This Phrase Is A Steaming Pile Of Horse Shit: “Sell Without Selling”

  • When I was 9 years old I wanted to be a professional baseball player.
  • When I was 13 years old I was convinced I would play basketball professionally.
  • When I was 17 I wanted to be a rockstar.

Obviously, I do all three of these things professionally now in my 20’s.

This article will talk about the secrets behind my success as a dual-sport professional athlete & rockstar.

/end joke

Everybody (myself included) wants things that we aren’t willing to work for and flat out don’t deserve.

I’d say I was working 95% harder than most people at baseball, basketball and especially guitar. The end result was me being “pretty good” at all these things and nothing more. Because in order to be a professional, we all know that you have to work harder than 99% of the general population… in some cases 99.9%.

This idea of working hard at sports is generally accepted. It’s not a hard concept to understand.

But for some reason people wont accept this when it comes to biznass…

In my copywriting course, I send people to sales letters that are juggernauts. Sales letters, ads, and websites that are selling MILLIONS of dollars worth of product per month.

And yet, I’ll get heavy aversion from certain people.

“I would never buy this. I cannot learn a thing from this ad. Send me something else.”

The same people that are struggling to make ends meet and sell stuff… refuse to look at a proven sales letter that sells [a lot of] stuff.

You sir… are an idiot.

It’s like a pro quarterback saying, “I will not look at game tapes… or, I will not look at how other successful quarterbacks throw the ball because I don’t want to throw like that.”

If you want to make money, what do you need?


If you don’t have sales, you don’t have a business.

Yet, we all want to sell stuff without selling.


This “sell without selling” phrase is a major bullet-point you’ll see savvy marketers use. They know how much people have an aversion to selling.

“Sell stuff without selling” is the equivalent of a trainer telling an athlete to “build muscle without moving”. (Which, incidentally, is why diet pills sell).

(Yes, yes, yes you don’t have to be an asshole when you sell — it should be a consultative process with equal value exchanged on both sides. Yes. Smart people know that.)

If an athlete wants to be a pro, he practices hard and learns everything he can about the sport. If a guitarist wants to write beautiful music, he practices hard and learns everything he can about music.

If a person wants to start a successful business… does he avoid learning how to sell? Does he try to “sell without selling”?

Get real amigo.

How Maneesh Sethi Wrote The Infamous “Craigslist Slapper” Article – And How You Can Use The Same Principles To Get Massive Traffic & Close More Sales

Alright, it might not technically be “infamous”, but blogger Maneesh Sethi recently wrote an article titled, “Why I Hired A Girl On Craigslist To Slap Me In the Face – And Why It Quadrupled My Productivity”.

On last check that article has almost 8,000 Facebook shares and has been Tweeted close to 2,000 times. Plus, the story has been mentioned dozens of times in mainstream media outlets (you’ll have to check with Maneesh for the exact numbers). I was back home in California a few weeks ago, casually listening to the radio, when a teaser popped up for Maneesh’s story.

How’d Maneesh do it?

That’s a question I’ll be asking him on a webinar we’re doing this Thursday, January 31st at 3:00pm PST / 6:00pm EST.

I want to know the reasons why he wrote: “Why I Hired A Girl On Craiglist To Slap Me…” instead of “Why I Hired A Girl To Slap Me…”.

Beyond those questions, Maneesh and I are going to talk about what we think are the best & fastest ways to learn copywriting, and we’ll talk about any of secret-sauce strategies we have for driving traffic and closing sales.

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How To Shamelessly Sell Products To Entrepreneurs, Internet Marketers, & Businesses

(I don’t always sell products to entrepreneurs… but when I do… I do it sock-less)

“Derek, what right do you have to sell products that help businesses? You don’t run a Fortune 500?”

The instant that you start selling your expertise in any way, people will question you. Overtly & covertly.

And that’s great!

I do the same thing when I’m looking for guidance or a solution.

Jay’s Story

There’s a story Jay Abraham tells of a car wash dealer who’s looking to increase revenues.

Jay looked at his business and realized that this guy had the best system he’d ever seen for upselling clients into the different services & the more expensive packages that the car wash offered.

“Package that shit up!” Jay said (in more eloquent words).

So the car wash dealer started teaching his methods to other car wash owners and bam: money in the bank.

Was this guy running the biggest ring of car wash dealerships in the world when he sold his upsell system?


Were the other car wash dealers worried about that?


They were more worried about the system he was teaching and whether or not it got them their desired result.

Now, if the original car wash dealer was running the biggest company and had all kinds of credibility indicators, etc… he’d probably have an easier time getting in front of the other dealers… but… the point is he had something valuable to sell, so he sold it.

Back to me

(because it’s all about me)

I proudly sell products to entrepreneurs. <–Click to Tweet.

There are certain things that I’d never sell, like an ultimate business mastery program on how to grow your profits from nothing into the billions!

