Are You Getting The Credit You Deserve?

One of my new rituals is sitting down with my post-workout meal and studying mid-day infomercials.

I love it.

A couple days ago an ‘Insanity’ infomercial came on. ‘Insanity’ is ‘hardcore’ body weight workout program. They promise insane results to those who give insane effort.

So I’m sitting there watching and up pops the face of someone who looked familiar. I thought I recognized him from the The Hollywood Physique forum.

Then they showed his before/after shot.

I was shocked.

He was definitely a THP member.

His before picture was the same one he posted in the THP forum.


I’m not sure I have all the information, but from what I’ve gathered, this guy saw INSANE results on the Hollywood Physique. It’s documented — there are progressive sets of pictures (taken every Sunday), clearly showing his progress.

Then this guy went on to do Insanity and he thought his results went a bit further (in actuality, I think he looked better in his THP after shots before Insanity).

Here’s a dude on national television, providing his testimonial for a product (Insanity) that wasn’t what gave him the results.

The REAL results came on Clay’s Hollywood Physique

There’s no real motive behind this post and I’m not mad at this guy or anything. 

Here’s the point:

Unless he was motivated by ‘fame’ or being on TV… AND, assuming there’s nothing fishy going on… he attributed his RESULTS to the wrong product.

And all of us do this ALL THE TIME.

We fail to really understand where our results come from, and our failures.

I’ve been doing a tiny bit of experimentation with my diet over the past 3 weeks. And I noticed some interesting results (more to come later).

I caught myself thinking, “Wow, this new experiment is working like gang busters.”

In a way, it is. But the truth is, 80-90% of my workout results thus far can be attributed to the Hollywood Physique.

I’d be lying to myself, if I said otherwise.

The same goes for failures. We often accuse or blame products (especially information products) for our failures when there are a host of other variables at work.

On the flip side, when results come we tend to think of them as coming out of nowhere. If you suddenly have a business breakthrough, it doesn’t mean that all the previous teachers, products or things you learned in the past are irrelevant in comparison to the ‘latest’ thing you were using. We can partially thank advertisers for these thoughts, but the point remains: THINK before you fully ATTRIBUTE. And dammit, give Clay his due for creating the best results-oriented muscle building product around.

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