8 Major Problems With Your Workout Program (& Quick-Fixes)

Hey fellas,

Today I’ll give you my opinion on why your workout program isn’t giving you the results you want… why it’s not taking you ALL THE WAY to your desired body.

This isn’t meant to be the ‘end all, be all’ advice for proper dieting and exercising. It’s meant to stir some thought and give you some ideas on what could be holding you back from getting all torn up from the floor up (if that’s the saying). I’ll give you insight into what’s preventing you from taking it all the way to the next level.

1. Too Much Wiggle Room

A lot of workout programs are written to appeal to a wide audience. The authors want to make sure that they give people the greatest chance of succeeding and sticking to the program, and this usually means letting some stuff slide (particularly dietary requirements).

The result is higher rates of adherence to the program and physical results coming slowly. But the major improvements don’t come as fast as they should, and the ‘next level’ never comes.

The Anabolic Diet and Tim Ferriss’ slow carb diet are great examples of this. Go on either of those diets for the first time, and you’ll start seeing some really good results. But both of those diets allow for WAY too much wiggle room. I can almost guarantee that your results will level off and stall.

2. Too Much Science**

** I say  ‘too much science’ with hesitance. It’s like saying, ‘too much truth’, or ‘too much more right-ness’.

The problem is that the results of the scientific studies fitness pros base their advice on are usually way too controlled to repeat in the average lifter.

(You might also like to know that some scientific studies are funded by supplement companies.)

The amount of intensity used in the studies is rarely, if ever, described well enough.

Here’s the deal… the DIETS of many programs rely on the science, and tell you to consume millions of calories, but then fail to get across the science of exactly how much INTENSITY is needed in the gym.

And, we end up thinking that we should be scarfing down insane amounts of carbs, eating whey protein powder by the bucket, and so on.

3. Not Enough Whole Foods

Whole foods will get you 10x the results as the synthetic stuff. Nuff said.

The times when I’ve tried to lose fat and was jamming down protein shakes, the results have been piss-poor in comparison to when I ate whole foods.

This means WHOLE EGGS. None of that pussy egg white B.S.

The body simply doesn’t digest ‘fake’ food as well as real, whole foods.

And the biggest sin of all? Most diets pay no attention to digestion. If your body isn’t processing the food you’re giving it, then you’ll get fat.

4. Way Too Many Carbs.

For the guy who’s not seeing the fat loss results he wants, I can almost guarantee he’s eating way too many carbs.

You don’t need a giant carb meal after a workout.

You don’t need a pre, during, and post workout protein shake with 60 grams of dextrose in it… like I used to pound down. Eat some steak and eggs.

You don’t need a whole weekend or even a whole day to ‘restore glycogen’. You probably only need 1 hour.

5. The Program Assumes INSANE Intensity (Which Is Awesome) But People Don’ Understand What It Takes.

This was illustrated above but it needs its own bullet point.

You’re likely NOT going hard enough in the gym.

If you’re not ‘feeling’ it in your muscles you’re doing it wrong. If you work your shoulders and don’t walk out of the gym unable to take your shirt off without some difficulty, you’re probably not going hard enough… you just ‘warmed’ up.

Other thoughts on intensity:

  • Way too much rest time between sets.
  • Way too much time in the gym. 1 hr is overkill, people burn out. You don’t need marathon sessions in the gym. In fact, I’d say that if you’re going over 40 minutes, you’re resting too much and wasting your time. The problem here is that most people’s intensity isn’t high enough during a workout under 30 minutes, so staying longer will help get the needed work in.

6. The ‘No Direct Bicep’ Work Mantra & The ‘Culture Of Wheels’

I call bull-shit.

I used to follow this lame-ass advice and what I’d end up with? Horrible bicep size. Fat thighs, and a body nobody cared about. (I’m sure there’s also a correlation to some of the other bullets here – ie poor intensity – but the point remains.)

For the average lifter, who gives a shit about the size of the legs? Yes, work your legs hard. Do heavy squats, do deadlifts. I personally really enjoy these exercises to get the sweat going and work my abs. But, you should be working your biceps if you want them to grow.

I think ‘no bicep’ work is harmful advice for a lot of guys.

Which leads me to the final point:

7. The Programs Have No SPECIFIC End Result In Mind

This is a huge one. A lot of times we follow workout programs that are just designed to put on X amount of muscle. Most of the time that just means an extra 5 lbs of muscle on our thighs (and a lot of fat before the ‘cut’).

What’s the point?

This is what leads a lot of guys to be seen as ‘gym rats’ but then with their shirts off no one can even tell they work out.

It’s a shame.

BONUS 8. Nuts Suck.

I’ll throw in this one because it’s fun.

Nuts are healthy in moderation. People overeat them, guaranteed. If you’re on a diet, don’t touch them.

