Find Your Focus: Stress-Free Productivity For #Winners

I have something powerful that you should add to your daily productivity systems.

Picture yourself…

…grabbing coffee, sitting down to work, and immediately getting down to business. No time wasting. No going down rabbit holes. Just solid, productive work that leaves you satisfied and gives you a sense of accomplishment.

Imagine getting more done in an hour and a half than most people get done in a whole day… Then, being able to fully relax and enjoy your down time.

Friends, this is no fairy-tale.

This serene state of existence is real.

I’ve been personally experiencing it thanks to Zach Browman’s Find Your Focus system.

(I had a longer video up…almost 20 minutes describing Zach’s system and how I’m using it but my friends (*cough* Sean Ogle) told me it was SUPER boring so I took it down. They told me to just send you to Zach’s video because it does a really good job of selling you on it, so that’s what I’ll do.)

(I tried to find the best screenshot of Zach that I could… I think I accomplished that. Haha)

You can check his video out here: Find Your Focus Video

I’ll say this.

I’m like any other entrepreneur or small businessman I know: I’m always looking for that extra edge. I’d love to spend less time at the computer and more time outside of the online world living my life. But procrastination forces me back into the online world and keeps me chained to my desk… not by someone else like a boss, but by my own mind and guilt for not getting stuff done.

Many times when I’m away from my computer I can’t fully relax… that is until I found Find Your Focus.

You’ll see once you have FYF that Zach probably has very similar productivity reading lists to yours… but he’s taken things to a new level with it… he’s gone deep in to psychology… and what he’s created is elegant.

Admittedly when I first heard about FYF I was skeptical as shit. Zach’s in a marketing mastermind that I belong to and when he told us about his product I was thinking, “yeah right man”. Or, more correctly… “This will be for everyone else. It’s not for me. I know all the productivity B.S. and it’s just that… B.S.”

But then I watched his video…

And dammit, I watched the whole thing… which doesn’t really happen to me anymore. He hooked me in. I literally procrastinated on doing other things so I could watch the video (which turned out to be a good decision in this case).

So I got the product from Zach expecting to learn some new tricks. And I did. I learned a bunch of new stuff I’d never heard before. And he meshed it all with the old tactics I knew. I was thinking it was going to be same old same old for me. I’d implement his techniques for a few days and then that would be it. I’d go back to my old ways and bad habits.

It always seems to happen. You get the next shiny object, you get pumped on it for awhile… and then bam… back to reality.

Well I’ve fallen off the wagon a few times, but I continually come back to Find Your Focus.

It’s too rewarding NOT to come back to it.

And that’s a big point of the program… being rewarded for being productive. (Most other people are trying to punish themselves to be more productive… which is a bad idea.)

Just go watch the video if you feel like you procrastinate at times.

It’s an awesome program and Zach is a great guy. I wish I would have a) had this product years ago and b) created it.

Trust me, when you join FYF you’ll feel you belong to a “secret” club of uber-hustlers. You’ll look around at all the other procrastinators and scoff! “If they only knew…”

>> Watch Zach’s video and learn about 4 productivity killing mistakes:

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If you’re looking to become a better salesman in general (a good idea), the combo of CopyHour and Find Your Focus will make you unstoppable.

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Your Mind Is Desperately Trying To Make You Rich

Make sure you pay close attention to this short story as I’ll SUBTLY reveal some life lessons (beyond the main point) that will make you an “Optimized-Man-Baller”… and possibly very rich.

Yesterday I mowed the shit out of some lawn.

The riding mower was on the fritz so I pulled out the push-type one.

The lawn is big so 3 hours later, after walking a ton, I was done.

It’s fantastic to do yard work. A) it feels like ‘real’ work. Getting away from the computer is absolutely necessary for nerds like myself and B) it gives me the opportunity to listen to interviews, I Love Marketing episodes, or audiobooks.

So I spent about 3 straight hours behind the mower.

Last night I got in bed and closed my eyes to fall asleep. As I lay there my mind drifted to the mower. I was back in the yard, mowing. I could hear the engine. I could feel my hands on the metal grip.

You’ve likely experienced this before: after hours of doing something — like riding in a boat — you feel as though you’re still in that experience as you go to bed.

Or, if you work intensely for a hours a day, or study really hard, your thoughts at night drift towards your work.

Your mind is in ‘that world’ without really any conscious effort.

NOW… think about how you spend the majority of your time.

The activities you do during the day undoubtedly carry with you to your sleep.

