Beware The Rule Of ‘Recency’

I think a good ‘Optimized Man’ is a man who’s pursing passive income (investments, online or offline businesses, royalties, etc). You’re joining me on this path, correct?

In your quest for passive income (and if you ever try to sell anything) you’ll come across something known as ‘recency’. This is what famous copywriter Gary Halbert wrote about recency:

Recency: As we now know, the more recently a person has purchased (by mail) something similar to what we are selling, the more receptive he will be to our offer. Get ’em while they’re hot! In fact, always check to see if the list you are interested in has “hotline buyers” and see if you can rent those hotline names before anybody else.

This concept applies well beyond direct mail and business.

In early January I took time off the Hollywood Physique. So I was left with somewhat of a loose eating plan.

Things got out of control fairly quickly.

It started by eating MORE healthy foods than needed.

Then it led to an addition of something unhealthy. A small piece of chocolate.

With the recent ‘small cheat’, I easily moved to a ‘full-on cheat.’

Then the recent ‘full-on cheat’ made it much easier for me to keep cheating.

Say there’s 2 friends sitting at a table with a pizza in front of them. Both know that the pizza is not the best choice of nutrition. Who’s more likely to eat that pizza? The guy who ate a slice a few days ago? Or the guy who hasn’t had pizza in over a month.

The more recently you did something, the more likely you are to repeat those actions.

You can see how important it is to understand this when selling something… and how damaging it can be the dieter or someone trying to quit a bad habit.

You’re Throwing Your Life Away

On Thursday afternoon I got a knock on my front door.

Not expecting any guests or packages, I came downstairs hesitantly. I looked through the peep hole and saw that a finger was blocking my view.


“Who is it?” I asked.

“Open up,” a man replied.

Who is it?” I repeated.

“Derek, open the door.”

“Who is it?” I said loudly.

The finger pulled back and there stood my best friend who I haven’t seen in about 5 months. He’d flown across the entire country to surprise me at my front door.

I couldn’t believe it.




Now, you hear stuff like this ALL the time: “If you have hard deadlines you’ll stick to them”. Or, “You can cram 8 hours of work in to 2 hours if you need to”. Or, “You’re wasting time on worthless activities when you work”.

And it’s all true…

But what happens? What do we do instead? We never really do anything about it. We go right back to our bad habits.

Over this past weekend, I didn’t have time (or want) to sit at my computer all day. I wanted to get out and explore with my friend who was visiting the city for the first time.

But I did have some work to do.

And what happened?

I cut every single non-important, time-wasting distracting internet activity out of my work time. And with about 30 minutes a day to crush on vital work tasks… I got them done.

Here’s the moral: you’re wasting so much fucking time on the internet doing pointless stuff. Checking stats that don’t need to be checked. Refreshing email. Refreshing twitter. Looking at facebook.

It’s worthless.

Stop it.


The world wont collapse if you don’t respond to every email within 3 minutes. Trust me.

And on that note, let’s all stop expecting people to respond to emails that aren’t time sensitive, WAY too long, could be solved with a google search, and don’t have any clear call to action.

This is the best video I’ve seen on cutting the crap and getting productive: Focus Finder by Dean Jackson (nothing to buy, 50 minutes of greatness, Dean Jackson is the MAN).

End Of Powerful Speaking Voice Challenge

Today marks the end of my Powerful Speaking Voice Challenge using Bob Corff’s Speaker’s Voice Method program (30 minutes every day).

Listen to the audio below to hear my thoughts on the challenge and I’ll tell you how I failed to complete many of the challenge’s specifications.

I’m a bit disappointed in my follow-through on this challenge, especially considering how much easier it should have been to complete than the Hollywood Physique challenge. I have plenty of excuses for failing on this challenge – my Mexico & Cuba vacation for one – but the reality is, I HAVE to be better.

I do believe that my speaking voice has improved during these past 2 months… but I also know that the results could have been much more dramatic.

Listen to the audio to hear more:


In the audio I mention this post on improving your speaking voice for sales.

Visual Appearance

One thing I’ve struggled to wrap my mind around for a long time is visual appearances… Should I care? Is it shallow to care? How important are appearances? Should I go back to my hippie days?

