How Maneesh Sethi Wrote The Infamous “Craigslist Slapper” Article – And How You Can Use The Same Principles To Get Massive Traffic & Close More Sales

Alright, it might not technically be “infamous”, but blogger Maneesh Sethi recently wrote an article titled, “Why I Hired A Girl On Craigslist To Slap Me In the Face – And Why It Quadrupled My Productivity”.

On last check that article has almost 8,000 Facebook shares and has been Tweeted close to 2,000 times. Plus, the story has been mentioned dozens of times in mainstream media outlets (you’ll have to check with Maneesh for the exact numbers). I was back home in California a few weeks ago, casually listening to the radio, when a teaser popped up for Maneesh’s story.

How’d Maneesh do it?

That’s a question I’ll be asking him on a webinar we’re doing this Thursday, January 31st at 3:00pm PST / 6:00pm EST.

I want to know the reasons why he wrote: “Why I Hired A Girl On Craiglist To Slap Me…” instead of “Why I Hired A Girl To Slap Me…”.

Beyond those questions, Maneesh and I are going to talk about what we think are the best & fastest ways to learn copywriting, and we’ll talk about any of secret-sauce strategies we have for driving traffic and closing sales.

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Hacking The High Life Video Review With Sean Ogle

Sean Ogle is releasing his new membership site, Hacking the High Life today. Hacking the High Life shows you how to get ridiculous deals and live a luxurious lifestyle on a backpacker’s budget.

I got a chance to sit down with Sean in Playa del Carmen, Mexico to film a quick Hacking the High Life review and overview.

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Optimized Man Podcast #05 – How To ‘Preserve Your Sexy’ While Working Long Hours At A Computer

A few weeks ago I got an email from Optimized Man podcast listener Devin. This is what he wrote:

A lot of people suffer from poor posture i.e., “forward head posture”… especially those of us who spend hours in front of the computer for work etc. I think a great subject for the Optimized Man would be correcting poor posture-especially forward head posture, which afflicts so many otherwise healthy men. An outline plan (something measurable) to correct bad posture-especially with the neck- would help your readers look more confident and prevent future health problems.

Well podcast listeners, ask and you shall receive…

I instantly thought of Rob Brinded of Code of the Natural. I’d purchased Rob’s body language ebook in the past, and he’s trained with the best in the world in conditioning, holistic health, and movement science. And it’s the study of ‘movement’ that brings Rob here today because in this podcast episode we’re going to talk about fixing bad posture.

(Rob is the dude furthest to left at the bottom)
I feel like this was one of the better Optimized Man podcast episodes thus far. Some highlights include:
  • The best stretching exercises to correct poor posture associated with working at a computer all day.
  • Why sitting all day is making your ‘Fear muscle’ tight.
  • Why you need to relax your eyes (and why looking into wide-open spaces is good). Also, why the boss with the with a good view is healthier than you are.
  • How a tennis ball will forever change your life.
  • The infamous ‘yoga pants problem’.
  • How and why you need to use the Pomodoro technique to stay healthy and productive.
  • Why ‘faking it till you make it’ with your body language is making you look creepy.
>> I highly recommend Rob’s ebook – Click here for the Code of the Natural.


Optimized Man Podcast #04 – How To Start An Ecommerce Business

I’m back in Playa del Carmen, Mexico after a top-secret mini-vacation I’ll reveal later. I’m now joined by a few other smart, motivated, entrepreneurs. Playa has been a great spot to sneak away from winter in the USA.

In this podcast episode I talk to Dan Andrews of the Lifestyle Business Podcast. Dan is one of my favorite bloggers at the moment. I can’t get enough of his writing and his podcasts. The dude is an incredibly smart businessman doing awesome things.

  • His ecommerce businesses pulled in over a million dollars last year.
  • Dan spends most of time living in Bali and South East Asia.
  • Dan tells it like is and regularly blows people’s minds.

If you’ve ever wanted to know how to start an ecommerce store and business, this podcast is for you.