Here’s what to do now:

Email me using this contact form or on tweet @DJohanson if you need a recommendation on a diet/exercise program other than the Hollywood Physique, which is what I shamelessly recommend for anyone who has some experience in the gym.


Anatomy Of A Successful Physique Transformation

Let me show you the simplest and fastest way to a WINNING physique transformation…

Read that again. Simple & fast… Not EASY.

(Before you continue, make sure you read my notes on physical appearances, whether or not they’re important, and how they can be used.)

Now, before you learn the HOW & WHAT of transforming, I’m going to show you the WHY. I’ll deconstruct WHY certain physique transformations are successful and why most fail. And when you see WHY I have succeeded (and WHY many others who followed a similar system succeeded), you’ll be armed for your own massive success during the HOW.

Here are the things that will make your transformation successful. I’ll illustrate each point with my own successful transformation.

(You’ll notice that these points closely match this self-improvement video post.)

Have A Mission

Set a VERY SPECIFIC GOAL (including a REAL DEADLINE) with a COMPELLING REASON for achieving that goal.

During my last transformation, my goal was specifically to look as good (be as lean & muscular) as Justin Timberlake was in the movie ‘Friends With Benefits’ by January 1st (Exactly 91 days). Embarrassing fucking goal? Yes. Definitely. But specific? Very.

Did I get there? I think so. Am I as talented and good looking as JT…debatable.

justin timberlake friends with benefits

hollywood physique

Your goal can’t be loose, ie “I’d like to get toned.” or “I’d like to lose my belly fat.”

Go deep amigos. Get uber specific.

My recommendation is to pick a picture of someone you’d like to look like, and aim for a similar physique.

Then place a deadline on that goal – if you’re using a workout program it’ll likely be split up into 1-3 month time periods so the deadlines are nicely set for you. Even better is to have a beach vacation or trip or special occasion in mind. Events seem to increase motivation because you’ll be ‘on display’ and under scrutiny of the world.

Now, IMPORTANTLY, you have to have a compelling reason for your goal.

Some compelling reasons:

  • Sex
  • Avoiding pain and rejection
  • Not dying
  • Money (up to a certain amount)
  • Sex

Often times ‘health’ just isn’t enough (especially if you’re young). There’s got to be some greed and/or vanity to make it compelling enough.

My compelling reasons were monetary and for vanity reasons. I knew that if I had a great transformation, I could help others do the same and make referral commissions. So in a way, I depended on the transformation to put food in my mouth. Pretty serious motivation, right? I also wanted to optimize my physical appearance for influence and power reasons.

These are some compelling reasons to get me off my ass! MONEY & POWER.

Gotta Have A Plan

Now you need a definitive plan. It has to be detailed and specific. It has to be written out and clearly referenced.

You need a workout program.

Find yourself a workout program that is going to get you to your desired result (that picture you found). Don’t take advice from people you don’t want to look like. If you want to look like Ronnie Coleman, then listen to his advice and slam roids… but if you don’t want that body, tune him out.

Pay For That Plan

“If you don’t pay, you don’t pay attention.” – Joe Polish

This might be controversial: You need a plan and you need to pay for it. You need to slap down some dough. I’m not telling you this to sell you on The Hollywood Physique. I’m telling you about human nature.

How many free ebooks do you have sitting on your computer that have never been read? How often do you follow the specific advice in my free blog posts?

My guess… not often.

How many people have succeeded on THP who didn’t PAY for entry? Exactly ZERO. The most dramatic transformations have come from the buyers.

If you pay for something you’ll value it more.

This is why you shouldn’t pirate stuff either, but that’s the topic of another blog post.

Know Yourself

Make sure to list out your flaws & install safeguards.

The program you chose should address your physical flaws.

But you should also think about any mental ‘flaws’ that might hold you back. Any foods that might tempt you. Any social events that might be tough to manage. List out everything that might prevent you from achieving your goal.

Now put safeguards in place to make sure you don’t cheat. Often, this can just be the ‘principles’ laid out in your workout/diet program.

You might need to develop your own, firm, principles: I can only eat X, Y, Z… NOTHING ELSE.

Public Accountability

Now you have to tell people about your goal. But chose wisely. Don’t allow people to give you props for just having a goal. How sad is this world that people who have goals are automatically seen as more awesome people?

Tell friends (probably not family) about what you’re going to do. If you can post to a forum that’s even better.

Take your shirt off and put yourself out there.

My example: I had Man Challenges.

To Recap

So here it is:

  1. Have a mission: A specific goal.
  2. Have a compelling reason for getting the body you want. Making an ex girlfriend jealous will suffice.
  3. Have a deadline for that goal.
  4. Have a definitive, clear plan in place.
  5. Pay for the plan if possible.
  6. List out your ‘flaws’ and install safeguards (often just SOLID principles).
  7. Hold yourself publicly accountable.
Now go do it!
– Derek
PS. If you need help choosing a workout plan, hit me up on the contact form and tell me about yourself including previous experience, and I’ll make some recommendations.