My dilemma was this: I simultaneously thought anyone interested in fashion and style was stupid… but also realized the power of dressing sharp, the power of having a great body, the power of confident body language.

I realized how quickly people judge based on appearances. But I also didn’t want to be judged solely on my looks and didn’t really care to judge others like that either.

This view was based partly on the fact that I’m not the most attractive individual in the world. And judging based on attractiveness is like judging based on inherited wealth.

Alone visual appearances wont provide much, if any, benefit to world.

Collectively, the hipsters aren’t doing much to pull the world forward because a large part of their movement is based solely on appearances… which I wont get in to.

Now, there are two options here:

You can play the game or not.

You can focus on improving your visual attractiveness. Or, like one my best friends, you can just not give a shit. (And depending on your goals, it might be preferable for you to not care.)

But what I realized that is as long as you don’t tie your identity to clothing and visible appearances, making use of subtle ‘body language’ cues (subconscious signals like dressing well) is SUPER valuable.

Here’s why:

I’m beginning to see (and fully understand) that my happiest times in life are filled with PRODUCTION. When I’m building meaningful stuff. When I’m reaching new levels of thought. When I’m producing.

And, here’s the thing: you can use visual appearances to FURTHER your productive work.

Note: I think it’s important to find your self-esteem from your capability to think and produce…not from your outward appearance. So you can use your appearance as a tool, not as a means to judge your self-worth.

Here’s how this works…

PART of want I want to do professionally is to publish and learn from bad asses – to work with, and enable producers. To help them get their knowledge out into the world.

[David Patrick Green of is one such example… his advice is INSANELY valuable but it’s been a long road exposing him to actors because of the entrenched industry. It’s filled with scams and people preying on beginning actors, so when David speaks out against the lies, it’s hard for us to find powerful allies.]

What I’m personally BUILDING is the business.

For many reasons, part of actually getting to the point where I want to be with this type of business, will be ‘looking the part’.

A sampling of things I’m working towards visually:

  • Developing & maintaining the Dressing Sharp look which is the ‘Most Influential Look’ possible. ALWAYS wearing clean clothes with an emphasis on FIT.
  • Focusing on having fewer items in my life… but QUALITY items.
  • Developing my physical body more with the Hollywood Physique: Lower body fat and muscle. Lower body fat immediately changes your face shape and makes you look more masculine.

There are many other visual cues that I’m experimenting with, but that’s the gist.

This subtle ‘body language’ stuff coupled with GOING for it… infiltrating elite circles. Coordinating and enabling entrepreneurs… it adds up quickly.

It amplifies my ability to focus on production.

I think it’s valuable to devote some energies towards visual appearances – what do you think?

Hacking Your Personal Appearance For Max Influence

influence hacksWe all want to attract MORE in our lives and to exert more influence. We want more money, more experiences, more good people (more magnets on our cars like the picture to the left).

To get MORE, you’ll hear this a lot: create value and people will give you more value back.

I LOVE this… I’d like the whole world to judge based on merit, on our work, on our VALUE to society.

But the sad reality is, most of the time we don’t place value on value.

  • People pirate stuff because they think they’re somehow entitled to it.
  • In our marketing-centric society, the best product don’t always win.
  • People are famous because they’re hot, not because they’ve done something valuable for society.
  • People idolize drunks, drug-addicts, and zero-value humans.

I’ve learned a lot about general influence principles in my time studying and implementing sales & marketing strategies and here’s what I’m discovering: people’s judgement (and assignment of value) is based more heavily on appearance & emotions than rational thought.

Look at any book on effective copywriting – they’ll tell you to sell to people’s emotions, not their rationality.

This creates a major problem for the PRODUCER.

If you create valuable shit, you should receive the most value back. But it doesn’t always happen. Marketing wins in most cases.

(If the world as a whole would THINK more rationally and rely less on emotions to dictate action, this wouldn’t be true.)

What To Do?

So what do you do if you want to get value back for your efforts? What if you’re not a super attractive dude? What if you chose to not be a mindless zombie who makes decisions based on emotions?

I’ve been struggling with this for awhile now.

I want to be judged on my work not on my superficial aspects.

I want to live in a world where people’s minds and rationality are KING, not their stupidity or emotionality.

I don’t want to live in a world of non-thinking drunks and sheep.