I ask Dan how he’d setup an ecommerce store selling ‘fake baby bumps’ (haha – yeah buddy). We cover market research all the way to long-term marketing strategies.

This is a fun one – go learn how to start an ecommerce store:


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And seriously, go check out Dan’s podcast here:

Optimized Man Podcast #03 – Optimal Information Publishing

Hola from Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

In the Optimized Man podcast episode #3 I talk to Greg Rollett of about information publishing. Greg Rollett and his partners at the The ProductPros, have marketed and sold over $1 Billion in products and services. NICE!

If you have some expertise that you think you could turn into an information product, then you wont want to miss this episode.

We talk about:

  • Greg’s 4-step webinar system (that’s seriously easy to use) that can help you get a product up and onto the market relatively fast.
  • The mechanics of why info products are great for producing ‘passive income’. (And even if it’s not passive (because nothing truly is), it’s still a great way to free yourself from a location dependent job).
  • The ideal info products to go after and how to narrow a niche so you can dominate.

Listen to the episode below:


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>> Connect with Greg here: The Product Pros

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Optimized Man Podcast Episode #02 – Optimized Sex

Hey everyone, I’m really excited about this short podcast episode. I talked with internationally famous sexpert, Jaiya.

Jaiya is an award-winning sexologist, she’s the author of Red Hot Touch, and the founder of New World Sex Education. She’s been blowing up everywhere, giving sex advice on Good Morning America, Nightline, The Anderson Cooper Show, The Tyra Banks Show, TLC, CNN and Playboy TV.

In the podcast we talk about:

  • How to cope with a stressful job and remain sexually energized.
  • Optimized sexual positions leading to increased pleasure for both partners.
  • Jaiya’s famous ‘Triple Treat’ technique for giving women mind-blowing orgasms.

Oh yes.

Listen to the episode below:


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>> Connect with Jaiya here: Sex Is You

>> To learn more about the Triple Treat: Visit Red Hot Touch

I’m embarking on the journey to ‘Optimized Sex’ myself. Join my confidential ‘Optimized Sex for Men’ e-Newsletter by filling out the form below and I’ll send you updates on new discoveries I’m making.

A few things I’ll be discussing and researching:

  • The best natural supplements and foods to eat to increase sex drive, stamina, and health.
  • The best sexual techniques, methods, and positions for increased sexual pleasure.

So if you’d like to learn more about optimizing your sex life (always a fun and enjoyable idea), join the e-Newsletter below. (All messages will be discrete and confidential).


Optimized Man Podcast Episode #01 – How To Get A Six Pack. Seriously.

Alright, this is the first episode of my new podcast. As you’ll notice I’ve changed the name up, from Sex, Money, Six Packs to the Optimized Man Podcast. I think the title is a little more fitting.

(I’m taking the ‘ready, fire, aim’ approach to podcasting so bear with me while I figure everything out. Right now I’m not up and running on iTunes. That’ll happen soon. For now, enjoy the podcast below and download the mp3 if you want it.)

Here’s what the Optimized Man Podcast is all about:

My goal with the podcast is to interview experts on different men’s lifestyle subjects.

Personally, I’m fascinated with subjects like dating, relationships, sex, wealth, travel, lifestyle design, health, muscle building, etc.

I’m always thinking about these things and trying to interact with others who are on the ‘self-improvement’ journey as well.

What I want to do is create a podcast where we talk about all these things. We’ll chose 1 subject at a time and learn tips and tricks for achieving success in that field.

I want you to learn a TON and walk away with actionable knowledge and/or methods for accelerating your success in life. Sounds cheesy on the surface but it wont be. This will be a no B.S. environment.

Podcast #01 – How To Get A Six Pack. Seriously.

In this first episode, I talk to Clay Rogers of the Hollywood Physique about getting a six pack. Seriously.

The episode is about what it REALLY takes to get a six pack. There’s no fluff, etc. We’re telling it ‘like it is’.

Why should you listen to Clay?

And here are my results from 100 days on Clay’s Hollywood Physique program:

The Episode:


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>> Click here to visit the Hollywood Physique and contact Clay.