And for obvious reasons, I think the best choice for you, loyal reader, is the Hollywood Physique.

Announcing The Hollywood Physique Contest: Win $1,000

Hey, do you want to get into the best shape of your life AND win $1,000?

That should be a rhetorical question.

Here’s the scoop: I’m going to host a Hollywood Physique contest: the most **dramatic** 13 week transformation is going to take home $1,000. There are a few catches here, so read below to make sure you understand the rules and how this will work.

First, read about the Hollywood Physique here if you haven’t already: Hollywood Physique Review
Second, read more about my THP group mentoring here: THP Group Mentoring.

The Contest:

(Read carefully so we’re all on the same page)

1. This contest will be limited to those who signup for the Hollywood Physique mentoring group I’m putting together. So yes, you must pay to enter the contest (there’s a reason I’m doing it like this… see below).
2. I’m going to make this contest kind of like a Groupon deal. I need to fill my 10 group mentoring spots. If we hit 10, the contest is on. We already have 4 people signed up, so we need 6 more. I’ll update this page as signups come in.
3. If we don’t hit 10, then I’ll work out something with group members where they compete directly against me for cash prizes (so there’s nothing to lose by joining). And heck, if we don’t hit 10, I’ll refund your purchase if you want.
4. You must submit a photo to me this Monday February 20th.
5. You must submit a photo every Monday for 13 weeks. But, we will only judge the first photo against the last.
6. As a group we’ll judge the most **dramatic** transformation. It can be the most dramatic fat loss, or muscle shape change, or a combo of both. This way, everyone has an equal shot of winning.

If you win:

You’ll get $500 plus a refund for your group mentoring fee – for a possible $1,000 total value. Plus, you’ll be in crazy good shape! Win or lose you’re getting the value of the mentoring sessions coupled with the extreme effectiveness of THP.

Hollywood Physique Contest Purpose:

A. I’d like to fill all my group mentoring spots.
B. It’s simple human psychology: the more you pay for something the more likely you are to value and believe in it. This creates more commitment, and in our case, more dramatic results.

I think holding this contest is going to take the group mentoring benefits to the next level and create INSANE transformations. I believe as a group we’ll be hitting on a lot of important psychological triggers:

Paying, plus an accountability group, plus competition = powerful results.

To Join:

Simply signup below, submit your photos to me on Monday, and you’re in.

This is for serious applicants only. Please read the group mentoring post to see the requirements.

Included in the price, is access to the Hollywood Physique ($120). So that’s $38 per week ($500)


If you’ve already purchased the Hollywood Physique and want to join, use this button (must have proof of purchase). $29 per week ($380).


There are 10 0 more spots left until the contest is on.

The cut-off to sign up is on Sunday night, February 19th.

Why not join me for the contest, the mentoring group, and to get in phenomenal shape!?

Let’s do this.

Hollywood Physique Group Mentoring

This is a message to the guys who have been working out for years but still don’t have the body they actually want. I have three quick questions for you:

  1. How many workout programs have you started, thinking you’d look like Ryan Reynolds (or at minimum have a six pack) when you were done?
  2. How many of those programs delivered nothing CLOSE to the actual result you were after?
  3. How many years has this cycle (get excited over a workout program… go all in… then experience extreme disappointment when you don’t look how you really want) gone on for? 5 years? 10 years? More?

Whatever you think about yourself now (“I don’t have the genetics for that body”… “I just can’t have that exact body”… “I’m not built for it”… etc), I can prove you 100% wrong.

You need to take one last shot at it. And if you do, I’ll get you the body you want, guaranteed.

Here’s the deal:

On Monday February 20th, 2012 I’m going to start my third round of the Hollywood Physique program.

I’ve decided that I’d like to do something special to see how far I can take my results, and see if I can help a few other motivated individuals in the process.

I’m going to mentor a small group of 10 dedicated people through the Hollywood Physique.

I want to motivate, push, and guarantee these 10 people that they’ll get the ‘Hollywood Physique’. I wont let you quit or make excuses. As a group we’ll keep each other accountable. We’ll push each other to new limits. And, in the end, we’ll all look like bad asses.

Keep reading below to see exactly what the group mentoring will entail. If you haven’t read the THP sales page and seen the new testimonial pictures, do that here: The Hollywood Physique For Men by Clay Rogers.

IMPORTANT: The majority of people wont need anything more than what the program and forum offer. THP is a COMPLETE system and Clay’s level of support on the forum is phenomenal. This is for those who feel that to reach their goals, they need an extra level of hand holding, personal coaching, and attention. These people also understand that this level of support isn’t possible without a premium.

