Seriously.

Alright, this is the first episode of my new podcast. As you’ll notice I’ve changed the name up, from Sex, Money, Six Packs to the Optimized Man Podcast. I think the title is a little more fitting.

(I’m taking the ‘ready, fire, aim’ approach to podcasting so bear with me while I figure everything out. Right now I’m not up and running on iTunes. That’ll happen soon. For now, enjoy the podcast below and download the mp3 if you want it.)

Here’s what the Optimized Man Podcast is all about:

My goal with the podcast is to interview experts on different men’s lifestyle subjects.

Personally, I’m fascinated with subjects like dating, relationships, sex, wealth, travel, lifestyle design, health, muscle building, etc.

I’m always thinking about these things and trying to interact with others who are on the ‘self-improvement’ journey as well.

What I want to do is create a podcast where we talk about all these things. We’ll chose 1 subject at a time and learn tips and tricks for achieving success in that field.

I want you to learn a TON and walk away with actionable knowledge and/or methods for accelerating your success in life. Sounds cheesy on the surface but it wont be. This will be a no B.S. environment.

Podcast #01 – How To Get A Six Pack. Seriously.

In this first episode, I talk to Clay Rogers of the Hollywood Physique about getting a six pack. Seriously.

The episode is about what it REALLY takes to get a six pack. There’s no fluff, etc. We’re telling it ‘like it is’.

Why should you listen to Clay?

And here are my results from 100 days on Clay’s Hollywood Physique program:

The Episode:


>> Right click here to download the mp3

>> Click here to visit the Hollywood Physique and contact Clay.