So I can either recede from the human race, retire my mind to the mountains, or I can fight back for the world of producers… but how without sacrificing my values and principles?

My Thoughts On Appearance Based Influence

I haven’t quite reached my definitive conclusion yet but here’s some thoughts I’m having:

  1. As long as you don’t tie your identity, self-esteem (value) to your appearance, then working on your looks is valuable. Tie your self-worth to your productive work. Take pride in the things you’ve created. Draw confidence from your mind and ability to THINK, not from your calf implants.
  2. Work on your appearance and influence in the world to move it forward. To further your productive work. To further your value to society. Paris Hilton isn’t pulling the world forward with her appearances. She’s setting us all back. Don’t do the same.

The #1 Personal Influence Hack

So if you want to move your productive work forward and influence others, yes I think you should work on your appearance.

And the number one place to start is with your body.

I’ve found that my physical appearance is the fastest superficial influence hack I have available. Certain clothing items come in at a close second, but having LOWER BODY FAT, and a bit of muscle, is where I start.

The thing about having lower body fat is that it directly effects your face shape. It seems like the first place people lose fat is in their face.

For a man, having a masculine face is crucial. You’re not always going to have your shirt off (unless you’re awesome and live in Thailand full-time).

Your face is what people will be looking at most of the time. And it’s no secret that a masculine man (and face), will exert more influence, and people will assign more respect to that man. There are countless studies on the benefits of being seen as attractive. Good looking people make more money and are seen as more trustworthy.

So, I think a more masculine face will land you more money and I even have some anecdotal evidence to back it up: Each time I’ve finished a round of the Hollywood Physique, I’ve pulled more money into my businesses.

Look at the difference in my face:


– Go out there, lose some fat, and build some muscle. Your face shape will change for the better.
– Exert more influence and attract MORE into your life.
– Use your increased influence & resources for GOOD and to pull the world forward… otherwise you’re just another MINDLESS SHEEP.

Want MAX Influence Via Your Body?

If you want to take your influence to the next level, I’m still accepting *value valuing* clients for the Hollywood Physique group coaching program. Click here for details.

photo credit: Chris Devers via photopin cc

Hollywood Physique Group Mentoring

This is a message to the guys who have been working out for years but still don’t have the body they actually want. I have three quick questions for you:

  1. How many workout programs have you started, thinking you’d look like Ryan Reynolds (or at minimum have a six pack) when you were done?
  2. How many of those programs delivered nothing CLOSE to the actual result you were after?
  3. How many years has this cycle (get excited over a workout program… go all in… then experience extreme disappointment when you don’t look how you really want) gone on for? 5 years? 10 years? More?

Whatever you think about yourself now (“I don’t have the genetics for that body”… “I just can’t have that exact body”… “I’m not built for it”… etc), I can prove you 100% wrong.

You need to take one last shot at it. And if you do, I’ll get you the body you want, guaranteed.

Here’s the deal:

On Monday February 20th, 2012 I’m going to start my third round of the Hollywood Physique program.

I’ve decided that I’d like to do something special to see how far I can take my results, and see if I can help a few other motivated individuals in the process.

I’m going to mentor a small group of 10 dedicated people through the Hollywood Physique.

I want to motivate, push, and guarantee these 10 people that they’ll get the ‘Hollywood Physique’. I wont let you quit or make excuses. As a group we’ll keep each other accountable. We’ll push each other to new limits. And, in the end, we’ll all look like bad asses.

Keep reading below to see exactly what the group mentoring will entail. If you haven’t read the THP sales page and seen the new testimonial pictures, do that here: The Hollywood Physique For Men by Clay Rogers.

IMPORTANT: The majority of people wont need anything more than what the program and forum offer. THP is a COMPLETE system and Clay’s level of support on the forum is phenomenal. This is for those who feel that to reach their goals, they need an extra level of hand holding, personal coaching, and attention. These people also understand that this level of support isn’t possible without a premium.

I want to service a tight group of smart, driven, and motivated guys who’d love to start the Hollywood Physique and get the results it promises, but something is holding them back. Or, they just want additional guidance and a HARD push.

Here’s why I’m doing this, and why it matters to you.