I want to service a tight group of smart, driven, and motivated guys who’d love to start the Hollywood Physique and get the results it promises, but something is holding them back. Or, they just want additional guidance and a HARD push.

Here’s why I’m doing this, and why it matters to you.

I have 2 primary goals with this group mentoring:

  1. Personally, I want to learn how to PUSH already motivated people to reach their ultimate potential (Optimized Man research).
  2. Professionally, I’m trying to figure out a smart model for fitness training/coaching/mentoring via the internet. This is still relatively ‘new’ territory. I’m an entrepreneur trying to deconstruct the optimal process behind something like this so that it can be repeated quickly & easily by other trainers. Yes, I’ll be profiting. But as you’ll see, not a whole lot. The real benefit for me is the knowledge of the system behind this style of coaching. Clay has allowed me to do this because he might ultimately use a similar model in his business in the future.

Here’s How This Group Mentoring Will Work

  1. Everyone will start at the same time. You must be committed to start the Hollywood Physique program on February 20th, 2012.
  2. We’ll start with a personal, 1 hour, one-on-one consultations with me. We’ll ‘go deep’ and analyze your true motivations and goals. We’ll get to the bottom of your ‘hang-ups’. We’ll decide on your optimal schedule for the 3 month period. (Having a full schedule is extremely important). We’ll customize the diet even further than the program recommendations if necessary. And, we’ll get all beginning questions answered.
  3. Then, every week for the 13 weeks of the program, we’ll have a private group call (~ 1 hr). This call will serve mainly as motivation. THP can be exhausting both physically and mentally so going at it ‘alone’ can be rough. I’ll share mental tips and tricks I have for breaking through sticking points. We’ll all just get together and rap and you can ask any questions you have that haven’t been answered via email support.
  4. Email support throughout the entire 13 weeks. Ask me ANYTHING. Coupled with the already responsive forum inside THP, you should have ZERO unanswered questions.


This is for serious applicants only. I’m dead serious about everyone achieving INSANE results. Don’t waste your time and my time. You must have the motivation to finish the Hollywood Physique. At the end of 13 weeks, you will, and I guarantee it, have the Hollywood Physique. But, you MUST BE COMMITTED TO FOLLOWING THE PROGRAM 100%.

Other requirements include:

  1. VERY IMPORTANT: At least 1 year of gym experience. I can’t take very beginners at this point because the learning curve (related to exercise form & intensity) is steep.
  2. The ability to take progress pictures – and these pictures will be used for testimonials in the future (your face will not be shown if specified). I need the ability to prove the effectiveness of these group mentorship programs.

If this is what you want, personal hand-holding, guaranteed success, an internet success coach, then join me. Use the button below to pay. I’ll close the cart when we hit 10.

Included in the price, is access to the Hollywood Physique ($120)

The price is $38 per week ($500)

By paying, you agree that you’re dedicated as hell to doing this.

If you follow the program, you WILL get results. It’s guaranteed by Clay and myself. You can get your money back if after 13 weeks you can prove that you followed the program 100% and your body doesn’t change significantly. You have to have pictures proving this. No one should have to request a refund. I will not process refunds for quitters.

After you’ve paid, allow 1 business day for your account to be made and to receive email with further details.

Seriously, dude, picture what you’re going to look like 13 weeks from now… how that will feel. For $38 a week, I’ll get you there. This is a no-brainer if you have some motivation and a bit of money to throw at your physique goals. I want to work with dedicated people. Let’s do this.

If you’ve already purchased the Hollywood Physique and want to join, use this button (must have proof of purchase).

$29 per week ($380)

The Effects Of Quitting Coffee For (Almost) A Year

quit coffeeOn November 1st, 2010, I woke up from a Halloween hangover, thinking of coffee. The thought being, “I want some.”

Problem is, I hate coffee when I’m hungover. It makes me feel worse.

This desire troubled me.

“Man, I know I’m addicted, yes. But that addicted?”

I simultaneously realized something incongruous (it’s vocab Monday here at LU.com): it had been 3 days since I’d had a cup of coffee.

That was the longest coffee-less stretch I’d had in probably 2 years.

In that moment I decided I’d be taking a full week off coffee. “Only 4 more days left,” I told myself. “I need a mini-detox.”

I then went over to trusty Twitter and tweeted asking some people what they’d experienced by qutting coffee. I remembered that my friend Corbett Barr had quit awhile back.

He @ replied, Tweeted back, hollered at me basically saying life was better without coffee and he was drinking just tea for caffeine.

So then I made another hurried ‘Derek decision’ and proclaimed, to myself, that I’d quit coffee for one whole year and only drink tea!

And that’s what happened.

Well, kinda.

I went 10 months without.

On my birthday in early September, I had a delicious cup of La Colombe coffee in Philadlephia and I’ve been back on the wagon ever since.

