5 Self-Improvement Ideas That FORCE You To WIN (Maybe)

The 5 self-improvement ideas I talked about:

  1. Live In Reality. Have a full understanding that world works like it should 99% of the time.
  2. Know Yourself. List your flaws. Address some. Accept some. Put safeguards in place
  3. Have A Mission. Have a defined plan to achieve it.
  4. Embrace Public Accountability
  5. Be Prolific



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3 thoughts on “5 Self-Improvement Ideas That FORCE You To WIN (Maybe)”

  1. “Some of us aren’t just hardwired to be happy, we’ve got to work on it.”

    Very true. And winners aren’t usually hardwired to win, they just keep working at it. I like to realistic, no-nonsense approach in this video. Thanks Derek!

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