Find Your Focus: Stress-Free Productivity For #Winners

I have something powerful that you should add to your daily productivity systems.

Picture yourself…

…grabbing coffee, sitting down to work, and immediately getting down to business. No time wasting. No going down rabbit holes. Just solid, productive work that leaves you satisfied and gives you a sense of accomplishment.

Imagine getting more done in an hour and a half than most people get done in a whole day… Then, being able to fully relax and enjoy your down time.

Friends, this is no fairy-tale.

This serene state of existence is real.

I’ve been personally experiencing it thanks to Zach Browman’s Find Your Focus system.

(I had a longer video up…almost 20 minutes describing Zach’s system and how I’m using it but my friends (*cough* Sean Ogle) told me it was SUPER boring so I took it down. They told me to just send you to Zach’s video because it does a really good job of selling you on it, so that’s what I’ll do.)

(I tried to find the best screenshot of Zach that I could… I think I accomplished that. Haha)

You can check his video out here: Find Your Focus Video

I’ll say this.

I’m like any other entrepreneur or small businessman I know: I’m always looking for that extra edge. I’d love to spend less time at the computer and more time outside of the online world living my life. But procrastination forces me back into the online world and keeps me chained to my desk… not by someone else like a boss, but by my own mind and guilt for not getting stuff done.

Many times when I’m away from my computer I can’t fully relax… that is until I found Find Your Focus.

You’ll see once you have FYF that Zach probably has very similar productivity reading lists to yours… but he’s taken things to a new level with it… he’s gone deep in to psychology… and what he’s created is elegant.

Admittedly when I first heard about FYF I was skeptical as shit. Zach’s in a marketing mastermind that I belong to and when he told us about his product I was thinking, “yeah right man”. Or, more correctly… “This will be for everyone else. It’s not for me. I know all the productivity B.S. and it’s just that… B.S.”

But then I watched his video…

And dammit, I watched the whole thing… which doesn’t really happen to me anymore. He hooked me in. I literally procrastinated on doing other things so I could watch the video (which turned out to be a good decision in this case).

So I got the product from Zach expecting to learn some new tricks. And I did. I learned a bunch of new stuff I’d never heard before. And he meshed it all with the old tactics I knew. I was thinking it was going to be same old same old for me. I’d implement his techniques for a few days and then that would be it. I’d go back to my old ways and bad habits.

It always seems to happen. You get the next shiny object, you get pumped on it for awhile… and then bam… back to reality.

Well I’ve fallen off the wagon a few times, but I continually come back to Find Your Focus.

It’s too rewarding NOT to come back to it.

And that’s a big point of the program… being rewarded for being productive. (Most other people are trying to punish themselves to be more productive… which is a bad idea.)

Just go watch the video if you feel like you procrastinate at times.

It’s an awesome program and Zach is a great guy. I wish I would have a) had this product years ago and b) created it.

Trust me, when you join FYF you’ll feel you belong to a “secret” club of uber-hustlers. You’ll look around at all the other procrastinators and scoff! “If they only knew…”

>> Watch Zach’s video and learn about 4 productivity killing mistakes:

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Hacking The High Life Video Review With Sean Ogle

Sean Ogle is releasing his new membership site, Hacking the High Life today. Hacking the High Life shows you how to get ridiculous deals and live a luxurious lifestyle on a backpacker’s budget.

I got a chance to sit down with Sean in Playa del Carmen, Mexico to film a quick Hacking the High Life review and overview.

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How To Have ‘Faster-Than-Normal’ Success

Here’s a recent note I sent to Copy Hour members as part of an email assignment.

Now, as regular human folk, we’re fascinated
with FAST success – with xtreme results. We
love to hear about accelerated, quicker-than-
normal success… because we want it for

At the same time, our logical brain knows that
success doesn’t come easy. There’s hard work
involved in getting anything we want.

But, I’m beginning to see (and I’ve
experienced this myself before) that small
improvements in different aspects of your
life, can combine and dramatically multiply
overall success.

Stay with me for a second.

Since starting Copy Hour, I’ve had a number
of ‘breakthroughs’. My marketing strategy
& knowledge has increased dramatically.

But let’s say I’ve had a knowledge increase
of 5%.

5% isn’t a huge increase overall.

But, now, let’s say at the same time, I take
some diet & fitness recommendations, and start
a regime while doing Copy Hour.

My fitness improves by 5% as well (whatever
that would mean: more muscle, less fat, more
endurance, etc.).

And let’s say I take Derek’s recommendation
and buy “How To Win Friends & Influence

Now my relationships with people improve by

Doing these things in combination (even if
the individual parts only see slight
improvement), is what leads to MULTIPLIED
and MASSIVE results.