I wasn’t mad at myself for not making it a full year. I’d gotten what I needed out of the experiment and wanted to return back to drinking my black cups of heaven.

Before I Quit:

I was drinking around 6 cups a day, minimum.

It’s funny, even at this amount I never really considered myself an addict. Self-denial is fun.

One of the main reasons for quitting were jitters and having a hard time falling asleep. But I’d drink coffee at all hours of the day, even after dinner a lot of times.

I started to feel like my day was centered around finding the next cup of coffee and I no longer got that ‘boost’ and mental focus feeling in the morning. Which is why I originally started drinking coffee.

The Effects Of Not Drinking Coffee

(I’m talking about taking time off of coffee, not caffeine. I haven’t experimented with quitting caffeine completely)

  • I drank 6-8 cups of tea. Mostly green and white teas, but I did have black tea occasionally.
  • No jittery feelings what-so-ever unless I drank heavily concentrated black teas.
  • The ups and downs that usually occurred during my days were much less pronounced.
  • I didn’t experience any headaches or grogginess that many people report. However, I was still drinking caffeine through tea.
  • I felt much less attached to getting a drink… less addicted. I love my warm drinks, but I wasn’t constantly thinking about my next cup of tea.

Was it worth it?

For me, I’m not sure it was necessary to quit completely.

Control was the main benefit. It’s nice to know that I can quit (coffee) if I want to. An experiment without caffeine is definitely in order. (See my notes below on how I’m using coffee now.)

My energy levels are fairly consistent as it is, but I think that has more to do with my diet. I mainly eat a low carb, high fat and protein diet which works very well for me. I don’t have violent swings in energy throughout the day based on food consumption.

If you get the jitters and have a rough time sleeping I’d say getting rid of coffee might be something you try. But, I think looking at your diet first might be a better idea.

How I’m Using Coffee Now:

I’ve made a distinct transition in the way I think about coffee use. It is no longer just to enjoy (although that’s an added benefit). I’ll ‘enjoy’ my cups on the weekend, but during the week, coffee is used strategically for boosted productivity.

I’ve also added a RULE to my coffee consumption: No coffee after 3 pm.

This has helped tremendously with restlessness before bed.

Based partially on this Bullet Proof Coffee article, I’ve begun experimenting with adding coconut oil into my coffee. Thus far, (about 2 weeks of experimenting) I’d say that my coffee high lasts longer and there’s less of a ‘come down’.

Picture by Tait Campbell.

Hollywood Physique Webinar

Hey guys, my webinar streak continues! This one is going to be with my good friend Clay Rogers of the Hollywood Physique.

Do you want the physique of a Hollywood actor not a big steroid-popping meathead? Have you struggled to build the body that you’ve always wanted, despite hard work and eating ‘clean’?

If so, the Hollywood Physique webinar will be for you.

The webinar starts Tuesday night, Sept. 27th at 6PM PST.

The title is “Breaking Down The Secrets Behind The World’s Fastest Physique Transformations.”

Clay receives emails like the one below a lot so he wanted to address them in a webinar:

Hollywood Physique Review email

Basically, in the webinar, Clay is going to give away the ENTIRE system he developed from deconstructing Hollywood actor’s top transformations.

He’ll also be taking any and all questions you’ve got for him (this includes any ‘haters’ out there who have sent me nasty comments or emails. Talk to us live.).

To signup:

  1. Click here – Hollywood Physique
  2. At the top of the page you’ll see a bar appear with a link. Click that.
  3. Next, you’ll see a page describing the webinar further. Click through.
  4. Enter your details to signup for free.

(Again: seats are limited by software requirements).

If you’ve been on the fence about getting the Hollywood Physique, this is your chance to learn more and ask some questions.

How To Maintain A Respectable Physique While Drinking & Not Being Super Strict With Your Diet

This article is going to be an attempt at giving you a mini-blueprint for keeping a decent physique while drinking, partying, and not being a Nazi with your diet.


This is what’s worked for me. You’ve got to experiment for yourself. (Also be smart and take into account whether or not you’d want my sexy bod.)

Consider this a good basis for you to experiment off of.

(I’m not including ANY scientific studies in this…screw the studies done in controlled lab environments. Listen to your body. Most of the guys that know all the science in the world have terrible physiques.)

Start with a solid base

First off, if you’re super overweight and not at all happy with your body, you have to take massive action and make a dramatic change before you try any of this.

I completed the Hollywood Physique last year with 100% dedication. I followed the program to a ‘T’ and got the insane results I was looking for. So I’ve had a great base to work off of for the last year. You can see my pictures and review here: Hollywood Physique Review

Once you’ve lost a ton of fat and gotten close to where you want to be, it’s much easier to maintain.