I have 2 primary goals with this group mentoring:

  1. Personally, I want to learn how to PUSH already motivated people to reach their ultimate potential (Optimized Man research).
  2. Professionally, I’m trying to figure out a smart model for fitness training/coaching/mentoring via the internet. This is still relatively ‘new’ territory. I’m an entrepreneur trying to deconstruct the optimal process behind something like this so that it can be repeated quickly & easily by other trainers. Yes, I’ll be profiting. But as you’ll see, not a whole lot. The real benefit for me is the knowledge of the system behind this style of coaching. Clay has allowed me to do this because he might ultimately use a similar model in his business in the future.

Here’s How This Group Mentoring Will Work

  1. Everyone will start at the same time. You must be committed to start the Hollywood Physique program on February 20th, 2012.
  2. We’ll start with a personal, 1 hour, one-on-one consultations with me. We’ll ‘go deep’ and analyze your true motivations and goals. We’ll get to the bottom of your ‘hang-ups’. We’ll decide on your optimal schedule for the 3 month period. (Having a full schedule is extremely important). We’ll customize the diet even further than the program recommendations if necessary. And, we’ll get all beginning questions answered.
  3. Then, every week for the 13 weeks of the program, we’ll have a private group call (~ 1 hr). This call will serve mainly as motivation. THP can be exhausting both physically and mentally so going at it ‘alone’ can be rough. I’ll share mental tips and tricks I have for breaking through sticking points. We’ll all just get together and rap and you can ask any questions you have that haven’t been answered via email support.
  4. Email support throughout the entire 13 weeks. Ask me ANYTHING. Coupled with the already responsive forum inside THP, you should have ZERO unanswered questions.


This is for serious applicants only. I’m dead serious about everyone achieving INSANE results. Don’t waste your time and my time. You must have the motivation to finish the Hollywood Physique. At the end of 13 weeks, you will, and I guarantee it, have the Hollywood Physique. But, you MUST BE COMMITTED TO FOLLOWING THE PROGRAM 100%.

Other requirements include:

  1. VERY IMPORTANT: At least 1 year of gym experience. I can’t take very beginners at this point because the learning curve (related to exercise form & intensity) is steep.
  2. The ability to take progress pictures – and these pictures will be used for testimonials in the future (your face will not be shown if specified). I need the ability to prove the effectiveness of these group mentorship programs.

If this is what you want, personal hand-holding, guaranteed success, an internet success coach, then join me. Use the button below to pay. I’ll close the cart when we hit 10.

Included in the price, is access to the Hollywood Physique ($120)

The price is $38 per week ($500)

By paying, you agree that you’re dedicated as hell to doing this.

If you follow the program, you WILL get results. It’s guaranteed by Clay and myself. You can get your money back if after 13 weeks you can prove that you followed the program 100% and your body doesn’t change significantly. You have to have pictures proving this. No one should have to request a refund. I will not process refunds for quitters.

After you’ve paid, allow 1 business day for your account to be made and to receive email with further details.

Seriously, dude, picture what you’re going to look like 13 weeks from now… how that will feel. For $38 a week, I’ll get you there. This is a no-brainer if you have some motivation and a bit of money to throw at your physique goals. I want to work with dedicated people. Let’s do this.

If you’ve already purchased the Hollywood Physique and want to join, use this button (must have proof of purchase).

$29 per week ($380)

Shut Up, Follow Proven Systems, & Get What You Want Already

If a multi-billionaire walked up to you tomorrow and said, “I can show you how to make 1 million dollars in the next 6 months. You’ll have to work many hours a day and make some sacrifices but at the end, you’ll have your money,” what would you say?

You’d think for a second as to whether or not it was worth it, then you’d say, “OK, show me.”

Then let’s say that multi-billionaire handed you a notebook with a step-by-step system in it and said, “Follow this and 1 million will be yours in 6 months.”

What would you do then?

Any logical person that wanted 1 million dollars and was willing to work for it, would take that notebook and follow the system.

They’d do exactly what it said.

But that’s not what happens. We don’t do that.

These notebooks exist everywhere – they’re called books. Many a successful person has poured years into developing and sharing his/her system for success in his/her field…

…Yet we don’t listen.

Why not?

I’ve been working a lot with Clay of the Hollywood Physique. He gives people a complete system for having the Hollywood look that most every guy wants.