Why? Because I haven’t done that nor have I worked with or consulted with someone who’s done that.

But there are a few core things that I’m freaking phenomenal at and a lot of other people can’t touch what I’ve done. So why not package that up and sell it?

This is important: what you sell has to be extremely helpful, especially if it’s not just a “tool” but a system based around knowledge of any kind. You should be certain that what you sell is unique, valuable, and will actually makes businesses money. That’s what it’s all about.


1. My process for attracting interns was the BEST.

2. My framework for creating killer products… and organizing the structure of an online course is the BEST I’ve found.

(Click to see the larger testimonial image)

And it was the reason I started working with a now defunct publishing company.

Sean Ogle had me help him create a mini-course on information products inside his product Location Rebel mainly because of that framework.

4. CopyHour is literally the BEST way to learn how to write sales copy, period. Look at the testimonials on my sales page.


The other benefit of selling products to entrepreneurs is that I get to hang out with them. I’d rather be getting to know a market full of entrepreneurs than pretty much any other market.

I love getting approached at a business meetup by people who have purchased one of my products. I love being able to talk about how it has helped them.

That’s awesome.

So, all you haters out there know this: I proudly sell products to entrepreneurs.

Photo cred: timshef74

Find Your Focus: Stress-Free Productivity For #Winners

I have something powerful that you should add to your daily productivity systems.

Picture yourself…

…grabbing coffee, sitting down to work, and immediately getting down to business. No time wasting. No going down rabbit holes. Just solid, productive work that leaves you satisfied and gives you a sense of accomplishment.

Imagine getting more done in an hour and a half than most people get done in a whole day… Then, being able to fully relax and enjoy your down time.

Friends, this is no fairy-tale.

This serene state of existence is real.

I’ve been personally experiencing it thanks to Zach Browman’s Find Your Focus system.

(I had a longer video up…almost 20 minutes describing Zach’s system and how I’m using it but my friends (*cough* Sean Ogle) told me it was SUPER boring so I took it down. They told me to just send you to Zach’s video because it does a really good job of selling you on it, so that’s what I’ll do.)

(I tried to find the best screenshot of Zach that I could… I think I accomplished that. Haha)

You can check his video out here: Find Your Focus Video

I’ll say this.

I’m like any other entrepreneur or small businessman I know: I’m always looking for that extra edge. I’d love to spend less time at the computer and more time outside of the online world living my life. But procrastination forces me back into the online world and keeps me chained to my desk… not by someone else like a boss, but by my own mind and guilt for not getting stuff done.

Many times when I’m away from my computer I can’t fully relax… that is until I found Find Your Focus.

You’ll see once you have FYF that Zach probably has very similar productivity reading lists to yours… but he’s taken things to a new level with it… he’s gone deep in to psychology… and what he’s created is elegant.

Admittedly when I first heard about FYF I was skeptical as shit. Zach’s in a marketing mastermind that I belong to and when he told us about his product I was thinking, “yeah right man”. Or, more correctly… “This will be for everyone else. It’s not for me. I know all the productivity B.S. and it’s just that… B.S.”

But then I watched his video…

And dammit, I watched the whole thing… which doesn’t really happen to me anymore. He hooked me in. I literally procrastinated on doing other things so I could watch the video (which turned out to be a good decision in this case).

So I got the product from Zach expecting to learn some new tricks. And I did. I learned a bunch of new stuff I’d never heard before. And he meshed it all with the old tactics I knew. I was thinking it was going to be same old same old for me. I’d implement his techniques for a few days and then that would be it. I’d go back to my old ways and bad habits.

It always seems to happen. You get the next shiny object, you get pumped on it for awhile… and then bam… back to reality.

Well I’ve fallen off the wagon a few times, but I continually come back to Find Your Focus.

It’s too rewarding NOT to come back to it.

And that’s a big point of the program… being rewarded for being productive. (Most other people are trying to punish themselves to be more productive… which is a bad idea.)

Just go watch the video if you feel like you procrastinate at times.

It’s an awesome program and Zach is a great guy. I wish I would have a) had this product years ago and b) created it.

Trust me, when you join FYF you’ll feel you belong to a “secret” club of uber-hustlers. You’ll look around at all the other procrastinators and scoff! “If they only knew…”

>> Watch Zach’s video and learn about 4 productivity killing mistakes:

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  • Anybody who knows that ‘following your passion’ is stupid advice if there’s no money to be made in that space.
  • Someone who has tried to test or create a sales page for a product and failed.
  • People who WANT TO WORK and don’t expect passive income to come immediately.

Sean and I want to have an honest discussion and help you identify whether information products are a good option for you. For MOST info publishing is NOT a good idea. But the right person can make a killing. See why on the webinar…

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The #1 Most Over-Looked Sentence In The 4 Hour Work Week

The following sentence is the most over-looked, forgotten, or ignored sentence in all of the 4 hour work week:

Muses are low maintenance but often expensive in one or both of two tactical areas: manufacturing and advertising.