If you harbor negative thoughts regularly, they’re subconsciously (and possibly consciously) reappearing as you sleep.

If you hate your line of work… going there every day is just going to make you better at it, keep your mind focused on it, and make it that much more difficult to transition out of it.

Beyond the dangers, you might see how you could positively leverage this knowledge.

If there’s something you want, you’ve got to spend HOURS (not minutes) a day not just thinking about it, but also practicing it.

And if you’re consistent, you’ll also be focused on it during your rest time.

Not enough hours in the day you say? Bull shit. You’re practicing in your sleep.

One minute spent practicing negative thought patterns might translate into hours.

One hour spent practicing self-improvement behaviors might translate into several hours.

Your mind wants to make you rich, bitch, now pay attention.

Are You Making Unintelligent Decisions In Your Life?

I’m writing out a famous ad by hand for Copy Hour titled, “About This Stock And Bond Business…”

The ad essentially just provides a crash course on what stocks and bonds are, and how the whole business works.

Here’s an excerpt:

“What are common stocks worth? That depends on what people are willing to pay for them…(which is) largely determined by one factor – earnings. That includes what the company has earned (its past record), what it is earning (its present state of health), and what it might earn (its prospects for the future).”

This got me thinking: why don’t we apply and evaluate most everything in our lives based on these factors?

Business Opportunities

Evaluating a business opportunity based on past, present, and future factors is a no brainer right? You wouldn’t think so based on what decisions people ultimately make. We always try to think intrinsically – what’s my passion? If your passion is VCR repair, then you’re shit out of luck.

Let’s run a VCR repair business through the past, present, future test:

  • Past earnings? Great.
  • Current earnings? Shit.
  • Future earnings? Dog shit.

This applies to so much more than business (just like my last post on the 6k System For Attracting Millions & Models).

Building Muscle

Let’s evaluate our current physical shape. Are we happy with it? If no, then let’s look at the workout plan we’re using and the results it has produced.

  • Past workout results? OK. Gained some muscle.
  • Current workout results? Not great. Stalled.
  • Future results? Probably not great.

The next step would be evaluate the diet plan based on past, present, and future. With every decision there are multiple factors to run through this test.

(If you need a workout plan that produces results, you know what I recommend: Hollywood Physique)

Attracting Women

Let’s evaluate a girl we’re interested in dating. And let’s say we’re at the point where we’re looking for a woman to mother our children.

We probably have some set criteria that we want in that woman. We’d look at each feature we’d want in this woman and run it through the past, present, and future test.

Let’s say we want a woman who is faithful because we want to be sure we’re only providing for children that are ours.

Example girl’s:

  • Past faithfulness? Cheated on her ex boyfriend with you.
  • Current faithfulness? Faithful.
  • Future faithfulness? Unsure. Probably all good.

Now, maybe this girl has a bright future of faithfulness. What you need to determine is how predictive you think past actions are of future actions. There’s a lot to weigh.

But can you afford NOT to do this?

Are You Being Intelligent?

The ad goes on to say, looking at these factors is something the “intelligent” investor does. Why don’t we expect ourselves, or force ourselves, to be “intelligent” in our life choices? Life is pretty important right?

36 Reasons Why You’re NOT WINNING

  1. You aren’t willing to pay for things.
  2. You wont exchange for value for value.
  3. You pirate without thought.
  4. You don’t value thought.
  5. You worship losers, drug addicts, celebrities with no real talent, and lazy people.
  6. You think it’s nearly impossible to build wealth without being evil in some way.
  7. You think capitalism is evil.
  8. You look at wealth creation as a sacrifice of all the fun things in life.
  9. You think business coaches are snake oil salesman.
  10. You don’t continue to learn every day.
  11. You don’t read books.
  12. You desperately await getting home to watch television.
  13. You destroy yourself because it’s easier than building yourself up.
  14. Your self-esteem is tied entirely to what others think of you.
  15. You don’t think self-esteem should be tied to productive work.
  16. You don’t chose your work, it choses you.
  17. You think ‘working’ is a terrible thing.
  18. You use the word “workaholic”.
  19. You never actually produce anything yourself.
  20. You sacrifice yourself for others.
  21. You think that being of service to others is the highest moral good in life.
  22. You give your time to others in order to be polite.
  23. You want things NOW that you know you don’t deserve.
  24. You don’t find excitement in the knowledge that the things you want aren’t going to be handed to you.
  25. You feel sorry for your parents & grandparents because they worked so hard in the ‘system’ that now supports you.
  26. You don’t understand what money represents.
  27. You have no principles.
  28. You allow ‘gray areas’ in your life.
  29. You allow others to set your principles/morals/ethics for you.
  30. You think you’ll be happy sitting on a beach with a margarita your whole life.
  31. You just said to yourself…”Well a margarita sounds pretty good actually.”
  32. You knowingly commit self-sabotage & destruction.
  33. You have no path in life. You float.
  34. You envy those who are smarter than you.
  35. You wont try to work with people who are smarter than you.
  36. You give up because all of this sounds hard.