It’s not just a 5% improvement in these
respective areas of your life.

It’s multiplied.

It’s 5 x 5 x 5. It’s 125% (or 25%) better

Your improved fitness helps you be more
productive. Your relationships are less
stressfu so your mind is free to think more
clearly. You build a new relationship that
explodes your business.

The combinations are endless.

Making small improvements to different areas
of your life — all at once — is the
accelerator we’re looking for.

What do you think? Pretty powerful, yes?

>> Click here to read more about Copy Hour

Are You Getting The Credit You Deserve?

One of my new rituals is sitting down with my post-workout meal and studying mid-day infomercials.

I love it.

A couple days ago an ‘Insanity’ infomercial came on. ‘Insanity’ is ‘hardcore’ body weight workout program. They promise insane results to those who give insane effort.

So I’m sitting there watching and up pops the face of someone who looked familiar. I thought I recognized him from the The Hollywood Physique forum.

Then they showed his before/after shot.

I was shocked.

He was definitely a THP member.

His before picture was the same one he posted in the THP forum.


I’m not sure I have all the information, but from what I’ve gathered, this guy saw INSANE results on the Hollywood Physique. It’s documented — there are progressive sets of pictures (taken every Sunday), clearly showing his progress.

Then this guy went on to do Insanity and he thought his results went a bit further (in actuality, I think he looked better in his THP after shots before Insanity).

Here’s a dude on national television, providing his testimonial for a product (Insanity) that wasn’t what gave him the results.

The REAL results came on Clay’s Hollywood Physique

There’s no real motive behind this post and I’m not mad at this guy or anything. 

Here’s the point:

Unless he was motivated by ‘fame’ or being on TV… AND, assuming there’s nothing fishy going on… he attributed his RESULTS to the wrong product.

And all of us do this ALL THE TIME.

We fail to really understand where our results come from, and our failures.

I’ve been doing a tiny bit of experimentation with my diet over the past 3 weeks. And I noticed some interesting results (more to come later).

I caught myself thinking, “Wow, this new experiment is working like gang busters.”

In a way, it is. But the truth is, 80-90% of my workout results thus far can be attributed to the Hollywood Physique.

I’d be lying to myself, if I said otherwise.

The same goes for failures. We often accuse or blame products (especially information products) for our failures when there are a host of other variables at work.

On the flip side, when results come we tend to think of them as coming out of nowhere. If you suddenly have a business breakthrough, it doesn’t mean that all the previous teachers, products or things you learned in the past are irrelevant in comparison to the ‘latest’ thing you were using. We can partially thank advertisers for these thoughts, but the point remains: THINK before you fully ATTRIBUTE. And dammit, give Clay his due for creating the best results-oriented muscle building product around.

The 6k System For Attracting Millions & Models

I’m developing a new 6-step process for writing copy over at the Copy Hour challenge. This system applies just as much to copywriting and business as it does to attracting the opposite sex.

Here it is:

  1. Know your audience.
  2. Know your audience.
  3. Know your product.
  4. Know sales psychology.
  5. Know it takes work.
  6. Know your bank account number so you can deposit checks.

I’m slightly kidding with this list, but I do think it’s valid.

1. Know Your audience.

Whether it be a potential client or certain type of woman, you have to know that person inside and out. What they want, what they’re looking for, what turns them on, what turns them off, what’s their past behavior, what products/men do they go for?

2. Know Your Audience

Seriously it’s the hardest part. Know your audience and the rest is fairly easy.

3. Know Your Product

Who are you… really? Read my post about types. Know EXACTLY what your product does for people. What your audience finds attractive about it. Enhance those features, show them off, hammer in the benefits. Fix the flaws.

4. Know Human Psychology

Beyond just your audience’s ‘type’, humans generally respond to certain universal triggers. Read the book ‘Influence’ for starters. Read anything you can on human psychology. More importantly interact, think, and study.

5. Know It Takes Work

Once you accept that it’s going to be difficult (and you will need to sacrifice almost EVERYTHING) to make millions and mate with models, it’s easy.

6. Know Your Bank Account Number And Home Address

Know where to deposit the checks. Know how to take the babes home.

WARNING: Last Call

I was going to write a cleverly spun blog post today. I was going to provide a ton of value upfront before I asked you for anything. I was going to try to get you excited to join me at this weekend… but I’ve decided against that.

I’ll just come out and say it: Join CopyHour.

If you read my blog you’re likely interested in self-improvement and/or men’s lifestyle topics.

And, you likely want to start a small business of your own.

Don’t be one of those people who wants something but then wont do anything about it. That’ll just lead to EXTREME unhappiness.