And it works.

There are countless people who have followed the system and got the results it promises.

But it’s crazy… it’s hard as hell to get people to just follow it.

They try to tweak it. They try to add to it. They try to swap exercises. They try to add protein powder to the diet. They try to cut corners.


Why are we incapable of listening to successful people and following what they say?

I’ll tell you this: the people who get the best results on Clay’s program, don’t ask a lot of questions. They don’t bitch or complain about the sacrifices they’ll have to make.

They just do it. They believe in it.

Overtime, they make adjustments to better fit them personally. But that’s only after they’ve started following the system exactly and seen how it works.

Don’t begin innovating, tweaking, etc before you’re ready.

  • Step 1: Find the people you want to be (this could take some research because you have to be certain they’re not full of shit.)
  • Step 2: Listen to what they say.
  • Step 3: Implement what they say EXACTLY.
  • Step 4: See what happens. Get results.
  • Step 5: Optimize and make better.

Why Goals Fail & How To Use SEASONAL Life Principles

Picture by Tait Campbell (click picture for more)

You’ve set goals in the past that you failed to accomplish. And, I’m not talking about HUGE goals. Even your simplest goals have come up short.

I, of course, do the same. But over the past few years, I have become somewhat ‘good’ at accomplishing things. Not everything, but I’d say I’m above average.

One major reason for failed goals is a lack of life principles.

Having a set of principles that you live by is instrumental in task/goal completion.

I’ve written about it here: Life Principles (read the part about ‘Work The System’)

And this is a terrific article from Craig Ballantyne over at Early To Rise: 12 Rules For My Life.

With priniciples in place, it’s easy to know the correct decision. Your next move.

Like Craig mentions, a vegetarian’s principles make it easy for him to know what to eat… he simply eats vegetarian. There are no meat options he’s missing out on or has to consider.

You probably have principles that you haven’t designed yourself: your job dictates that you must be at work at a certain time, so you religiously set your alarm for 7am. It’s a rule you have or you’ll lose your job.

Now, the problem is a lot of people don’t have hard fast consquences for the principles they set and try to live by.

If you don’t have to be at your job by a certain time, why wake up early?

Your principle is hard to follow.

One way I have to found to make obeying life principles easier (and thus achieving goals easier), is to only set them SEASONALLY.

If you say, “I’m not eating refined sugar from now on for the rest of my life,” it’s much more daunting than saying, “I’m not eating refined sugar for 60 days.” Or better, “I’m not eating refined sugar Monday-Friday for 6 months.”

(For a principle that’s wrapped more in your moral standpoint (like vegetarianism), this might not work. Life-long principles will be necessary.)

A key element of SEASONAL principles is the ability to experiment and assess. To take a step back and look at whether or not your principles work.

Someone will say to me, “I want to wake up at 5am.”

Why? What if you do your best work at 2am in the morning?

You have to figure out what works for you but most don’t get that far because they’re stuck so deeply in their current principles (that they probably didn’t set themselves) and they don’t allow room for adaptation.

Are your principles actually effective? Why hold a principle that doesn’t work?

Another reason New Year’s resolutions fail is because they’re set for a 365 day time period. There’s not even so much as a glimmer at the end of the tunnel.

I even laughed at myself for setting the 3x a week for a year blog post goal.

A better goal is my Powerful Speaking Voice Challenge. Or the THP Challenges I’ve been doing. They’re shorter, seasonal goals (challenges). They also allow for rest periods.

Here’s a strategy you might use:

Start by splitting your big goal into smaller 3-6 month goals (3 is preferable). Then define a set of life principles you MUST follow during those 3-6 months that’s going to make achieving the smaller goals possible.

Here’s an example for me:

Goal: Powerful Speaking Voice Challenge (60 days to a better voice)

What needs to happen:

  • Use my voice training CD program 30 minutes a day for 60 days (Sunday through Friday)
  • Interview people on 8 podcasts.
  • Create 4 webinars.

Basically, I need to block off at least an extra 1.5 hours a day to devote to my goal. Thus, my productivity during ‘work’ hours needs to increase.