The more fat you have, the harder it is to lose fat. Check the Body Reset Program for an explanation on why that is…

With that out of the way, let’s get to the good stuff…

How To Not Let Drinking Derail Your Physique Goals

Drink wine or hard alcohol and not beer.

Wine and hard alcohol seem to have less of an effect on my physique than beer. Of course I love beer, so this can be difficult. (If I drink beer I follow the other rules in this section very closely.)

I’ve actually found that a couple glasses of wine in conjunction with a solid diet and exercise program has minimal negative effects on my overall results. So when I’m not ‘caring’, I’ll indulge in wine without guilt.

If you drink hard A, avoid sugar. No sugary sodas or juices.

Here’s a health-conscious margarita recipe that I love:

  • 2 parts tequila
  • 1 part triple sec
  • 1 part fresh lime juice

Try to avoid drinking & eating together.

I’ve found that drinking & eating together screws with my digestion and BAD DIGESTION EQUALS FAT GAIN for me. Try to space out your drinking and eating as much as possible.

When You Drink… Your Diet Might Suffer.

After a few drinks all self-control for food seems to go out the window. If you give in and indulge, try to do it intelligently. Don’t eat dairy. Minimize your carb intake if protein is involved.

Try to eat food that’s made up of either a) only carbs or b) only protein & fat.

If you drink all night, try to not to eat anything before bed.

Screw what you’ve learned about bodybuilding diets or the ‘eat 6 meals a day’ crowd.

When you’re going to be cheating a lot or aren’t super strict with your diet… simply don’t overeat. Eat when you’re hungry. Don’t worry about a set amount of meals a day. If you’re not starved in the morning or at night, don’t jam food down your throat just because. Listen to the bod.

Eat Salads When Possible

When you’re not compelled to ‘cheat’ and eat bad stuff, opt for salads. Fill them with spinach, brocolli, peppers, onion, garlic, carrots, tomatoes, etc. (no corn, FUCK corn)

Throw in eggs (whole with the yolks), steak, or any other type of meat you want.

When it doubt eat: veggies, eggs, meat.


If you can help it…no. Don’t eat fruit. If you do, eat it by itself with nothing else. It digests differently than other foods and will mess your shit up.

No Hydrogenated oils, High Fructose Corn Syrup, canola oil.

Don’t eat this crap. You can still eat bad foods that don’t have it.

How do you know if it has it? Check the label. Simple as that.

Know Your Killer Foods.

The foods that mess me up are:

  • Bread.
  • If eating bread, I have to avoid cheese (pizza is a physique-bomb).
  • Dairy: Milk = no-no.

Know what bad food you can handle

I can handle cinnamon rolls, granola, cereals, sweet potatoes, french fries, donuts, pastries of different varieties, pancakes, chocolate, chips.

Notice how these foods are mostly just simple carbs.

Exercise 6 times a week or just stay active somehow

I put in my time moving around everyday. Even just incline walks ala the Hollywood Physique are fine.

If you can, exercise hard BEFORE you start eating the crap or drinking. It’s helped me and my feelings of guilt.

Wrapping Up

I hope this has given you somewhat of a rough guide to maintaining a decent physique while drinking and not being strict with your diet.

I’ll leave you with this RULE:

IF IT WONT DIGEST (easily & smoothly), DON’T INGEST.

Reality Shifting For Real People

Warning: I wasn’t sure the best way to communicate my point here (or title this post) without sounding like a p*ussy [sic] self-improvement blogger, but here goes:

About 3 months ago I was cooking breakfast at my place in Koh Tao, Thailand. I had 3 eggs frying in the pan in front of me, my bacon off the stove, cooling.

I was working the spatula, admiring my food. In that tiny moment, I felt a supreme sense of happiness and satisfaction. I was high on life just by cooking breakfast.

I stood there for a second, feeling wonderfully weird and I smiled. I turned to my friend Clay, and said, “I’m happy, man.”

Clay looked at me like I was crazy and I went back to my food.

That night I went to the gym – I was about 2 weeks away from completing a workout program designed by Clay.

In the gym, I found a zone of targeted anger. I killed my routine and then set off up a hill outside our apartment for my post-workout incline walk.

I got to the point in the walk where the streetlights end and it gets dark. In the bushes to the left I heard a rustling and my hair stood up. I was startled and I expected to see a dog dart out at me.

But then the oddest thing happened to me. I suddenly said to myself, and I’m not kidding you…”I’m the king in this jungle, bring it on.” And I began to sprint. I ran up the hill, adrenaline pumping through my body, and (still not kidding) I started grunting and saying, “Yeah, get it, yeah mother f*cker.”

I got back down the hill, covered in sweat, enthusiastic but exhausted. I felt like an ANIMAL (still serious) for the first time in my life.

Clay looked at me, and said, “Jesus dude. What’s going on?”

It was pure bliss. We went to a restaurant, I ate my meat and vegetables and I rode the high to bed that night, resting deeply.

