The Biggest ‘Thing’ That’s Enabled (& Ironically Stalled) My Freedom Over The Past 4 Years…

  • What’s the ‘thing’ that’s enabled me to build a couple successful businesses and travel the world in the process?
  • What’s the ‘thing’ that’s also held me back from taking my businesses, income, and subsequently, my freedom, to the next level?


Sales letters.


When I returned from 8 months of traveling through South America a few years back I was faced with a choice. Get a job, or leverage the skills I’d developed and create a small business.

I decided to write an eBook for James Bond fans and build a small business around it.

I put a lot of effort into that ebook it and it was pretty damn good.

But the best products don’t market themselves in the beginning… especially when you don’t have an established audience.

So what I’d do?

I wrote a sales letter.

I spent weeks on that first letter. I studied all the copywriting resources I could, and forced out a sales letter.

And you know what? It converted at right about 1% to ‘cold traffic’.

I started making sales and overtime, I built up enough customers, and a big enough back-end of product offerings, to have a tiny but profitable business.

Obviously, there were many factors that determine the success of a business venture… but none are more immediately impactful than a converting sales letter in my opinion.

Nothing else can enable your freedom more quickly.

A good sales letter works for you 24/7/365.

A good sales letter lets focus on other things — developing other products or traveling if you want.

I believe one of the greatest skills a business owner can posses is the ability to communicate effectively. To communicate the value of their products or services. And this is exactly what a well written sales letter does.

Now, I also believe that sales letters have held me back from achieving my goals.

How so?

Since writing that first letter I’ve gone on to write other sales messages that have pulled in over 10k in a few hours. Another did 25k over the course of a few days. I’ve written single blog posts that have pulled in 1-2k a month consistently for years.

BUT, I’ve never actually taken my writing abilities to the NEXT LEVEL. AND, I certainly don’t write enough of them!

I haven’t gone deep and really spent the time I know I need to spend. I’ve simply procrastinated. My copywriting skills have stalled & stagnated. And it’s no surprise that my freedom has been limited because of it.

I want to write more. I want to write better. I want more freedom. I want more money and abundance in my life.

That’s why I’m taking the time to go deep an hour a day and work on honing my copywriting skills.

If you want to join me on this journey, visit my site and signup.

– Derek


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