36 Reasons Why You’re NOT WINNING

  1. You aren’t willing to pay for things.
  2. You wont exchange for value for value.
  3. You pirate without thought.
  4. You don’t value thought.
  5. You worship losers, drug addicts, celebrities with no real talent, and lazy people.
  6. You think it’s nearly impossible to build wealth without being evil in some way.
  7. You think capitalism is evil.
  8. You look at wealth creation as a sacrifice of all the fun things in life.
  9. You think business coaches are snake oil salesman.
  10. You don’t continue to learn every day.
  11. You don’t read books.
  12. You desperately await getting home to watch television.
  13. You destroy yourself because it’s easier than building yourself up.
  14. Your self-esteem is tied entirely to what others think of you.
  15. You don’t think self-esteem should be tied to productive work.
  16. You don’t chose your work, it choses you.
  17. You think ‘working’ is a terrible thing.
  18. You use the word “workaholic”.
  19. You never actually produce anything yourself.
  20. You sacrifice yourself for others.
  21. You think that being of service to others is the highest moral good in life.
  22. You give your time to others in order to be polite.
  23. You want things NOW that you know you don’t deserve.
  24. You don’t find excitement in the knowledge that the things you want aren’t going to be handed to you.
  25. You feel sorry for your parents & grandparents because they worked so hard in the ‘system’ that now supports you.
  26. You don’t understand what money represents.
  27. You have no principles.
  28. You allow ‘gray areas’ in your life.
  29. You allow others to set your principles/morals/ethics for you.
  30. You think you’ll be happy sitting on a beach with a margarita your whole life.
  31. You just said to yourself…”Well a margarita sounds pretty good actually.”
  32. You knowingly commit self-sabotage & destruction.
  33. You have no path in life. You float.
  34. You envy those who are smarter than you.
  35. You wont try to work with people who are smarter than you.
  36. You give up because all of this sounds hard.

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