I woke up in the morning with that same sense of satisfaction and carried it through the day.

But that night was different because it was the alloted time in the diet plan for letting myself indulge in alcohol.

The first beer that hit my lips didn’t taste quite right. The second, which is usually the best, didn’t go down smooth. I felt ‘off’ and decided to hold back.

I didn’t want to drink.

The next morning I woke up with a minor headache and bit bloated. Just 2 glasses of beer the previous night had derailed my morning.

The next week, my night for indulgence came and passed. I forgot about it. While in the previous weeks I’d wait patiently and think about the release time constantly, this week, I didn’t even care.


The point: you reach a certain tipping point in your life where you’ll never look back. And the ‘never look back’ part is important. You simply wont care enough to ‘look back’.

If you push yourself through perceived limits, you’ll reach a point where it doesn’t matter that you’re not eating pizza anymore. It doesn’t matter that you’ve got to exercise for 30 minutes today.  You’ll not care that you have to put in a solid 15 hours on your business. You’ll not care that you didn’t have a beer and get buzzed tonight.

You’ll need (not just want) to. You’ll feel depressed and bad if you don’t.

It’s simply not important because you’ve reached a cutoff point where it feels so good to be doing what you’re doing, that stopping really isn’t an option.

Your baseline reality will be different. It’s like resting heart rate. Say your heart rate when sitting and relaxing is 65 beats per minute. Then you start an exercise program and 3 months later your resting heart rate has fallen to 58 BPM. Your baseline has changed.

Real-life example: 30 minutes of exercise will become the equivalent of an ‘off-day’ before you started working out. There are infinite permutations of this in every realm of life.

I reached that moment where my baseline shifted. I saw the other-side. If there’s something you REALLY want, know that by sticking it out through the down-times, you’ll come out the other-side a truly different person. Your reality will shift.


This might not be revolutionary, but I’m new to this line of thought. Let me know what you think or if you’ve ever experienced anything similar.

I Ate 36 Eggs A Day

I just arrived in Iguazu, Argentina today. I went to the grocery store and bought a frozen bag of peas. I ate them, frozen, on the street enjoying every minute. This reminded me of something else ‘crazy’ I did in Panama. I consumed 36 eggs every day for 2 weeks.

It’s no secret amongst my friends and family that I love eggs. One of my roommates used to yell, “Eggs!” whenever I went in the kitchen to cook. My flat-mates in Cordoba, Argentina called me the “Hombre de Juevos” (Egg Man).

In late 2007 I was eating, by normal standards, an astronomical 12 eggs a day. Most health organizations recommend no more than 4 eggs per week while I was averaging 84! Accordingly, people were constantly warning me that I should get a blood test and check my cholesterol. I took them up on it.

When I got the results, my HDL cholesterol levels were incredibly high while my LDL levels were below average – this is a good thing. My triglyceride level was off the charts good at 52. I remember the nurse reading the results was in disbelief. “That’s incredible,” she said.

The blood test results further solidified my belief that eggs are to me, like spinach is to Popeye. So taking the leap to 36 eggs a day wasn’t a difficult or scary step for me.

Why 36 eggs

In Panama, Clay and I decided to do a bit of experimenting with bodybuilding and diet. My weight had dropped down below 165, the lowest it had been in awhile. I wanted to put on some muscle mass.

After sifting through a lot of diet programs we settled on what is known as the Hormone Precursor diet designed by the famous bodybuilder coach Vince Gironda. His ideas were radical, but the quick transformations and astehically pleasing figures his athletes developed were enough to convince us it was worth a try.

Gironda believed that eggs were a) the most perfect food and b) they had a steroid like effect on the body releasing growth hormones necessary for building muscle. He recommended that the bodybuilder make 3 special eggs drinks and sip them throughout the day in-between meals.

Vince’s special protein drink:
12 (raw) eggs
6 oz heavy cream
1 banana
1/3 cup of milk-and-egg protein powder

(if you’ll notice, this is similar to my Best Breakfast Recipe Ever post)

The idea here is to keep the body in a constant state of positive nitrogen balance. This is achieved by ingesting 30-50 grams of protein at least every 3 hours to keep your blood-suger levels with a constant supply of protein. Doing this puts your body in an anabolic state by releasing growth hormones.

Working Up To 36 Eggs A Day

We began by half-ing the initial recipe in order to slowly work up to 36 eggs. We drank Vince’s special protein drink (with 6 eggs) 3 times a day for 2 weeks. For the second 2 weeks we bumped it up to 24. The next 2 weeks 30. Then for the final 2 weeks of our program we ate 36 eggs a day.

Breakfast was the largest meal – one whole drink 12 eggs in all. The rest of the day was spent sipping on the drinks to down the other 24.