The Seasonal Life Principles I’ve Set (For This Goal):

  • Sleep by 11pm.
  • Which means, no coffee after 3pm.
  • Must write for 1 hour immediately upon waking.
  • No checking email until 10am (preferably later). At the moment (seasonally) for business purposes, I’m finding 10am realistic.
  • Voice training CD must be practiced 30 minutes a day, Sunday through Friday.
  • 1 podcast must be recorded per week.
  • 1 webinar must be recorded every 14 days.
  • I will not ‘judge’ myself or doubt whether or not this project is worthwhile during these 60 days. I can evaluate after the 60 days.

Set some seasonal life principles for yourself. It’ll make achieving goals easier and more enjoyable.

Live Uncomfortably 2012 Plans

Happy New Year to everyone. I’m going to take this post to announce a few changes that will be taking place on Live Uncomfortably this year (good changes of course).

1. You’ll notice an updated site design. I switched over to the Thesis framework. It’s simple and easy. I think the content will be easier to read now. Let me know if that’s not the case.

2. 3x a week posting. I will be blogging Monday, Wednesday, & Friday this year. Yeah, I know people make these claims and never follow through. But I’m not one of those people. I have a lot of different projects in the works, I’m going to be writing nearly every day anyways, and I have a lot of stuff to talk about so I figure it’s time to start sharing more often.

3. Challenges Category: I experimented documenting my progress using the Hollywood Physique over at and that seemed to work well. I didn’t want to post progress pictures here everyday. But I think Live Uncomfortably lends itself nicely to documenting ‘challenges’. So I’ll be making challenges an integral part of this blog. I’m not 100% sure how I’ll integrate them into the site and content yet, but they’ll be here.

On that note…

4. Announcing the Powerful Speaking Voice Challenge. I’d like to work on my speaking voice for the next 2 months. The goal is to have a better, clearer, and more powerful speaking voice in 60 days. I’d like to start eliminating the ‘umm’s, uh’s and like’s, as well as correcting bad pronunciation. I want to work on speaking from the diaphragm. 

Here’s what the challenge entails:

  • I’m going to use Bob Corff’s Speaker’s Voice Method program every day. It’ll be about a 30 minute commitment. This program was recommended to me by a friend. It seems legit thus far.
  • I’ll be doing a minimum 1 podcast a week (see next announcement), starting January 1st – Feb. 28th. (total of 8 – I’ll probably want to do more)
  • I’ll do a minimum of 4 webinars.
  • And I need to write and film a minimum of 4 sales videos for my different businesses.

I figure doing all these things will help greatly improve my speaking voice over the next 2 months.

5. Announcing the Sex, Money, Six Packs Podcast. I want to talk more and improve my voice. And, I want to interact with more bad ass people… so what better way than to start a podcast? And an oddly named podcast at that.

My goal is to get experts on the call and do some candid interviews. The Sex, Money, Six Packs podcast will be casual but very informative. I want listeners (you) to walk away with actionable info you can use immediately to improve your life. I already have a few awesome guests lined up.

I’m still getting things setup but that will be ready very soon.

Should be a fun 2012!

What do you think? Sound good?

Announcement: Launch

Hey guys,

This is just a quick post to announce a website I’ve been working on:

Man Challenges is essentially a way for me to a) document some of the goals & experiments I’m working on and b) inspire (& hopefully push) guys to take action towards achieving their own goals.

A bit more about the site:

Over the past several years I’ve seen myself and others achieve goals insanely FAST. You’d be really surprised what can be accomplished with 1-3 months of dedicated effort.

But the problem I’ve seen countless times in friends, colleagues, customers, and really any guy I meet in life is that they have all these goals for themselves and their lives but they fail to follow through.

I’m extremely interested in how to get, not only myself, but other people like you to take action. To achieve. Why some people get everything they want and others fall short.

At Man Challenges I want to help push you along and motivate you. And sometimes the best way to do that is to show you what’s possible.

So follow along as I achieve my goals and take part. Get involved. Achieve what you want. That’s what I’m about and that’s what is about.

As you might know, I’m currently on another round of the Hollywood Physique. For the last 50 days I’ve been taking pictures and monitoring my progress over on the Man Challenges site. The ‘Hollywood Physique Challenge’ is my first challenge on the site. Hopefully you can help me pick what the next one is going to be and ideally, you’ll join in as well.

Go check it out and let me know what you think.

>> Click here for