Copywriting is a needed skill. If you can’t understand that… you’re beyond hope.

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The Biggest ‘Thing’ That’s Enabled (& Ironically Stalled) My Freedom Over The Past 4 Years…

  • What’s the ‘thing’ that’s enabled me to build a couple successful businesses and travel the world in the process?
  • What’s the ‘thing’ that’s also held me back from taking my businesses, income, and subsequently, my freedom, to the next level?


Sales letters.


When I returned from 8 months of traveling through South America a few years back I was faced with a choice. Get a job, or leverage the skills I’d developed and create a small business.

I decided to write an eBook for James Bond fans and build a small business around it.

I put a lot of effort into that ebook it and it was pretty damn good.

But the best products don’t market themselves in the beginning… especially when you don’t have an established audience.

So what I’d do?

I wrote a sales letter.

I spent weeks on that first letter. I studied all the copywriting resources I could, and forced out a sales letter.

And you know what? It converted at right about 1% to ‘cold traffic’.

I started making sales and overtime, I built up enough customers, and a big enough back-end of product offerings, to have a tiny but profitable business.

Obviously, there were many factors that determine the success of a business venture… but none are more immediately impactful than a converting sales letter in my opinion.

Nothing else can enable your freedom more quickly.

A good sales letter works for you 24/7/365.

A good sales letter lets focus on other things — developing other products or traveling if you want.

I believe one of the greatest skills a business owner can posses is the ability to communicate effectively. To communicate the value of their products or services. And this is exactly what a well written sales letter does.

Now, I also believe that sales letters have held me back from achieving my goals.

How so?

Since writing that first letter I’ve gone on to write other sales messages that have pulled in over 10k in a few hours. Another did 25k over the course of a few days. I’ve written single blog posts that have pulled in 1-2k a month consistently for years.

BUT, I’ve never actually taken my writing abilities to the NEXT LEVEL. AND, I certainly don’t write enough of them!

I haven’t gone deep and really spent the time I know I need to spend. I’ve simply procrastinated. My copywriting skills have stalled & stagnated. And it’s no surprise that my freedom has been limited because of it.

I want to write more. I want to write better. I want more freedom. I want more money and abundance in my life.

That’s why I’m taking the time to go deep an hour a day and work on honing my copywriting skills.

If you want to join me on this journey, visit my site and signup.

– Derek


Anatomy Of A Successful Physique Transformation

Let me show you the simplest and fastest way to a WINNING physique transformation…

Read that again. Simple & fast… Not EASY.

(Before you continue, make sure you read my notes on physical appearances, whether or not they’re important, and how they can be used.)

Now, before you learn the HOW & WHAT of transforming, I’m going to show you the WHY. I’ll deconstruct WHY certain physique transformations are successful and why most fail. And when you see WHY I have succeeded (and WHY many others who followed a similar system succeeded), you’ll be armed for your own massive success during the HOW.

Here are the things that will make your transformation successful. I’ll illustrate each point with my own successful transformation.

(You’ll notice that these points closely match this self-improvement video post.)

Have A Mission

Set a VERY SPECIFIC GOAL (including a REAL DEADLINE) with a COMPELLING REASON for achieving that goal.

During my last transformation, my goal was specifically to look as good (be as lean & muscular) as Justin Timberlake was in the movie ‘Friends With Benefits’ by January 1st (Exactly 91 days). Embarrassing fucking goal? Yes. Definitely. But specific? Very.

Did I get there? I think so. Am I as talented and good looking as JT…debatable.

justin timberlake friends with benefits

hollywood physique

Your goal can’t be loose, ie “I’d like to get toned.” or “I’d like to lose my belly fat.”

Go deep amigos. Get uber specific.

My recommendation is to pick a picture of someone you’d like to look like, and aim for a similar physique.

Then place a deadline on that goal – if you’re using a workout program it’ll likely be split up into 1-3 month time periods so the deadlines are nicely set for you. Even better is to have a beach vacation or trip or special occasion in mind. Events seem to increase motivation because you’ll be ‘on display’ and under scrutiny of the world.

Now, IMPORTANTLY, you have to have a compelling reason for your goal.

Some compelling reasons:

  • Sex
  • Avoiding pain and rejection
  • Not dying
  • Money (up to a certain amount)
  • Sex

Often times ‘health’ just isn’t enough (especially if you’re young). There’s got to be some greed and/or vanity to make it compelling enough.

My compelling reasons were monetary and for vanity reasons. I knew that if I had a great transformation, I could help others do the same and make referral commissions. So in a way, I depended on the transformation to put food in my mouth. Pretty serious motivation, right? I also wanted to optimize my physical appearance for influence and power reasons.

