Beginnings: The First Post

When I was in high school one of my professors told the class to “live uncomfortably.” I paid no attention. I continued to live comfortably. Since that time my life has progressed something like this:

  • I graduated high school with straight A’s and went to community college. I didn’t go away for college because it was safer to live at home and go to community college than to venture out.
  • In community college I changed my course of study twice. I switched from communication studies to music and right back again. My dad and I agreed that it would be extremely difficult to make money as a musician. Best get a “normal” degree.
  • In Fall 2006 I transferred to UCLA. I did the intelligent thing: I interned every quarter to ensure I had a job waiting for me when I graduated.
  • After college, I landed myself a “real job” working 9-6. The paychecks started rolling in on the 1st and 15th. Simple and easy.

This is of course an abridged version of my life over the past several years. There have been intermitent times where I have explored and experimented and lived. I’ve traveled, jumped out of a plane, and I have even got laid a couple times. But overall, its been a pretty typical American life based on comfort and stability.

This life path works for some people but I would argue that the vast majority of us are unhappy in it. We’re all so unhappy that our discontent becomes our new reality. Thus any fleeting moment of joy we experience is false happiness. Our lives are just slightly less shitty for that moment in time.

I have decided that this must change (and it will). The routine and the day to day boredom is toxic. But there is hope with the “live uncomfortably” mindset.

I’m going to live each day forward challenging myself to do certain things that are uncomfortable for me. I have many goals relating to social skills, weight training, music, business and on and on. By forcing myself out of comfort zones and habits, I can grow in all of these areas (i.e. talking to new people, lifting heavier weights, it all applies!).

I hope this blog might inspire you as well. I plan to post daily challenges for everyone to try, but in meantime I will just write 2-3 articles a week documenting my experiences and thoughts.

Push yourself everyday to do things that you don’t necessarily want to, and you can not help but grow!

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