If You Want Something…

…forget the noise and go get it.

Sean Ogle is internet-famous.

He inspired this picture and this blog, “Ogling Everywhere“.

You’ll have to click over to the blog to see what this is about.

Why did he inspire this? I’m betting that a big part of it is the fact that humans latch on to people who 1) know what they want and 2) take steps towards getting it.

Sean wanted something…to run a business from anywhere in the world… and people latched on to him. They want to be near him.

It shocks me… most of us don’t know what we want.

I just know I’ll probably never be drinking out of that wine glass again.

Do some digging and this post will make a lot more sense.


Anatomy Of A Successful Physique Transformation

Let me show you the simplest and fastest way to a WINNING physique transformation…

Read that again. Simple & fast… Not EASY.

(Before you continue, make sure you read my notes on physical appearances, whether or not they’re important, and how they can be used.)

Now, before you learn the HOW & WHAT of transforming, I’m going to show you the WHY. I’ll deconstruct WHY certain physique transformations are successful and why most fail. And when you see WHY I have succeeded (and WHY many others who followed a similar system succeeded), you’ll be armed for your own massive success during the HOW.

Here are the things that will make your transformation successful. I’ll illustrate each point with my own successful transformation.

(You’ll notice that these points closely match this self-improvement video post.)

Have A Mission

Set a VERY SPECIFIC GOAL (including a REAL DEADLINE) with a COMPELLING REASON for achieving that goal.

During my last transformation, my goal was specifically to look as good (be as lean & muscular) as Justin Timberlake was in the movie ‘Friends With Benefits’ by January 1st (Exactly 91 days). Embarrassing fucking goal? Yes. Definitely. But specific? Very.

Did I get there? I think so. Am I as talented and good looking as JT…debatable.

justin timberlake friends with benefits

hollywood physique

Your goal can’t be loose, ie “I’d like to get toned.” or “I’d like to lose my belly fat.”

Go deep amigos. Get uber specific.

My recommendation is to pick a picture of someone you’d like to look like, and aim for a similar physique.

Then place a deadline on that goal – if you’re using a workout program it’ll likely be split up into 1-3 month time periods so the deadlines are nicely set for you. Even better is to have a beach vacation or trip or special occasion in mind. Events seem to increase motivation because you’ll be ‘on display’ and under scrutiny of the world.

Now, IMPORTANTLY, you have to have a compelling reason for your goal.

Some compelling reasons:

  • Sex
  • Avoiding pain and rejection
  • Not dying
  • Money (up to a certain amount)
  • Sex

Often times ‘health’ just isn’t enough (especially if you’re young). There’s got to be some greed and/or vanity to make it compelling enough.

My compelling reasons were monetary and for vanity reasons. I knew that if I had a great transformation, I could help others do the same and make referral commissions. So in a way, I depended on the transformation to put food in my mouth. Pretty serious motivation, right? I also wanted to optimize my physical appearance for influence and power reasons.

These are some compelling reasons to get me off my ass! MONEY & POWER.

Gotta Have A Plan

Now you need a definitive plan. It has to be detailed and specific. It has to be written out and clearly referenced.

You need a workout program.

Find yourself a workout program that is going to get you to your desired result (that picture you found). Don’t take advice from people you don’t want to look like. If you want to look like Ronnie Coleman, then listen to his advice and slam roids… but if you don’t want that body, tune him out.

Pay For That Plan

“If you don’t pay, you don’t pay attention.” – Joe Polish

This might be controversial: You need a plan and you need to pay for it. You need to slap down some dough. I’m not telling you this to sell you on The Hollywood Physique. I’m telling you about human nature.

How many free ebooks do you have sitting on your computer that have never been read? How often do you follow the specific advice in my free blog posts?

My guess… not often.

How many people have succeeded on THP who didn’t PAY for entry? Exactly ZERO. The most dramatic transformations have come from the buyers.

