Hello all, I’m Derek

This is my blog and “live uncomfortably” is my motto. These simple words are what I now base my life and everyday decisions around.

Living Uncomfortably is doing the unaccustomed everyday to break the cycle of routine and boredom. In my eyes, this is the only way to grow and develop as a person. We must push ourselves each day to do things that aren’t necessarily within our comfort zones.

This blog will document my experiments and experiences using the words “live uncomfortably” as my guide.

You can contact me on Twitter.

12 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Derick (notice one “r” not two this time)

    Mike told me about your site and I think it’s great. I can’t wait to finish reading through it. So glad to hear you survived your haircut and that you really like it.
    Mike always teases me about the Fear Factor but I blame it on Motherhood…something just changes when you are caring about the lives of those you love. I talk to pretty much anybody, folks in line at the Post Office, grocery stores, restaurants etc but I don’t always carry on with those who start the conversation…it depends on the time of day, if I’m in a hurry (although I ALWAYS talk to old people) and truthfully, what they look like..it sounds bad but I admit it…some people are just scary looking!
    I’ve been reading the Oprah book, “A New Earth”, don’t laugh, it’s pretty good…a lot of what the author says, I’ve already known as common sense, much of it is pretty heavy and deep but most of it is uplifting with the basic idea of us, mankind, all getting along. I can pass it along when I’m finished if you’d like.

    Good luck and I’ll keep checking in on you. I guess we’ll be seeing you around Escondido for a little while soon.

    I’ll leave you with “You don’t live your life, but life lives you. Life is the dancer, and you are the dance”

    Monica – Mike’s mom

  2. Beans-

    You wanna live uncomfortably? That’s cool man.

    I have not had time to read all of your….writings yet, (G informed me of this site ~10 hrs ago, of which ~8 are annulled due to severe psychological/physical impairment, seriously!) but just from reading the post on your “Harvard” and from the titles of other postings, I get the impression that your site is, at minimum, entertaining.

    I’ll be back,


  3. so what kind of “juice” are you surving on with your fast? the picture of you by clay — well, you’re looking really skinny. don’t get too thin — there won’t be anything to hug. girls like a little meat on their men unusually.
    kathy and i want to go to a fat camp. can you devise one for us? you could be our trainer!

  4. Hi Derick, I’m Jessica. Let’s be friends. I’m travel blogging too, doing pretty similar stuff. Blogrolling you & will be back to read more.

    Happy trails…

  5. Hi Derek, Hope Thailand is treating you well. I’m sure the Thai women love your new improved physique. This is the only site I could find to contact U. I was subscribed to JBL newsletter under d1j1h8@mchsi.com. I moved. My new e-mail address is d1j1h8@hotmail.com. Can U please transfer my subscription to that address. Thanx.

  6. Hi Derek,

    My name is Alana and I am currently casting for a TLC show that focuses on unique hobbies and lifestyles. We are looking for dieters for a special episode.

    I saw your article about eating eggs 36 days in a row and found it fascinating. Do you still subscribe by this diet or know anyone else who does? Please feel free to contact me with your response at tlcobsessionshow@gmail.com



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