These are some compelling reasons to get me off my ass! MONEY & POWER.

Gotta Have A Plan

Now you need a definitive plan. It has to be detailed and specific. It has to be written out and clearly referenced.

You need a workout program.

Find yourself a workout program that is going to get you to your desired result (that picture you found). Don’t take advice from people you don’t want to look like. If you want to look like Ronnie Coleman, then listen to his advice and slam roids… but if you don’t want that body, tune him out.

Pay For That Plan

“If you don’t pay, you don’t pay attention.” – Joe Polish

This might be controversial: You need a plan and you need to pay for it. You need to slap down some dough. I’m not telling you this to sell you on The Hollywood Physique. I’m telling you about human nature.

How many free ebooks do you have sitting on your computer that have never been read? How often do you follow the specific advice in my free blog posts?

My guess… not often.

How many people have succeeded on THP who didn’t PAY for entry? Exactly ZERO. The most dramatic transformations have come from the buyers.

If you pay for something you’ll value it more.

This is why you shouldn’t pirate stuff either, but that’s the topic of another blog post.

Know Yourself

Make sure to list out your flaws & install safeguards.

The program you chose should address your physical flaws.

But you should also think about any mental ‘flaws’ that might hold you back. Any foods that might tempt you. Any social events that might be tough to manage. List out everything that might prevent you from achieving your goal.

Now put safeguards in place to make sure you don’t cheat. Often, this can just be the ‘principles’ laid out in your workout/diet program.

You might need to develop your own, firm, principles: I can only eat X, Y, Z… NOTHING ELSE.

Public Accountability

Now you have to tell people about your goal. But chose wisely. Don’t allow people to give you props for just having a goal. How sad is this world that people who have goals are automatically seen as more awesome people?

Tell friends (probably not family) about what you’re going to do. If you can post to a forum that’s even better.

Take your shirt off and put yourself out there.

My example: I had Man Challenges.

To Recap

So here it is:

  1. Have a mission: A specific goal.
  2. Have a compelling reason for getting the body you want. Making an ex girlfriend jealous will suffice.
  3. Have a deadline for that goal.
  4. Have a definitive, clear plan in place.
  5. Pay for the plan if possible.
  6. List out your ‘flaws’ and install safeguards (often just SOLID principles).
  7. Hold yourself publicly accountable.
Now go do it!
– Derek
PS. If you need help choosing a workout plan, hit me up on the contact form and tell me about yourself including previous experience, and I’ll make some recommendations.

And for obvious reasons, I think the best choice for you, loyal reader, is the Hollywood Physique.

End Of Powerful Speaking Voice Challenge

Today marks the end of my Powerful Speaking Voice Challenge using Bob Corff’s Speaker’s Voice Method program (30 minutes every day).

Listen to the audio below to hear my thoughts on the challenge and I’ll tell you how I failed to complete many of the challenge’s specifications.

I’m a bit disappointed in my follow-through on this challenge, especially considering how much easier it should have been to complete than the Hollywood Physique challenge. I have plenty of excuses for failing on this challenge – my Mexico & Cuba vacation for one – but the reality is, I HAVE to be better.

I do believe that my speaking voice has improved during these past 2 months… but I also know that the results could have been much more dramatic.

Listen to the audio to hear more:


In the audio I mention this post on improving your speaking voice for sales.

Do You Want To Create An Information Product?

Hype! Create an information product and never work a day in your life again! Scams! Retire to a beach with easy infoproduct money!



Today is a pretty cool day – Sean Ogle has just released the 12th entrepreneur blueprint inside his Location Rebel course. You might have read my Location Rebel review before. It’s a damn solid product with a big growing community of entrepreneurs trying to hustle to create location independent businesses for themselves.

Anyway, Sean and I worked together to create the latest blueprint: How to create information products.

We actually put the finishing touches on it while we were in Mexico… a few days after getting back from Cuba (see picture below)!

Look creating (semi)passive income through information products ain’t easy… but it’s possible. The 2 guys to my right in that picture are producing full-time incomes (and then some) with their information products.

Can you create one yourself?


If you’ve consider creating an information product listen up:

The process behind launching an info product can be extremely overwhelming and Sean and I want to help if you’re interested.

We’re going to take on some clients via application process, and walk them through every single step of the information product creation process. From selecting the perfect niche, to creating sales copy, to all of the technical aspects of setting it up. For a select few, we will help them with EVERYTHING.

If you’ve been thinking about creating a some (semi)passive income or just online income at all… do yourself a solid, check out Sean’s latest post, and fill out the application form.

>> Read Sean’s blog post and apply here.