Most don’t seem to get this. They try to build everything for free.

TIME ISN’T FREE and often costs you more money.

Why Are People Afraid Of Paid Advertising?

Because they’re bad marketers.

Why don’t you stop blogging and learn marketing and copywriting?

Nothing Is Perfect… Everything Is Perfect

I’ve been watching some baseball with my pops over the last week.

The announcers were talking between pitches about certain types of players. They were saying that everybody’s fighting through some aches and pains during a 162 game season. And that some guys simply aren’t cut out to be ‘every day players’.

Some guys simply can’t produce when they’re not feeling 100%. But the truly great players, the hall of famers, the legends, they can produce even if they’re not at 100%.


And then last night I watched the NBA finals.

Despite what you think of Lebron James (and the shitty refereeing), the dude is a legend. He went down towards the end of the game with cramps or knee problems or whatever. He was obviously hobbled and in some pain.

Then, on half a leg, he drained a big three pointer.


You have to learn to be productive in un-ideal situations.

Nothing is ever going to be perfect. As you age you’re going to have less energy. You’re going to have some aches and pains – physically and mentally.

Accept it now.

Nothing is perfect… Everything is perfect.

The only thing you can do is get it done… or don’t. Your choice.


Why Even The Best Offers SUCK

I’m visiting my parents in northern California at the moment. They live on a lake with water sports – boating, jet skiing, etc.

The other day I was down at the dock, getting all crispy, working on my tan.

Two of my parent’s neighbors, a husband and wife, came down to ride their jet skis.

As they were prepping to go out, they told me, “Derek, you can ride these jet skis anytime. You can come get the keys from our house whenever and take the jet ski out as long as you like. There’s a gas can over there. Here’s where we keep the lifevests. Take ’em out whenever you want. Now. Tomorrow. Fourth of July. Whenever.”

I was polite and said, “Thank you. That’s very nice of you. That’d be great.”

On the inside however, I felt a bit uncomfortable about the offer. It would mean I’d have to take action to ‘borrow’ something from them…something big and expensive. Essentially, I’d be asking for a HUGE favor every time I asked to ride the jet ski. Although it was a fantastically nice and generous offer, it’s a difficult one for me accept.

When they got back about 30 minutes later, the wife came over to me and said, “You’re next.” And she practically forced me to get on the jet ski. She gave me a lifevest. She handed me the keys and showed me the basics of using the jet ski.

And in a matter of moments I was out on the water.

This offer was different. It wasn’t me going to them to ask for the keys. It was them handing me the keys, saying, “Go for it… NOW!”

If these were extremely close friends of the family, I’d have no problem with the first offer. The second offer, however, more closely suits the nature of our relationship.

I’m not going to ask to borrow your expensive toy no matter how much you tell me it’s OK and you don’t care. If you reverse it, and practically force me to use it, then of course I’ll use it.

Now, our other neighbors, who are related to the husband and wife, heard that I used the jet ski.

I was walking by their house and they stopped me. The woman said to me, “Hey, we have a boat that’s just sitting down there. Why don’t you and your dad take it out? You can use it whenever you want.”

This was the same offer and do you see how hard it is to take?

This is an incorrect way to frame offers.

A more correct offer would be something along the lines of, “Hey, we have a boat down there. Why don’t we take you and your family out for a ride?”

I really don’t want to take out your $30,000 dollar boat by myself when I don’t really know you that well. But I’ll take a ride in it with you whenever you want.

This also highlights the importance of sequence.

  • First, offer to take us on a few rides.
  • Second, at some point, offer to let me drive.
  • Third, come to me later and hand me the keys. Force me to take it out. I’ll feel much more comfortable at that point.

Dean Jackson has a brilliant little metaphor for offers like this — say you’re at a friend’s house and he says, “Hey, there’s food in the fridge, help yourself” vs. him walking up to you with a platter of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and saying, “Would you like a cookie?”. In the first scenario you’d feel uncomfortable ‘helping yourself’. In the second scenario you’d feel awkward turning the cookie down.

Even if your offer is out of this world, if you present it incorrectly, in a way that makes the prospective client feel awkward, you’ll lose them.

People don’t want to use up other’s time or resources (things tend to change when it’s friends & family). I don’t want you to lose money doing something for me. I don’t want you to lose hours of your day doing something for me.

But if you just do it, and offer it to me, giving me little choice NOT to accept, then I’ll love you forever.

Think about that.


Hacking The High Life Video Review With Sean Ogle

Sean Ogle is releasing his new membership site, Hacking the High Life today. Hacking the High Life shows you how to get ridiculous deals and live a luxurious lifestyle on a backpacker’s budget.

I got a chance to sit down with Sean in Playa del Carmen, Mexico to film a quick Hacking the High Life review and overview.

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