Positive Effects

My time spent building muscle in Panama was very effective. I went from 165 lbs. to 180 lbs. upon waking. This was over an 8 week time period. By a mirror test, I’d say 10 of those lbs. were muscle and the other 5 were fat. I could have exercised more to keep up with the calorie consumption and minimize fat gain.

Negative Effects

1) By the time we reached 36 eggs a day both of us were feeling quite bogged down by the amount of food we were eating. Along with eggs, we were both consuming at least 2 lbs. of beef as well. We had to make sure to get plenty of exercise during the day, on top of the normal workouts.
2) During this period I noticed an unusual amount of blemishes popping up. I attribute it to the increased amount of hormones running through my body. When we completed a five day fast afterward, my skin felt and looked a lot better (until I reached Argentina were there’s beef, beer, and all night discos).

Derek Rant

It amazes people when I tell them that I did this. They’ll say, “That’s so bad for you,” as they shove another buttery croissant down their face. People are so afraid of cholesterol and eggs because it’s been conditioned (mainly by the cereal companies).

Of course 36 eggs in a day is extreme. It’s not a diet I would consider keeping for the rest of my life. In fact, some of you may be shocked to know I’m thinking of beginning a vegan diet later this year.

It’s not too crazy if you think about it:

Calories in 36 eggs: 2160 kcals
Calories in Macaroni Grill Spaghetti and Meatballs with Sauce: 2,430 kcals

And that’s one meal.

Take home message

There are established rules in every aspect of life. A lot of them make sense, and lot should be questioned. Thus, when I wanted to put on muscle quickly I decided to question the norm. And when I questioned and experimented, things turned out great.

Life is a long series of experiments. Why not eat a bag of frozen peas on a hot day? Why not eat 36 eggs in day?

The Best Breakfast Recipe EVER; Ditch The Cereal

I’m about to reveal to you the most delicious breakfast I have ever eaten. Are you going to eat those boring Frosted Flakes every morning for the rest of your life, or are you adventurous? Don’t be old and stuck in your ways.

Warning: There’s no processed sugar involved!

Warning: You’ll need an open mind for this one!

The best part about this recipe is that it’s very nutritious and calorie dense – a perfect way to start the day.

The recipe: (makes 1-2 servings depending on the person)

Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. 6 Omega-3 Eggs
  2. 1 oz Organic Heavy Whipping Cream
  3. 1 banana
  4. Organic butter to coat pan

If you can’t get/afford the organic ingredients you’ll be fine, but just know that it wont be as healthful.

Here’s how to make it:

  1. Prepare the 6 eggs how you’d like – scramble, over easy, etc. Cook on low heat in a little bit of organic butter.
  2. While the eggs are cooking, chop up the banana into very thin slices
  3. When the eggs are done, throw em on your plate, mix in the banana slices, and then add the cream on top.

Optional: Sprinkle flax meal or pysllium on top for added fiber.

This breakfast is perfect for creating an anabolic environment in your body = muscle building. It’s also great for just waking up in general. If you don’t eat a big breakfast you’re seriously depriving yourself. And, you’re seriously missing out if you don’t try this.

Worried about cholesterol in eggs? Here’s 6 reasons not to fret:

1. Cholesterol is vital to body functions

Cholesterol is required for construction, maintenance, and normal function of the cell membranes. Your cells could not function without cholesterol. Cholesterol also helps to create bile which aids in the process of digestion of fats. Bile helps to metabolize fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K. And you guessed it: all of these fat soluble vitamins are found in the egg yolk along with the cholesterol.

2. Your body produces more cholesterol than you eat

Cholesterol in the blood comes mainly from your liver and from your diet. The amount of cholesterol your body produces is directly related to how much cholesterol you ingest. When you eat a low cholesterol diet, your body produces more cholesterol. This is why a low cholesterol diet does not decrease a person’s overall blood cholesterol level.

3. High cholesterol alone does not cause heart disease

High cholesterol helps fight against infection. People with low blood cholesterol have the same rate of heart disease as people with high cholesterol. It is the ratio between HDL “good cholesterol” and LDL “bad cholesterol” that matters much more.

4. Cholesterol found in eggs raises your HDL levels and lowers and LDL levels

The fat in eggs (when you buy from healthy chickens) contains a large amount of omega 3 fatty acids. These fatty acids have been shown to raise HDL and lower LDL. The vast majority of the fat contained in eggs is found in the yolk.

5. Eggs help lower the triglyceride level in the blood

Triglyceride levels are usually much better indicators of coronary risk than cholesterol. High triglyceride levels in the bloodstream cause atherosclerosis, increasing the risk of heart disease and stroke.

6. High cholesterol intake raises testosterone levels

Testosterone is imperative for overall health. Testosterone increases natural energy levels, produces red blood cells, and protects against aging and osteoporosis.


Are you adventurous? For those that are, let me know what you think.