If you pay for something you’ll value it more.

This is why you shouldn’t pirate stuff either, but that’s the topic of another blog post.

Know Yourself

Make sure to list out your flaws & install safeguards.

The program you chose should address your physical flaws.

But you should also think about any mental ‘flaws’ that might hold you back. Any foods that might tempt you. Any social events that might be tough to manage. List out everything that might prevent you from achieving your goal.

Now put safeguards in place to make sure you don’t cheat. Often, this can just be the ‘principles’ laid out in your workout/diet program.

You might need to develop your own, firm, principles: I can only eat X, Y, Z… NOTHING ELSE.

Public Accountability

Now you have to tell people about your goal. But chose wisely. Don’t allow people to give you props for just having a goal. How sad is this world that people who have goals are automatically seen as more awesome people?

Tell friends (probably not family) about what you’re going to do. If you can post to a forum that’s even better.

Take your shirt off and put yourself out there.

My example: I had Man Challenges.

To Recap

So here it is:

  1. Have a mission: A specific goal.
  2. Have a compelling reason for getting the body you want. Making an ex girlfriend jealous will suffice.
  3. Have a deadline for that goal.
  4. Have a definitive, clear plan in place.
  5. Pay for the plan if possible.
  6. List out your ‘flaws’ and install safeguards (often just SOLID principles).
  7. Hold yourself publicly accountable.
Now go do it!
– Derek
PS. If you need help choosing a workout plan, hit me up on the contact form and tell me about yourself including previous experience, and I’ll make some recommendations.

And for obvious reasons, I think the best choice for you, loyal reader, is the Hollywood Physique.

5 Self-Improvement Ideas That FORCE You To WIN (Maybe)

The 5 self-improvement ideas I talked about:

  1. Live In Reality. Have a full understanding that world works like it should 99% of the time.
  2. Know Yourself. List your flaws. Address some. Accept some. Put safeguards in place
  3. Have A Mission. Have a defined plan to achieve it.
  4. Embrace Public Accountability
  5. Be Prolific



Evil Scheming

Read before reading: Income Goals.

Before I begin this post, know that I’m not delusional.

I feel like many people out there have an unrealistic view of what it takes to start an ‘online business’… as if there’s a magical difference between online and offline. It’s true you can get up and running quicker with an online biz, but that don’t mean shit if you don’t know shit about shit.

Building a business takes time, resources, hustle, knowledge, implementation, etc.

My main businesses thus far have really been creating tiny businesses (publishing).

The income that I’ll be creating for this project, to reach $123.70, will be a business too. But it will be an affiliate-based business, with a service component.

You can probably guess which direction I’m headed…

I’ll be selling the Hollywood Physique and other ‘fitness-model-look’ bodybuilding products as an affiliate and offering my services as online motivational & tactical coach. (The service aspect turns me on simply because I’d like to deconstruct the model of online coaching more.) My challenge is going to be keeping my hours fairly low – affiliate marketing can definitely make that a *possibility*. The service aspect complicates that a bit, but I’m interested in it.

I guess you could say I’m already in business and just deciding to invest a bit more effort into this endeavor. The market is right. There’s lots of money being spent. The competition is heavy but horrible. And I’ve got the chops.

Now, I’m already making a fairly consistent income with Hollywood Physique sales and coaching. But I’m not at $123.70 per day.

With the imminent price increase on THP, all this goal will really take is 2 ‘organic’ sales per day. Pretty sweet. But I’ll be spending money on advertising so we’ll see what the real numbers look like as things progress. Only time will tell.

I’ll possibly roll out a more complete plan here soon as I’m still formulating exactly what this business is going to look like or if I want to work off some of the seeds I’ve already planted – ie. or this blog. Shockingly, these things take some time & thought.

Income Goals

On Monday I had a pretty shocking realization.

I was on a phone call with a good friend and we were discussing our financial and lifestyle goals.

I quickly re-realized that since dissolving my last business venture about 8 months ago, I’ve essentially been ‘floating’. I’m *still* picking up the pieces and rebuilding. It’s been a slow process and I haven’t been 100% clear on what exactly I’m doing.

I’ve taken on a few projects here and there, I’m publishing and consulting, I’m studying & reading copious amounts of marketing and business training materials… but there hasn’t been a solid, well-defined goal and path.

I was surprised at the lackadaisical approach I’d taken towards my income goals.

But I believe that identifying the problem (and not ‘blanking out’ its existence) is half the battle. I’ve just been ‘making money’ over these months, without a set goal in mind. And since I know I can fairly accurately predict the future, it’s going to be more of the same unless I change something.

We eventually got to a point in the conversation where we decided to describe our realistic PERFECT day. A day that we could repeat ad nauseum for say 300 days a year, without tiring of it.

I began to name off the activities I’d like to do on such a day.

Mainly writing & producing new products, exercising, self-growth in some capacity through reading, learning, traveling, meeting ‘thinkers’, etc, and hanging with friends. Pretty simple and straight forward stuff for the most part.

(You’ve probably heard people talk about this exercise before and I suggest you do it. It was one of the more ‘freeing’ things I’ve done in a long time. )

Then I started attaching monetary values to each activity. I included all possible expenses, averaged out the infrequent activities (eating out, plane tickets), and included taxes…

…and what number did I come up with?

$123.70 per day.

I need $123.70 per day to fund my basic ‘ideal’ lifestyle – and set me up for bigger successes.

I re-checked the numbers thinking something was wrong…

They weren’t. That’s the number I need: $3711.00 per month and $45,150.50 per year to be totally, 100% happy and content, and to have a future where the potential of making much, much, more is still real and possible.

And the cool part is that without even consciously paying attention or having set goals, some months I’m already well over this number.

I was shocked at how long it’s taken me to come to this realization. And, I was shocked at just how little I need to be ‘cool’.

And now that I know the goal, I know what to do.

(I fully understand that this goal will likely change over-time but that’s OK. I’ll adjust when necessary.)

So what I’m going to do now is build a (low-stress) business that produces $123.70 of semi-passive income per day so that I can focus on my larger goals with more clarity.

And in the next post I’ll let you in on my plans.

How To Predict The Future

In this post I’d like to talk about how to predict the future (in a legit way, not through ‘magic’).

This is a pretty terrific lecture by Sebastian Marshall: Anticipating The Future

Among some other well illustrated points, Sebastian talks about anticipating and predicting the future by analyzing the past.

I’d like to discuss other portions of his lecture in more depth in the future, but for now I’ll say this: I’m in 100% agreement with Sebastian.

I believe that with close analysis, the near future is anywhere from 90-99% predictable.

Sam Carpenter of Work the System presents the idea that 99% of the time the world works exactly as expected. The world is NOT NEARLY AS CHAOTIC as we think. When you flip a light switch, 99% of the time you get light.

Armed with the idea that the world works how it’s supposed to most of the time, you can assume that if a ‘system’ you followed in the past worked (produced a result), it will produce the same result again, 99% of the time.

If you can identify the system at play, you can implement it again, and you’ll come out the other side (in the future) with close to 99% certainty of the end result.

Predicting the future becomes fairly straight forward and easy.

Of course the hard part… the tricky part… is identifying the systems at work in the first place. Sometimes it takes years. Sometimes you get it right on the first try. And you might need to struggle and grind the years out to get enough data to analyze.

But, the cool part is, is that if you’re unhappy with some portion of your life, you can pretty assuredly say, “My system for that is not producing the result I want. Let’s look at it. And let’s change it.”

Tying this all to my situation:

I’ve used the Hollywood Physique twice now – both times seeing incredible fat loss and muscle gains.

With 99% accuracy, I can predict (if I follow the program exactly as before), what I’ll look like in 3 months. I can predict the future.

Pretty wild, right?

Of course, I’ll have to plan and account for any adaptations my body has made or differing environmental factors. So, maybe my accuracy drops to 90%.

But how valuable would being able to predict the future with 90% accuracy be for your life?

Once this concept is grasped a major shift takes place. A shift I’m experiencing and moving towards myself. The shift calls for close analysis of life events and recognition of the systems at work in my life. It calls for careful measurement. It calls for religious documentation. It calls for 80/20 analysis of EVERYTHING. It calls for massive action and implementation once effective systems are identified.

Think about this: how many of the most successful people in the world wrote a journal and measured their successes and failures? A lot.

If you know what’s working, you can focus on repeating those things (those systems), and you can begin to predict what your life will be like 3-6-12 months later with insane accuracy, possible 90-99%.

You can also look at what’s not working in your life, go back in history to find the cause, and work to fix what’s broken.

>> Check out Sebastian’s lecture on his website.

>> Check out Sebastian’s book on Amazon.

photo credit: Express Monorail via photopin cc